Jul 01 2015

        List of Companies Close

Nr Company NameTKRMember of Cusip #
11-800-Attorney ATTY T68231A204
21347 Ppty Insur PIH S68244P107
31800Flowers.Com FLWS SO68243Q106
41Mage Software ISOL T45244M102
51St Capital Bnk FISB T31944C107
61St Century Bcs FCTY S31943X102
71St Colonial Bc FCOB T319716106
81St Constit Bcp FCCY S31986N102
92050 Motors Inc ETFM T90214L106
1021Vianet Gp-Adr VNET SO90138A103
1122Nd Century Gp XXII OA90137F103
122U Inc TWOU SO90214J101
133D Systems Corp DDD ON88554D205
143M Co MMM ON5188579Y101
154-D Neuroimagng FDNU T350841201
16500.Com Ltd-A WBAI ON33829R100
1751Jobs Inc-Adr JOBS SO316827104
1858.Com Inc-Adr WUBA ON31680Q104
195Barz Intl BARZ T33833F100
205N Plus Inc FPLSF T33833X101
216D Global Tech SIXD S83002F100
228Point3 Energy CAFD S282539105
238X8 Inc EGHT SO282914100
24A Clean Slate DRWN T00089L107
25A-Mark Precious AMRK S00181T107
26A10 Networks ATEN ON002121101
27Aac Holdings AAC ON000307108
28Aac Tech Hldgs AACAY T000304105
29Aaon Inc AAON SO000360206
30Aap Inc AAPJ T00037T103
31Aar Corp AIR ON000361105
32Aarons Inc AAN ON002535300
33Ab Electrolux ELUXY T010198208
34Ab Watley Group ABWG T000788109
35Abaxis Inc ABAX SO002567105
36Abb Ltd-Adr ABB ON000375204
37Abbott Labs ABT ON51002824100
38Abbvie Inc ABBV ON5100287Y109
39Abengoa Sa ABGB S00289R201
40Abengoa Yield ABY SOG00349103
41Abeona Theraptc ABEO SO00289Y107
42Abercrombie ANF ON002896207
43Aberdeen Glb In FCO A003013109
44Aberdeen Grt Cf GCH N003031101
45Aberdeen Jp Ef JEQ N00306J109
46Aberdeen Singpr SGF N003244100
47Aberdn Chile Fd CH A00301W105
48Aberdn Em Scof ETF A00301T102
49Aberdn Indon Fd IF A00305P106
50Aberdn Isrl Fd ISL A00301L109
51Abiomed Inc ABMD SO003654100
52Able Energy Inc ABLE T003709102
53Abm Industries ABM ON000957100
54Abraxas Pete/Nv AXAS SO003830106
55Acacia Automotv ACCA T00389L104
56Acacia Research ACTG SO003881307
57Acadia Healthcr ACHC SO00404A109
58Acadia Pharma ACAD SO004225108
59Acadia Rlty Tr AKR ON004239109
60Acasti Pharma ACST S00430K105
61Accelerate Diag AXDX SO00430H102
62Accelerize Inc ACLZ T00435A102
63Acceleron Pharm XLRN SO00434H108
64Accentia Biophr ABPI T00430L103
65Accenture Plc ACN ON51G1151C101
66Accept Ins Cos AICIQ T004308102
67Access Natl Cp ANCX S004337101
68Access Worldwid AWWC T004319109
69Acco Brands Cp ACCO ON00081T108
70Accom Inc ACMM T004334108
71Accredited Bus ACDU T004365102
72Accres Holding ACCE T00437A100
73Accretive Hlth ACHI OT00438V103
74Accuray Inc ARAY SO004397105
75Accuride Corp ACW ON00439T206
76Ace Limited ACE ON5H0023R105
77Acelrx Pharmact ACRX SO00444T100
78Aceto Corp ACET SO004446100
79Achillion Pharm ACHN SO00448Q201
80Achogen Inc AKAO SO004449104
81Aci Global Corp ACGJ T000875104
82Aci Worldwide ACIW SO004498101
83Acmat Corp ACMT T004616108
84Acmat Corp-Cl A ACMTA T004616207
85Acme Comm Inc ACME T004631107
86Acme Utd ACU A004816104
87Acnb Corp ACNB S000868109
88Acorda Therapt ACOR SO00484M106
89Acorn Energy In ACFN SO004848107
90Acorn Intl-Adr ATV ON004854105
91Acre Realty Inv AIII A00489F106
92Acs Motion Ctrl ACSEF TM01773106
93Act Clean Tech ACLH T00089J102
94Actelion Ltd ALIOF TH0032X135
95Actinium Pharma ATNM OA00507W107
96Actions Semicon ACTS SO00507E107
97Active Power ACPW SO00504W308
98Activision Blzd ATVI SO00507V109
99Actua Corp ACTA SO005094107
100Actuant Corp ATU ON00508X203
101Acuity Brands AYI ON00508Y102
102Acura Pharmact ACUR SO00509L703
103Acusphere Inc ACUS OT00511R854
104Acxiom Corp ACXM SO005125109
105Adamas Pharma ADMS S00548A106
106Adamis Pharmact ADMP SO00547W208
107Adams Express ADX N006212104
108Adams Natrl Res PEO ON00548F105
109Adams Res&Enrgy AE A006351308
110Adaptimmune Thr ADAP S00653A107
111Adaptive Medias ADTM T00652J208
112Adcare Hlth Sys ADK OA00650W300
113Addex Thera Ltd ADDXF TH00479107
114Addus Homecare ADUS S006739106
115Addvantage Tech AEY S006743306
116Adecco Sa U-Adr AHEXY T006754204
117Adecoagro Sa AGRO ONL00849106
118Adept Tech Inc ADEP SO006854202
119Adeptus Health ADPT ON006855100
120Adex Media Inc ADXM T00687C103
121Adidas Ag-Adr ADDYY T00687A107
122Adm Tronics Unl ADMT T001004100
123Adma Biologics ADMA S000899104
124Adobe Systems ADBE SO500724F101
125Adocia ADOCY T00725J102
126Adstar Inc ADST T00737P104
127Adt Corp ADT ON500101J106
128Adtran Inc ADTN SO00738A106
129Aduro Biotech ADRO SO00739L101
130Adv Battry Tech ABAT OT00752H102
131Adv Drainag Sys WMS N00790R104
132Adv Emissions ADES OT00770C101
133Adv Energy Inds AEIS SO007973100
134Adv Env Rcy Tec AERT T007947104
135Adv Info Svcs AVIFY T00753G103
136Adv Life Scienc ADLS T00765H305
137Adv Micro Dev AMD SO007903107
138Adv Oil&Gas Ltd AAV ON00765F101
139Adv Oxygen Tech AOXY T00754B301
140Adv Semicon Adr ASX ON00756M404
141Advance Auto Pt AAP ON00751Y106
142Advanced Deposi ADTCQ T007521107
143Advanced Techn AVGG T00760V101
144Advansource Bio ASNB T00767T109
145Advant-E Corp ADVC T00761J107
146Advantest Adr ATE N00762U200
147Advaxis Inc ADXS SO007624208
148Advent Software ADVS SO007974108
149Advisory Board ABCO SO00762W107
150Aecom Tech Corp ACM ON00766T100
151Aegean Marine ANW ONY0017S102
152Aegerion Pharma AEGR SO00767E102
153Aegion Corp AEGN SO00770F104
154Aegon N V AEG ON007924103
155Aehr Test Sys AEHR S00760J108
156Aemetis Inc AMTX S00770K202
157Aeolus Pharmact AOLS T00765G109
158Aep Inds AEPI S001031103
159Aer Energy Res AERN T000944207
160Aercap Hldgs Nv AER ONN00985106
161Aerie Pharmact AERI SO00771V108
162Aero Grow Intl AERO T00768M202
163Aerocentury Cp ACY A007737109
164Aerohive Netwrk HIVE ON007786106
165Aerojet Rocketd AJRD ON007800105
166Aeropostale Inc ARO ON007865108
167Aerovironment AVAV SO008073108
168Aes Corp AES ON500130H105
169Aes Tiete-Adr AESAY T00808P207
170Aeterna Zentars AEZS S007975303
171Aethlon Medical AEMD T00808Y208
172Aetna Inc-New AET ON500817Y108
173Affil Managers AMG ON5008252108
174Affimed Therap AFMD SN01045108
175Affinity Ntwrks AFFN T00829L102
176Affirm Ins Hldg AFFM T008272106
177Affymax Inc AFFY OT00826A109
178Affymetrix Inc AFFX SO00826T108
179Aflac Inc AFL ON5001055102
180Afp Imaging IWKS T001058205
181Afren Londn AFRNF TG01283103
182Africa Oil Corp AOIFF T00829Q101
183African Barrick ABGLF TG0067D104
184African Mineral AMLZF TG0114P100
185Ag Mortgage Inv MITT ON001228105
186Ag&E Hldgs Inc WGA A00108M102
187Agco Corp AGCO ON001084102
188Ageas-Adr AGESY T00844W208
189Agent Info Soft AIFS T00847D108
190Agenus Inc AGEN SO00847G705
191Aggreko Plc ARGKF TG0116S185
192Agile Property AGPYY T00848C109
193Agile Therap AGRX S00847L100
194Agilent Tech A ON500846U101
195Agilysys Inc AGYS SO00847J105
196Agios Pharmact AGIO SO00847X104
197Agl Resources GAS ON5001204106
198Agnico Eagle AEM ON008474108
199Agree Rlty Corp ADC ON008492100
200Agri Bank China ACGBY T00850M102
201Agria Corp-Adr GRO N00850H103
202Agritek Hldgs AGTK T00856J103
203Agrium Inc AGU ON008916108
204Agrivest Americ AGBRE T00855T102
205Ah Belo Corp AHC ON001282102
206Ahold N V Adr AHONY OT500467105
207Ahpc Hldgs Inc GLOV T001303106
208Air China Ltd AIRYY T00910M100
209Air France-Adr AFLYY T009119108
210Air Industries AIRI A00912N205
211Air Lease Corp AL ON00912X302
212Air Liquide-Adr AIQUY T009126202
213Air Methods Crp AIRM SO009128307
214Air Prods & Che APD ON5009158106
215Air T Inc AIRT S009207101
216Air Transpt Svc ATSG SO00922R105
217Airbus Group Nv EADSY T009279100
218Aircastle Ltd AYR ONG0129K104
219Airgas Inc ARG ON5009363102
220Airmedia Gp-Adr AMCN SO009411109
221Airspan Netwrks AIRO OT00950H300
222Airtouch Commun ATCH T00951E108
223Airtrona Intl ARTR T00950T106
224Aixtron Ag-Adr AIXG SO009606104
225Ajinomoto AJINY T009707100
226Ak Steel Hldg AKS ON001547108
227Akamai Tech AKAM SO500971T101
228Akbank Tas-Adr AKBTY T009719501
229Akebia Therap AKBA SO00972D105
230Akers Bioscienc AKER S00973E102
231Akorn Inc AKRX SO009728106
232Aksys Ltd AKSY OT010196103
233Akzo Nobel Nv AKZOY OT010199305
234Alabama Aircrft AAIIQ T01023E100
235Alamo Group Inc ALG N011311107
236Alamos Gold Inc AGI ON011527108
237Alanco Tech Inc ALAN T011612702
238Alarm.Com Hldgs ALRM U011642105
239Alaska Air Grp ALK ON011659109
240Alaska Comm Sys ALSK SO01167P101
241Alaska Pwr&Tel APTL T011764206
242Albany Intl A AIN ON012348108
243Albany Mol Rsch AMRI SO012423109
244Albemarle Corp ALB ON012653101
245Albina Commn Bc ACBC T013288105
246Alcatel Ads ALU ON013904305
247Alcentra Capitl ABDC S01374T102
248Alco Stores Inc ALCSQ T001600105
249Alcoa Inc AA ON5013817101
250Alcobra Ltd ADHD SOM2239P109
251Alder Biopharma ALDR SO014339105
252Alderon Iron AXX A01434T100
253Aldeyra Therapt ALDX S01438T106
254Alere Inc ALR ON01449J105
255Alexanders Inc ALX N014752109
256Alexandr&Baldwn ALEX ON014491104
257Alexandria Real ARE ON015271109
258Alexco Resource AXU OA01535P106
259Alexion Pharma ALXN SO5015351109
260Alexium Intl Gp AXXIY T015381106
261Alexza Pharmact ALXA SO015384209
262Algaetec Ltd ALGXY T01551V102
263Algonquin Power AQUNF T015857105
264Alibaba Group BABA ON01609W102
265Alico Inc ALCO S016230104
266Align Tech Inc ALGN SO016255101
267Alimera Science ALIM SO016259103
268Alj Regionl Hld ALJJ OT001627108
269Alkermes Inc ALKS SOG01767105
270All-American Sp AASP T01643P105
271Alleghany Corp Y ON017175100
272Allegheny Tech ATI ON501741R102
273Allegiant Travl ALGT SO01748X102
274Allegion Plc ALLE ON5G0176J109
275Allergan Plc AGN ON51G0177J108
276Allete Inc ALE ON018522300
277Alliance Bcp Pa ALLB S01890A108
278Alliance Data ADS ON5018581108
279Alliance Fiber AFOP SO018680306
280Alliance Health AIQ SO018606301
281Alliance Hldgs AHGP SO01861G100
282Alliance One AOI ON018772103
283Alliance Res ARLP SO01877R108
284Alliance Semico ALSC OT01877H100
285Alliance World AWF N01879R106
286Alliancebern If ACG N01881E101
287Alliancebernstn AB ON01881G106
288Alliant Engy Cp LNT ON018802108
289Allianz Ag-Adr AZSEY OT018805101
290Allied Hlthcare AHPI S019222108
291Allied Motn Tec AMOT S019330109
292Allied Nev Gold ANVGQ OT019344100
293Allied Products ADPC T019411107
294Allied Security ADSV T01951W205
295Allied World As AWH ONH01531104
296Allin Corp ALLN T019924208
297Alliqua Inc ALQA SO019621200
298Allison Transmn ALSN ON01973R101
299Allot Comm Ltd ALLT SOM0854Q105
300Allscripts Hlth MDRX SO01988P108
301Allstate Corp ALL ON51020002101
302Ally Financial ALLY ON02005N100
303Almaden Mineral AAU OA020283107
304Almost Family AFAM SO020409108
305Alnylam Pharma ALNY SO02043Q107
306Alon Hldgs Bsi BSI N02051Q106
307Alon Usa Energy ALJ ON020520102
308Alon Usa Ptnrs ALDW ON02052T109
309Alpha Natrl Res ANR ON02076X102
310Alpha Pro Tech APT OA020772109
311Alpha Tech Grp AHAG T020781100
312Alpha&Omega Sem AOSL SOG6331P104
313Alphatec Hldgs ATEC SO02081G102
314Alpine Group APNI OT020825600
315Alps Electric APELY T021090204
316Alr Tech Inc ALRT T001630102
317Alseres Pharma ALSE T021152202
318Altair Nanotech ALTI OT021373303
319Altapacific Bcp ABNK T02152H104
320Alter Nrg Corp ANRGF T02145W309
321Altera Corp ALTR SO5021441100
322Alteva ALTV A02153V102
323Altex Industrie ALTX T021454103
324Altigen Comm ATGN T021489109
325Altisource Asst AAMC A02153X108
326Altisource Port ASPS SOL0175J104
327Altisource Resi RESI ON02153W100
328Altra Indus Mot AIMC SO02208R106
329Altria Group MO ON5102209S103
330Alumina Ltd AWCMY OT022205108
331Aluminum Cp-Adr ACH ON022276109
332Alvarion Ltd ALVRQ OTM0861T118
333Aly Energy Srvc ALYED T02260T206
334Amada Co Ltd AMDLY T022631204
335Amag Pharma Inc AMAG SO00163U106
336Amarantus Biosc AMBSD T02300U205
337Amarillo Biosci AMAR T02301P205
338Amarin Corp Plc AMRN SO023111206
339Amaya Inc AYA S02314M108
340Amazon.Com Inc AMZN SO51023135106
341Amb Finl Corp AMFC T001984103
342Ambac Finl Grp AMBC SO023139884
343Ambarella Inc AMBA SOG037AX101
344Ambase Corp ABCP T023164106
345Ambassador Intl AMIEQ T023178205
346Ambassadors Grp EPAX SO023177108
347Amber Road Inc AMBR ON02318Y108
348Ambev-Pr Adr ABEV ON02319V103
349Ambient Corp AMBTQ T02318N201
350Ambow Education AMBOY T02322P101
351Amc Entertainmt AMC ON00165C104
352Amc Networks- A AMCX SO00164V103
353Amcon Distr Co DIT A02341Q205
354Amcor Ltd Adr AMCRY T02341R302
355Amdocs Ltd DOX SOG02602103
356Amedica Corp AMDA S023435100
357Amedisys Inc AMED SO023436108
358Amen Pptys Inc AMEN T023477300
359Amer Airlines AAL SO502376R102
360Amer Apparel APP OA023850100
361Amer Assets Tr AAT ON024013104
362Amer Axle & Mfg AXL ON024061103
363Amer Bank Inc AMBK T024343105
364Amer Biltrite ABLT T024591406
365Amer Bio Sci -A MABA T024611303
366Amer Busines Bk AMBZ T02475L105
367Amer Campus Cty ACC ON024835100
368Amer Cap Agency AGNC SO02503X105
369Amer Cap Ltd ACAS SO02503Y103
370Amer Cap Mtge MTGE SO02504A104
371Amer Cap Snr Fl ACSF S02504D108
372Amer Caresource ANCI S02505A202
373Amer Commnty Nw ACNI T02520T103
374Amer Defense Sy ADFS T025351107
375Amer Eagle Egy AMZGQ OT02554F300
376Amer Eagle Outf AEO ON02553E106
377Amer Elec Pwr AEP ON5025537101
378Amer Elec Tech AETI S025576109
379Amer Energy Grp AEGG T025636200
380Amer Equity Inv AEL ON025676206
381Amer Express Co AXP ON51025816109
382Amer Finl Group AFG ON025932104
383Amer Indep Cp AMIC SO026760405
384Amer Intl Grp AIG ON51026874784
385Amer Intl Indu AMIN T02686Y300
386Amer Intl Ventr AIVN T02687C109
387Amer Med Tech ADLI T02744X104
388Amer Metal&Tech AMGY T027462209
389Amer Midstream AMID ON02752P100
390Amer Movil-Adr AMX ON02364W105
391Amer Nano Silic ANNO T027705102
392Amer Nat Insur ANAT S028591105
393Amer Natl Bnksh AMNB S027745108
394Amer Orient Bio AOBI OT028731503
395Amer Oversea Gp AOREF TG54624203
396Amer Power Grp APGI T02906V102
397Amer Pub Educat APEI SO02913V103
398Amer Railcar ARII SO02916P103
399Amer Rare Earth AREM T02916V100
400Amer Realty Cap ARCP SO02917T104
401Amer Realty Inv ARL N029174109
402Amer Rest Ptnrs ICTPU T029316205
403Amer River Bsh AMRB S029326105
404Amer Sci & Eng ASEI SO029429107
405Amer Share Hosp AMS A029595105
406Amer Software A AMSWA SO029683109
407Amer Spectrum AQQSQ T02970Q203
408Amer States Wtr AWR ON029899101
409Amer Std Egy Cp ASEN T02971T107
410Amer Supercon AMSC SO030111207
411Amer Telecom Sv ATEL T03015P101
412Amer Tower Corp AMT ON503027X100
413Amer Vanguard AVD ON030371108
414Amer Water Work AWK ON030420103
415Amer Woodmark AMWD SO030506109
416Ameramex Intl AMMX T02356P100
417Amerco Inc UHAL SO023586100
418Ameren Corp AEE ON5023608102
419Ameresco Inc-A AMRC ON02361E108
420Ameri Holdings AMRH T02362F104
421Ameriana Bancrp ASBI S023613102
422America Fst Tax ATAX SO02364V107
423America West Rs AWSRQ T02365V205
424American Bio Md ABMC T024600108
425American Brewng ABRW T024718108
426American Dg Egy ADGE A025398108
427American Hm 4 R AMH ON02665T306
428American Lithm AMLM T027263102
429American Locker ALGI T027284108
430American Lorain ALN A027297100
431American Mold AMGI T02756R102
432American Power AMPW T02906T107
433American Res Pr ARPI ON02927E303
434American Sierra AMNP T029616208
435Americas Car-Mt CRMT SO03062T105
436Americas Petrog APEOF T03063Q100
437Americas Utd Bk AUNB T03063C101
438Amerigas Partnr APU ON030975106
439Amerigo Res Ltd ARREF T03074G109
440Ameriprise Finl AMP ON503076C106
441Ameris Bancorp ABCB SO03076K108
442Amerisafe Inc AMSF SO03071H100
443Ameriserv Finl ASRV S03074A102
444Amerisourcebrgn ABC ON503073E105
445Ameritrans Cap AMTC T03073H108
446Amerityre Corp AMTY T03073V107
447Ames Natl Cp ATLO S031001100
448Ametek Inc AME ON5031100100
449Amex Composite XAXX U07999W107
450Amgen Inc AMGN SO51031162100
451Amicus Therapt FOLD SO03152W109
452Amira Nature Fd ANFI ONG0335L102
453Amistar Corp AMTA T031535107
454Amiworld Inc AMWO T031648108
455Amkor Tech Inc AMKR SO031652100
456Amn Hlthcr Svcs AHS ON001744101
457Ampal American AMPLQ OT032015703
458Ampco-Pittsbrgh AP N032037103
459Amphastar Pharm AMPH SO03209R103
460Amphenol Corp-A APH ON5032095101
461Ampio Pharma AMPE OA03209T109
462Ampliphi Biosci APHB OT03211P103
463Amrep Corp AXR N032159105
464Amsurg Corp AMSG SO03232P405
465Amtec Systems ASYS SO032332504
466Amtrust Fin Svc AFSI SO032359309
467Amyris Inc AMRS SO03236M101
468Ana Holdings ALNPY T032350100
469Anacor Pharmact ANAC SO032420101
470Anadarko Petrol APC ON51032511107
471Anadigics Corp ANAD SO032515108
472Analog Devices ADI SO5032654105
473Analogic Corp ALOG SO032657207
474Anavex Life Sci AVXL T032797102
475Anchor Bancorp ANCB S032838104
476Anchor Bancp Wi ABCW S03283P106
477Andalay Solar WEST OT033355108
478Andatee China AMCF S67086W105
479Anderson Energy AXLFF T033837105
480Andersons Inc ANDE SO034164103
481Andes Gold Corp AGCZ T034197103
482Andover Mining AOVTF T034311100
483Andrea Electr ANDR OT034393108
484Angang Steel Lt ANGGY T03462W104
485Angies List Inc ANGI SO034754101
486Angiodynamics ANGO SO03475V101
487Anglo Amer -Plc AAUKY T03485P201
488Anglo Amer Plat AGPPY T03486T103
489Anglogold Ltd AU ON035128206
490Anheuser-Bu Adr BUD ON03524A108
491Anhui Conch Cem AHCHY T035243104
492Ani Pharmaceut ANIP SO00182C103
493Anika Therapeut ANIK SO035255108
494Anixter Intl AXE ON035290105
495Ann Inc ANN ON035623107
496Annaly Cap Mgmt NLY ON035710409
497Ansys Inc ANSS SO03662Q105
498Anta Sports Prd ANPDF TG04011105
499Antares Pharma ATRS SO036642106
500Antero Midstrm AM ON03673L103
501Antero Resource AR ON03674X106
502Anthem Inc ANTM ON5036752103
503Anthera Pharma ANTH SO03674U201
504Anthony(M) Jwl MAJJ T594060204
505Antofagasta Plc ANFGY T037189107
506Antriabio Inc ANTB T037230208
507Antrim Energy ATGYF T037243102
508Anworth Mtge ANH ON037347101
509Ao Mosenergo AOMOY T037376308
510Aon Plc AON ON5G0408V102
511Aoxin Tianli Gp ABAC SG0404E104
512Aoxing Pharmact AXN A03740A106
513Apache Corp APA ON5037411105
514Apartment Invt AIV ON503748R101
515Api Tech Corp ATNY S00187E203
516Apigee Corp APIC SO03765N108
517Apogee Entrprs APOG SO037598109
518Apollo Commercl ARI ON03762U105
519Apollo Global-A APO ON037612306
520Apollo Group APOL SO037604105
521Apollo Inv Cp AINV SO03761U106
522Apollo Res Mtge AMTG ON03763V102
523Apollo Solar En ASOE T037637105
524Appfolio Inc-A APPF U03783C100
525Appld Indl Tech AIT ON03820C105
526Appld Matls Inc AMAT SO5038222105
527Appld Micro Cir AMCC SO03822W406
528Appld Sci Prod APLD T03824D109
529Apple Hosp Reit APLE N03784Y200
530Apple Inc AAPL SO51037833100
531Appliance Recyc ARCI S03814F205
532Applied Dna Sci APDN S03815U201
533Applied Energet AERG OT03819M106
534Applied Gen Tec AGTC S03820J100
535Applied Minrls AMNL T03823M100
536Applied Optoele AAOI SO03823U102
537Applied Visual APVS T038287108
538Appliedtheory ATHYQ OT03828R104
539Appricus Biosci APRI SO03832V109
540Approach Resrcs AREX SO03834A103
541Aptargroup Inc ATR ON038336103
542Aptose Biosci APTO S03835T200
543Aqua Amer Inc WTR ON03836W103
544Aquinox Pharma AQXP S03842B101
545Arabella Explor AXPLF TG04449107
546Aradigm Corp ARDM SO038505400
547Aramark Holding ARMK ON03852U106
548Aratana Therap PETX SO03874P101
549Arbor Rlty Trst ABR ON038923108
550Arc Doc Solut ARC ON00191G103
551Arc Group Inc ARCK T03879T108
552Arc Group World ARCW S00213H105
553Arc Logistics ARCX N03879N101
554Arc Resources AETUF T00208D408
555Arca Biopharma ABIO SO00211Y209
556Arcadia Biosci RKDA S039014105
557Arcadis Nv ARCAY T03923E107
558Arcbest Corp ARCB SO03937C105
559Arcelor Mittal MT ON03938L104
560Arcelormittl Sa AMSIY T03937Y206
561Arch Cap Gp Ltd ACGL SOG0450A105
562Arch Coal Inc ACI ON039380100
563Arch Therapeutc ARTH T03939W109
564Archer Daniels ADM ON5039483102
565Archon Corp ARHN T03957P309
566Arcos Dorados-A ARCO ONG0457F107
567Arctic Cat Inc ACAT SO039670104
568Ardelyx Inc ARDX S039697107
569Ardmore Shippin ASC ONY0207T100
570Arena Pharma ARNA SO040047102
571Ares Cap Cp ARCC SO04010L103
572Ares Commercial ACRE ON04013V108
573Ares Management ARES ON04014Y101
574Areti Web Innov AWEB T04009H105
575Argan Inc AGX ON04010E109
576Argo Group Intl AGII SOG0464B107
577Argos Therapeut ARGS S040221103
578Argyle Security ARGL T040311102
579Ari Network Svc ARIS S001930205
580Ariad Pharma ARIA SO04033A100
581Arista Invest A ARINA T040408106
582Arista Networks ANET ON040413106
583Ark Restaurants ARKR S040712101
584Arkados Group AKDS T040725202
585Arkema-Adr ARKAY T041232109
586Arlington Asset AI ON041356205
587Arm Holdngs Adr ARMH SO042068106
588Armada Hoffler AHH ON04208T108
589Armanino Fd Dst AMNF T042166801
590Armco Mtl Hldgs AMCO A042182204
591Armour Res Reit ARR ON042315101
592Armstrong World AWI ON04247X102
593Arotech Corp ARTX SO042682203
594Arqule Inc ARQL SO04269E107
595Array Biopharma ARRY SO04269X105
596Arrayit Corp ARYC T04269N107
597Arrhythmia Resh HRT A042698308
598Arris Group Inc ARRS SO04270V106
599Arrow Electroni ARW ON042735100
600Arrow Finl Corp AROW S042744102
601Arrow Resources ARWD T04276R109
602Arrowhead Rsrch ARWR SO042797209
603Artesian Res ARTNA SO043113208
604Artificial Life ALIF T04314Q105
605Artisan Ptnr Am APAM ON04316A108
606Artistdirect ARTD T04315D400
607Artistmss Intl AIGI T04315X109
608Arts Way Mfg ARTW S043168103
609Aryx Therapeut ARYX T043387109
610As Seen On Tv ASTV T04338Y100
611Asa Intl Ltd ASAL T001912401
612Asa Ltd ASA ONG3156P103
613Asahi Glass Adr ASGLY T043393206
614Asahi Kasei Cp AHKSY T043400100
615Asanko Gold Inc AKG OA04341Y105
616Asante Networks ASTN T04341U103
617Asante Tech Inc ASNL T043412105
618Asb Bancorp Inc ASBB S00213T109
619Asb Finl Crp-Oh ASBN T00205P206
620Asbury Auto Grp ABG ON043436104
621Ascena Retail ASNA SO04351G101
622Ascendant Sols ASDS T04349Y107
623Ascendia Brands ASCBQ T043509108
624Ascendis Pharma ASND S04351P101
625Ascent Cap Grp ASCMA SO043632108
626Ascent Solar Te ASTI SO043635309
627Asf Group Ltd ASFTF TQ0564L103
628Asfg Inc ASFJ T00210T102
629Ashford Hosp Pr AHP ON044102101
630Ashford Hosptly AHT ON044103109
631Ashford Inc AINC A044104107
632Ashland Inc ASH ON044209104
633Asia Glbl Cross ASGXF OTG05330108
634Asia Pac Fund APB ON044901106
635Asia Pac Wire APWC SG0535E106
636Asia Tigers Fd GRR N04516T105
637Asia Time Corp ATYM T04519U109
638Asm Intl Nv ASMI SON07045102
639Asml Holding Nv ASML SON07059210
640Aspen Aerogels ASPN N04523Y105
641Aspen Group Inc ASPU T04530L104
642Aspen Ins Hldgs AHL ONG05384105
643Aspen Tech Inc AZPN SO045327103
644Aspyra Inc APYI T04538V203
645Assa Abloy Ab ASAZY T045387107
646Assembly Biosci ASMB SO045396108
647Assoc Banc Corp ASB ON045487105
648Assoc Brit Food ASBFY T045519402
649Assoc Estates AEC ON045604105
650Assuranceamer ASAM T04621M201
651Assurant Inc AIZ ON504621X108
652Assured Guarnty AGO ONG0585R106
653Asta Funding ASFI SO046220109
654Astea Intl Inc ATEA T04622E208
655Astec Inds Inc ASTE SO046224101
656Astellas Pharma ALPMY T04623U102
657Asterias Biothr AST OA04624N107
658Astoria Finl Cp AF ON046265104
659Astrazeneca Plc AZN ON046353108
660Astrex Inc NWXJ T65056Q108
661Astro-Med Inc ALOT S04638F108
662Astronics B ATROB T046433207
663Astronics Corp ATRO SO046433108
664Astrotech Corp ASTC SO046484101
665Asure Software ASUR SO04649U102
666At&T Inc T ON5100206R102
667Ata Inc-Adr ATAI S00211V106
668Atara Biotherp ATRA SO046513107
669Atc Venture Grp ATCV T00213J101
670Atento Sa ATTO NL0427L105
671Athena Silver AHNR T04686K108
672Athenahealth In ATHN SO04685W103
673Athens Bancshrs AFCB S047042106
674Atheronova Inc AHROQ T047438304
675Athersys Inc ATHX SO04744L106
676Atl Coast Finl ACFC S048426100
677Atlantia Spa ATASY T048173108
678Atlantic Al Ptr AAPC SG04897107
679Atlantic Amercn AAME S048209100
680Atlantic Prem APBL T04878P105
681Atlantic Pwr Cp AT ON04878Q863
682Atlantic Tele-N ATNI SO049079205
683Atlanticus Hldg ATLC SO04914Y102
684Atlantis Plstcs ATPL T049156102
685Atlantis Tec Gp ATNP T04915Y309
686Atlas Air World AAWW SO049164205
687Atlas Cop-Adr A ATLKY T049255706
688Atlas Energy Gp ATLS ON04929Q102
689Atlas Finl Hldg AFH SG06207115
690Atlas Iron Ltd AGODY T04934P107
691Atlas Res Ptnrs ARP ON04941A101
692Atlatsa Resrcs ATL A049477102
693Atmel Corp ATML SO049513104
694Atmos Energy Cp ATO ON049560105
695Atossa Genetics ATOS S04962H100
696Atricure Inc ATRC SO04963C209
697Atrinsic Inc ATRN T04964C208
698Atrion Corp ATRI S049904105
699Atrm Holdings ATRM SO04964A103
700Attunity Ltd ATTU SM15332121
701Atwood Oceanics ATW ON050095108
702Atyr Pharma Inc LIFE S002120103
703Au Optroncs-Adr AUO ON002255107
704Auburn Natl Bcp AUBN S050473107
705Audience Inc ADNC SO05070J102
706Audiocodes Ltd AUDC SOM15342104
707Audioeye Inc AEYE T050734102
708Aurcana Corp AUNFF T051918506
709Aurico Gold Inc AUQ ON05155C105
710Aurinia Pharma AUPH S05156V102
711Auris Medical EARS SH03579101
712Aust&Nz Bkg-Adr ANZBY T052528304
713Authentidate Hd ADAT SO052666203
714Autobytel Inc ABTL SO05275N205
715Autochina Intl AUTCF TG06750106
716Autodesk Inc ADSK SO5052769106
717Autohome Inc ATHM ON05278C107
718Autoliv Inc ALV ON052800109
719Automated-X Inc AUTX T05289P105
720Automatic Data ADP SO5053015103
721Autonation Inc AN ON505329W102
722Autozone Inc AZO ON5053332102
723Auxilio Inc AUXO T05334N105
724Av Homes Inc AVHI SO00234P102
725Avago Technolog AVGO SO5Y0486S104
726Avalanche Biot AAVL SO05337G107
727Avalon Corr Svc CITY T053436309
728Avalon Hldgs Cp AWX A05343P109
729Avalon Oil&Gas AOGN T053467304
730Avalon Rare Mtl AVL OA053470100
731Avalonbay Cmmty AVB ON5053484101
732Avant Diagnostc AVDX T05350M106
733Avantair Inc AAIR T05350T101
734Avax Tech Inc AVXT T053495305
735Avenue Fin Hldg AVNU S05358K102
736Aveo Pharmaceut AVEO SO053588109
737Avery Dennison AVY ON5053611109
738Avesis Inc AVSS T053650107
739Avg Technologs AVG ONN07831105
740Avianca Holdngs AVH ON05367G100
741Aviat Networks AVNW SO05366Y102
742Avid Tech Inc AVID SO05367P100
743Avidbank Holdng AVBH T05368J103
744Avinger Inc AVGR S053734109
745Avino Silver&Gd ASM A053906103
746Avis Budget Grp CAR SO053774105
747Avista Corp AVA ON05379B107
748Avistar Comm Cp AVSR T05379X208
749Avita Med Ltd AVMXY T053792107
750Avitar Inc AVTI T053801304
751Aviva Plc-Adr AV N05382A104
752Avnet AVT ON053807103
753Avolon Holdings AVOL NG52237107
754Avon Prods Inc AVP ON054303102
755Avp Inc AVPI T00241A205
756Avt Inc AVTCQ T002422301
757Avx Corp AVX ON002444107
758Aware Inc/Mass AWRE SO05453N100
759Axa Sa -Sp Adr AXAHY OT054536107
760Axalta Coat Sys AXTA ONG0750C108
761Axcelis Tech ACLS SO054540109
762Axesstel Inc AXST T05459T101
763Axiall Corp AXLL ON05463D100
764Axiom Managemnt AXMA T05461P105
765Axion Intl Hldg AXIH T05462D101
766Axion Power Int AXPW S05460X208
767Axis Cap Hldgs AXS ONG0692U109
768Axm Pharma Inc AXMP T002457109
769Axogen Corp AXGN S05463X106
770Axovant Scienc AXON ONG0750W104
771Axt Inc AXTI SO00246W103
772Axtel Sa De Cv AXTLF TP0606P105
773Azure Midstream AZUR ON05501X100
774Azz Inc AZZ ON002474104
775B Communication BCOM SM15629104
776B Riley Finl RILY T05580M108
777B&G Foods Cl-A BGS ON05508R106
778B/E Aerospace BEAV SO073302101
779B2Gold Corp BTG A11777Q209
780Bab Inc BABB T055183107
781Babcock&Wilcox BWC ON05615F102
782Babson Cap Corp MCI N05617K109
783Babson Cap Part MPV N05616B100
784Bacterin Intl BONE T05644R200
785Bactolac Pharma BTCA T05644L203
786Badger Meter BMI ON056525108
787Badger Paper BPMI T056543101
788Bae Systems-Adr BAESY T05523R107
789Baidu Inc BIDU SO056752108
790Baker-Hughes BHI ON5057224107
791Balchem Cp Cl-B BCPC SO057665200
792Baldwin&Lyons A BWINA S057755100
793Baldwin&Lyons B BWINB S057755209
794Ball Corp BLL ON5058498106
795Ballantyne Strg BTN OA058516105
796Ballard Pwr Sys BLDP SO058586108
797Ballistic Recov BRSI T058659103
798Ballston Spa Bc BSPA T058701103
799Balqon Corp BLQN T058785106
800Baltic Intl Usa BISA T058825100
801Baltic Trad Ltd BALT ONY0553W103
802Banc Of Ca Inc BANC ON05990K106
803Bancfirst Okla BANF S05945F103
804Banco Bilbao Vz BBVA ON05946K101
805Banco Brade-Adr BBDO N059460402
806Banco Bradesco BBD ON059460303
807Banco De Chile BCH N059520106
808Banco Do Brasil BDORY T059578104
809Banco Franc-Adr BFR ON07329M100
810Banco Itau -Adr ITUB ON465562106
811Banco Latinoame BLX ONP16994132
812Banco Macro-Adr BMA ON05961W105
813Banco Sant -Adr BSAC ON05965X109
814Banco Sant-Ads BSBR ON05967A107
815Banco Santan Sa SAN ON05964H105
816Bancolombia-Adr CIB ON05968L102
817Bancorp Bnk/The TBBK SO05969A105
818Bancorp Of Nj BKJ A059915108
819Bancorpsouth BXS ON059692103
820Bancroft Conver BCV A059695106
821Bank China Ltd BACHY T06426M104
822Bank Commun Ltd BCMXY T061605101
823Bank E Asia-Adr BKEAY T061874103
824Bank Hapoalim B BKHYY T062510300
825Bank Montreal BMO ON063671101
826Bank Mutual Crp BKMU SO063750103
827Bank Of Amer Cp BAC ON51060505104
828Bank Of Carolns BCAR T06425J102
829Bank Of Commrc BOCH S06424J103
830Bank Of Hawaii BOH ON062540109
831Bank Of Marin BMRC S063425102
832Bank Of Mckenny BOMK T063554208
833Bank Of Napa Na BNNP T063770101
834Bank Of Nova Sc BNS ON064149107
835Bank Of Ny Mell BK ON51064058100
836Bank Of The Jfg BOTJ S470299108
837Bank Ozarks OZRK SO063904106
838Bank Santa Clar BSCA T06424K100
839Bank Sc Corp BKSC S065066102
840Bankfinancial BFIN SO06643P104
841Bankinter Sa BKNIY T066460304
842Bankrate Inc RATE ON06647F102
843Bankunited Inc BKU ON06652K103
844Banner Corp BANR SO06652V208
845Banro Corp BAA OA066800103
846Banyan Rail Svc BARA T06684A305
847Baozun Inc BZUN SO06684L103
848Bar Harbor Bksh BHB A066849100
849Baran Group Ltd BRANF TM18955100
850Barclay Plc-Adr BCS ON06738E204
851Bard C R Inc BCR ON5067383109
852Barfresh Fd Grp BRFH T067532101
853Barlow Ltd-Adr BRRAY T067680207
854Barnes & Noble BKS ON067774109
855Barnes Grp B ON067806109
856Barnwell Indust BRN A068221100
857Barracuda Ntwrk CUDA ON068323104
858Barrett Bus Svs BBSI SO068463108
859Barrick Gold Cp ABX ON067901108
860Barrister Glbl BRTR T068659309
861Basf Se BASFY T055262505
862Basic Egy Svcs BAS ON06985P100
863Basilea Pharma BPMUF TH05131109
864Bassett Furnitr BSET SO070203104
865Baxano Surgical BAXSQ OT071773105
866Baxter Intl BAX ON51071813109
867Bay Bancorp BYBK S07203T106
868Bay Banks Of Va BAYK T072035108
869Bay Commercial BCML T072199102
870Bay National Cp BAYN T072500101
871Bayer A G -Adr BAYRY OT072730302
872Bayerische Motr BAMXY T072743206
873Baylake Corp BYLK S072788102
874Baytex Energy BTE ON07317Q105
875Bazaarvoice Inc BV SO073271108
876Bb Liquidating BLIAQ OT05532D107
877Bb Liquidatng-B BLIBQ OT05532D206
878Bb Seguridade BBSEY T05541J103
879Bb&T Corp BBT ON5054937107
880Bbcn Bancorp BBCN SO073295107
881Bbx Capital Cp BBX ON05540P100
882Bcb Bancorp Inc BCBP S055298103
883Bcb Holdings BCBHF TP09111108
884Bce Inc BCE ON05534B760
885Bdca Venture BDCV SO05543L106
886Be Semicon Inds BESIY T073320103
887Beach Energy Lt BCHEY T073333106
888Beacon Power BCONQ T073677205
889Beacon Roofing BECN SO073685109
890Bear State Finl BSF S073844102
891Beard Co New BRCOQ T07384R408
892Beasley Brdcst BBGI S074014101
893Beazer Homes BZH ON07556Q881
894Bebe Stores Inc BEBE SO075571109
895Becton Dickinso BDX ON5075887109
896Bed Bath&Beyond BBBY SO5075896100
897Beesfree Inc BEES T07712Y109
898Beijing Enterpr BJINY T07725Q200
899Bel Fuse Inc-A BELFA S077347201
900Bel Fuse Inc-B BELFB S077347300
901Belden Inc BDC ON077454106
902Bell Inds Inc BLLI T078111200
903Bellatrix Explr BXE ON078314101
904Belle Intl Hldg BELLY T078454105
905Bellerophon Thr BLPH S078771102
906Bellicum Pharm BLCM SO079481107
907Bellus Health BLUSF OT07987C105
908Belmond Ltd BEL ONG1154H107
909Beluga Composit BGCC T081155103
910Bemis BMS ON081437105
911Benchmark Bkshs BMBN T08160E207
912Benchmark Egy BMRK T08161T203
913Benchmark Eletr BHE ON08160H101
914Beneficial Bcp BNCL SO08171T102
915Benefitfocus BNFT SO08180D106
916Beo Bancorp BEOB T05539V209
917Bergio Intl Inc BRGO T084080308
918Berkley (Wr) Cp WRB ON084423102
919Berkshire Bcp BERK T084597202
920Berkshire Hills BHLB ON084680107
921Berkshire Hth-A BRKA N084670108
922Berkshire Hth-B BRKB ON51084670702
923Berry Plastics BERY ON08579W103
924Best Buy BBY ON5086516101
925Betawave Corp BWAV T08660F209
926Better Envrnmnt BEEN T08771W109
927Better Onln Sol BOSC SM20115180
928Beverly Hls Bcp BHBCQ T087866109
929Bexil Corp BXLC T088577101
930Beyond Commerce BYOC T08861P105
931Bfc Finl Corp-A BFCF T055384200
932Bfc Finl Corp-B BFCFB T055384101
933Bg Grp Plc-Adr BRGYY OT055434203
934Bg Medicine Inc BGMD S08861T107
935Bg Staffing Inc BGSF A05544A109
936Bgc Partnrs Inc BGCP SO05541T101
937Bhp Billitn Ltd BHP ON088606108
938Big 5 Sporting BGFV SO08915P101
939Big Buck Brewry BBUCQ T089072300
940Big Lots Inc BIG ON089302103
941Big Rock Brewer BRBMF T08947P103
942Big Tree Group BIGG T089695100
943Biglari Holding BH ON08986R101
944Bill Barrett Cp BBG ON06846N104
945Billiton Adr BBL ON05545E209
946Biloxi Marsh Ld BLMC T090203100
947Bimini Cap Mgmt BMNM T090319401
948Bind Therapeutc BIND SO05548N107
949Bio Blast Pharm ORPN SM20156101
950Bio Light Isrli BLGTY T09072W103
951Bio Refernc Lab BRLI SO09057G602
952Bio-Key Intl BKYI T09060C200
953Bio-Path Hldgs BPTH S09057N102
954Bio-Rad Labs -A BIO ON090572207
955Bio-Rad Labs -B BIOB N090572108
956Bio-Techne Cp TECH SO09073M104
957Bioamber Inc BIOA N09072Q106
958Bioanalytic Sys BASI S09058M103
959Bioasis Tec Inc BIOAF T09064N103
960Biocept Inc BIOC SO09072V105
961Biocoral Inc BCRA T090935305
962Biocryst Pharma BCRX SO09058V103
963Biodel Inc BIOD SO09064M204
964Biodelivery Sci BDSI SO09060J106
965Bioforce Nanosc BFNH T09064C107
966Biogen Idec Inc BIIB SO5109062X103
967Bioheart Inc BHRT T09062F201
968Bioject Medical BJCT T09059T206
969Biolargo Inc BLGO T09065A100
970Biolase Tech BIOL SO090911108
971Biolife Sol Inc BLFS S09062W204
972Bioline Rx Ltd BLRX S09071M106
973Biomarin Pharma BMRN SO09061G101
974Biomed Rlty Tr BMR ON09063H107
975Biomerica Inc BMRA T09061H307
976Bion Envir Tech BNET T09061Q307
977Biondvax Pharma BVXV S09073Q105
978Bionovo Inc BNVIQ T090643206
979Biophan Tech BIPH T09064V105
980Bioqual Inc BIOQ T09065J101
981Bioscrip Inc BIOS SO09069N108
982Biosolar Inc BSRC T09070K200
983Biospecifics Te BSTC S090931106
984Biostar Pharmac BSPM S090678202
985Biota Pharmact BOTA SO090694100
986Biotelemetry BEAT SO090672106
987Biotie Theraps BITI S09074D103
988Biotime Inc BTX OA09066L105
989Birks Group Inc BGI A09088U109
990Birner Dental BDMS S091283200
991Bitauto Holdngs BITA ON091727107
992Bitzio Inc BTZO T091751107
993Bj BJRI SO09180C106
994Bkf Capital Grp BKFG T05548G102
995Black Box Corp BBOX SO091826107
996Black Diamnd Gp BDIMF T09202D207
997Black Diamond BDE SO09202G101
998Black Dragon Rs BDGR T09202T103
999Black Hills Cor BKH ON092113109
1000Black Knght Fin BKFS ON09214X100
1001Black Ridge O&G ANFC T09216Q103
1002Black Stone Mnl BSM ON09225M101
1003Blackbaud Inc BLKB SO09227Q100
1004Blackberry Ltd BBRY SO09228F103
1005Blackhawk Bancp BHWB T09237E204
1006Blackhawk Netwk HAWK SO09238E104
1007Blackrock Inc BLK ON509247X101
1008Blackrock Incom BKT N09247F100
1009Blackrock Invt BKN N09247D105
1010Blackrock Kelso BKCC SO092533108
1011Blackstone Grp BX ON09253U108
1012Blackstone Mrtg BXMT ON09257W100
1013Blastgard Intl BLGA T093442101
1014Block H & R HRB ON5093671105
1015Blonder Tongue BDR A093698108
1016Bloomin Brands BLMN SO094235108
1017Blount Intl BLT ON095180105
1018Blucora Inc BCOR SO095229100
1019Blue Bird Corp BLBD S095306106
1020Blue Calypso BCYP T09531B203
1021Blue Cap Reinsr BCRH NG1190F107
1022Blue Dolphin En BDCO T095395307
1023Blue Earth Inc BBLU S095428108
1024Blue Gem Enterp BGEM T09548T106
1025Blue Hills Bcp BHBK SO095573101
1026Blue Holdings BLHI T095602108
1027Blue Nile Inc NILE SO09578R103
1028Blue Ridge Real BRRE T096005301
1029Blue River Bchs BRBI T09602P107
1030Blue Sphere Cp BLSP T09605C202
1031Blue Valley Bcp BVBC T096065107
1032Blue Zone Inc BLZN T096084108
1033Bluebird Bio BLUE SO09609G100
1034Blueknight Egy BKEP SO09625U109
1035Bluelinx Hldgs BXC ON09624H109
1036Bluephoenix Sol MDSY SOM70378100
1037Blueprint Med BPMC S09627Y109
1038Bluerck Rg Reit BRG A09627J102
1039Blyth Inc BTH ON09643P207
1040Bmb Munai Inc BMBM T09656A105
1041Bmw Ag BAMXF TD12096109
1042Bnc Bancorp BNCN SO05566T101
1043Bnccorp BNCC T055936108
1044Bnp Paribas-Adr BNPQY T05565A202
1045Boardwalk Pipln BWP ON096627104
1046Boardwalk Reit BOWFF T096631106
1047Bob Evans Farms BOBE SO096761101
1048Boc Hong Kong BHKLY T096813209
1049Bodisen Biotech BBCZ OT096892104
1050Body Central Cp BODY OT09689U201
1051Boeing Co BA ON51097023105
1052Bofi Hldg Inc BOFI SO05566U108
1053Bogen Comm Intl BOGN T097189104
1054Bohai Pharmact BOPH T097316103
1055Boingo Wireless WIFI SO09739C102
1056Boise Cascade BCC ON09739D100
1057Bojangles Inc BOJA SO097488100
1058Bok Finl Corp BOKF SO05561Q201
1059Bollinger Inds BOLL T097676100
1060Bon-Ton Stores BONT SO09776J101
1061Bona Film-Adr BONA SO09777B107
1062Bonanza Creek BCEI ON097793103
1063Bonso Elec Intl BNSO S098529308
1064Bontex Inc BOTX T09852W109
1065Books-A-Million BAMM SO098570104
1066Boot Barn Hldgs BOOT N099406100
1067Booz Allen Hmlt BAH ON099502106
1068Borg Warner Inc BWA ON5099724106
1069Boston Beer Inc SAM ON100557107
1070Boston Pptys BXP ON5101121101
1071Boston Priv Fin BPFH SO101119105
1072Boston Restaur BRAI T101122109
1073Boston Scientif BSX ON5101137107
1074Boston Therapt BTHE T101150100
1075Bottomline Tech EPAY SO101388106
1076Boulder Brands BDBD SO101405108
1077Boulder Gr&Inc BIF N101507101
1078Boulevard Acq BLVD S10157P104
1079Bovie Medical BVX A10211F100
1080Bowl America-A BWLA A102565108
1081Box Inc-A BOX ON10316T104
1082Box Ships Inc TEU ONY09675102
1083Boyd Gaming Cp BYD ON103304101
1084Bp Plc BP ON055622104
1085Bp Prudhoe Bay BPT ON055630107
1086Bpi Indus Inc BPIGF T055934103
1087Bpz Resources BPZRQ OT055639108
1088Br Ma Tax-Ex Tr MHE A09258E109
1089Br-Debt Strat F DSU N09255R103
1090Br-Muniasset Fd MUA N09254J102
1091Br-Munihld Ca MUC N09254L107
1092Br-Munihld Fd 2 MUH N09253P109
1093Br-Munihld Insr MFL N09254P108
1094Br-Munihld Nj MUJ N09254X101
1095Br-Munihld Ny I MHN N09255C106
1096Br-Munivst Fd 2 MVT N09253T101
1097Br-Munivst Fund MVF A09253R105
1098Br-Muniyld Az F MZA A09254K109
1099Br-Muniyld Ca F MYC N09254M105
1100Br-Muniyld Ca I MCA N09254N103
1101Br-Muniyld Fd I MYD N09253W104
1102Br-Muniyld Insd MYI N09254E103
1103Br-Muniyld Insr MFT N09254T100
1104Br-Muniyld Inv MYF N09254R104
1105Br-Muniyld Mi I MIY N09254V105
1106Br-Muniyld Mi I MYM N09254W103
1107Br-Muniyld Nj F MYJ N09254Y109
1108Br-Muniyld Ny I MYN N09255E102
1109Br-Muniyld Pa F MPA N09255G107
1110Br-Muniyld Qfii MQT N09254G108
1111Br-Muniyld Qlty MQY N09254F100
1112Brady Corp Cl A BRC ON104674106
1113Brain Resource BRRZY T10488A107
1114Brainstorm Cell BCLI SO10501E201
1115Brambles Ltd BXBLY T105105209
1116Brandt Inc BNDT T10532W105
1117Brandywine Rt BDN ON105368203
1118Brasilagro-Adr LND N10554B104
1119Braskem Sa BAK ON105532105
1120Bravo Brio Rstr BBRG SO10567B109
1121Breathe Ecig Cp BVAP T10637U103
1122Breeze-Eastern BZC A106764103
1123Breitburn Egy BBEP SO106776107
1124Brekford Corp BFDI T106787104
1125Bresler&Reiner BRER T107336109
1126Brf-Brasil Food BRFS ON10552T107
1127Bridge Bancorp BDGE S108035106
1128Bridge Cap Hldg BBNK S108030107
1129Bridgeline Sfwr BLIN S10807Q304
1130Bridgepoint Edu BPI ON10807M105
1131Bridgestone Adr BRDCY T108441205
1132Bridgford Foods BRID S108763103
1133Briggs & Stratt BGG ON109043109
1134Bright Horzn Fs BFAM ON109194100
1135Brightcove BCOV SO10921T101
1136Brightstar Info BTSR T10947N104
1137Brinker Intl EAT ON109641100
1138Brinks Co The BCO ON109696104
1139Bristol-Myers BMY ON51110122108
1140Bristow Group BRS ON110394103
1141Britannia Bulk BBLKF TY0971E107
1142Brite-Strike Tc BSTK T11041N206
1143British Am Tob BTI OA110448107
1144Brixmor Ppty Gp BRX ON11120U105
1145Brmalls Part Sa BRMSY T111203105
1146Broadcom Corp-A BRCM SO5111320107
1147Broadridge Finl BR ON11133T103
1148Broadsoft Inc BSFT SO11133B409
1149Broadview Insti BVII T111381109
1150Broadvision Inc BVSN SO111412706
1151Broadway Finl BYFC S111444105
1152Broadwind Enrgy BWEN SO11161T207
1153Brocade Comm Sy BRCD SO111621306
1154Brookdale Senr BKD ON112463104
1155Brookfield Asst BAM ON112585104
1156Brookfield Glbl INF N11273Q109
1157Brookfield Infr BIP ONG16252101
1158Brookfield Ppty BPY ONG16249107
1159Brookfield Trf HTR N11283U108
1160Brookfld Cda Op BOXC N112823109
1161Brookfld Hifi HHY N11272P102
1162Brookfld Renwbl BEP NG16258108
1163Brookline Bc BRKL SO11373M107
1164Brooks Automatn BRKS SO114340102
1165Brother Ind Ltd BRTHY T114813207
1166Brown & Brown BRO ON115236101
1167Brown Forman B BFB ON5115637209
1168Brown-Forman -A BFA N115637100
1169Brt Realty Trst BRT N055645303
1170Bruker Corp BRKR SO116794108
1171Brunswick Bcp BRBW T117030106
1172Brunswick Corp BC ON117043109
1173Bryn Mawr Bk Cp BMTC S117665109
1174Bsb Bancorp Inc BLMT S05573H108
1175Bsquare Corp BSQR SO11776U300
1176Bt Grp Plc-Adr BT N05577E101
1177Buckeye Partnrs BPL ON118230101
1178Buckle Inc BKE ON118440106
1179Buenaventur-Adr BVN ON204448104
1180Buffalo Wld Wng BWLD SO119848109
1181Build-A-Bear Wk BBW ON120076104
1182Builders Firsts BLDR SO12008R107
1183Bunge Ltd BG ONG16962105
1184Bunzl Pub-Adr BZLFY T120738406
1185Burberry Gp Plc BURBY T12082W204
1186Burcon Nutra Cp BUR S120831102
1187Bureau Veritas BVRDF TF96888114
1188Burlington Strs BURL ON122017106
1189Burnham Holding BURCA T122295108
1190Butler National BUKS T123720104
1191C&F Finl Cp CFFI S12466Q104
1192C&J Energy Svcs CJES ONG3164Q101
1193C1 Financial BNK N12591N109
1194Ca Inc CA SO512673P105
1195Ca Resources Cp CRC ON13057Q107
1196Cabelas Inc CAB ON126804301
1197Cabletel Commun CCMTF T126925106
1198Cablevision Sys CVC ON512686C109
1199Cabot Corp CBT ON127055101
1200Cabot Microelec CCMP SO12709P103
1201Cabot Oil & Gas COG ON5127097103
1202Cache Inc CACHQ OT127150308
1203Caci Intl A CACI ON127190304
1204Cadence Design CDNS SO127387108
1205Cadiz Inc CDZI SO127537207
1206Cadus Corp KDUS T127639102
1207Cae Inc CAE N124765108
1208Caesar Stone Sd CSTE SOM20598104
1209Caesars Entertn CZR SO127686103
1210Cafepress Inc PRSS SO12769A103
1211Cai Intl Inc CAP ON12477X106
1212Cairn Egy Plc CRNCY T12776P200
1213Cal Dive Intl CDVIQ OT12802T101
1214Cal-Maine Foods CALM SO128030202
1215Caladrius Biosc CLBS SO128058104
1216Calamos Asset-A CLMS SO12811R104
1217Calamp Corp CAMP SO128126109
1218Calavo Growers CVGW SO128246105
1219Caleres Inc CAL ON129500104
1220Calgon Carbon CCC ON129603106
1221Calif Beach Res CBHR T129903209
1222Calif First Nat CFNB S130222102
1223Calif Water Svc CWT ON130788102
1224California Bank CABC T13005C101
1225California Bus CABB T130051105
1226Calithera Biosc CALA SO13089P101
1227Calix Inc CALX ON13100M509
1228Callaway Golf ELY ON131193104
1229Callidus Softwr CALD SO13123E500
1230Callon Pete-Del CPE ON13123X102
1231Calloways Nursy CLWY T131255101
1232Callwave Inc CLWA T13126N200
1233Calmare Therps CTTC T13126R102
1234Calpian Inc CLPI T13135X108
1235Calpine Corp CPN ON131347304
1236Calumet Speclty CLMT SO131476103
1237Cambex Corp CBEX T132008103
1238Cambium Learng ABCD S13201A107
1239Cambrex Corp CBM ON132011107
1240Cambridge Bancp CATC T132152109
1241Cambridge Capit CCHI T13215A101
1242Cambridge Heart CAMH T131910101
1243Camden Ntl Corp CAC S133034108
1244Camden Ppty Tr CPT ON133131102
1245Cameco Corp CCJ ON13321L108
1246Cameron Intl CAM ON513342B105
1247Campbell Res CBLRF T134422609
1248Campbell Soup CPB ON5134429109
1249Campus Crest Cm CCG ON13466Y105
1250Camtek Limited CAMT SOM20791105
1251Can Fite Biophr CANF A13471N102
1252Canacol Energy CNNEF T134808203
1253Canadian Solar CSIQ SO136635109
1254Canal Capital C COWP T137003109
1255Cancer Genetics CGIX SO13739U104
1256Cancer Treatmnt CTHZ T137389300
1257Candlewood Htl CNDL T13741M108
1258Caneum Inc CANMQ T137515102
1259Cannapharmarx CPMD T13765D109
1260Cannlabs Inc CANL T13767T102
1261Canon Inc Adr CAJ ON138006309
1262Cantel Med Corp CMN ON138098108
1263Canterbury Park CPHC S13811E101
1264Canyon Bancorp CYBA T138752100
1265Canyon Copper CNYCF T138763503
1266Cape Bancorp CBNJ S139209100
1267Capella Educatn CPLA SO139594105
1268Capgemini Sa CGEMY T139098107
1269Capital Beverg CBEV T139818108
1270Capital Bnk Fin CBF SO139794101
1271Capital City Bk CCBG S139674105
1272Capital Directn CTDN T140076100
1273Capital Fin Hld CPFH T140144205
1274Capital Growth CGSYQ T14019A107
1275Capital One Fin COF ON5114040H105
1276Capital Pac Bcp CPBO U14042V102
1277Capital Pptys CPTP T140430109
1278Capital Product CPLP SOY11082107
1279Capital Sr Livg CSU ON140475104
1280Capital Sw Corp CSWC S140501107
1281Capitala Fin Cp CPTA S14054R106
1282Capitaland Ltd CLLDY T140547100
1283Capitalsouth Bc CAPB T14056A101
1284Capitol Fedl Fn CFFN SO14057J101
1285Capnia Inc CAPN S14066L105
1286Capricor Therap CAPR S14070B101
1287Capstead Mtg CMO ON14067E506
1288Capstone Co Inc CAPC T14070F102
1289Capstone Mining CSFFF T14068G104
1290Capstone Therap CAPS OT14068E109
1291Capstone Turbin CPST SO14067D102
1292Cara Therapeutc CARA SO140755109
1293Carbo Ceramics CRR ON140781105
1294Carbon Sciences CABN T14115L205
1295Carbonite Inc CARB SO141337105
1296Carbylan Therpt CBYL S141384107
1297Cardax Inc CDXI T14141D102
1298Cardero Resourc CDYCF T14140U105
1299Cardica Inc CRDC SO14141R101
1300Cardinal Finl CFNL SO14149F109
1301Cardinal Health CAH ON514149Y108
1302Cardiogenics Hl CGNH T14160X203
1303Cardiome Pharma CRME SO14159U301
1304Cardiovasclr Sy CSII SO141619106
1305Cardtronics Inc CATM SO14161H108
1306Care.Com Inc CRCM ON141633107
1307Caredx Inc CDNA S14167L103
1308Career Edu Corp CECO SO141665109
1309Careguide Inc CGUE T14171A200
1310Carepayment Tec CPYT T14173D103
1311Caretrust Reit CTRE S14174T107
1312Careview Commun CRVW T141743104
1313Carlisle Cos In CSL ON142339100
1314Carlsberg A/S CABGY T142795202
1315Carlyle Group CG SO14309L102
1316Carmax Gp (Cc) KMX ON5143130102
1317Carmike Cinema CKEC SO143436400
1318Carnival Corp CCL ON5143658300
1319Carnival Plc CUK ON14365C103
1320Carolina Bk Hld CLBH S143785103
1321Carolina Fin Cp CARO S143873107
1322Carolina Trust CART S144200102
1323Carpenter Tech CRS ON144285103
1324Carrefour Sa CRRFY T144430204
1325Carriage Svcs-A CSV ON143905107
1326Carrizo Oil&Gas CRZO SO144577103
1327Carrols Restrnt TAST SO14574X104
1328Carters Inc CRI ON146229109
1329Cartesian Inc CRTN S146534102
1330Carver Bcp Inc CARV S146875604
1331Cas Medical Sys CASM S124769209
1332Cascade Bancorp CACB SO147154207
1333Cascade Micro CSCD S147322101
1334Casella Waste CWST SO147448104
1335Caseys Gen Strs CASY SO147528103
1336Cash Am Intl CSH ON14754D100
1337Cash Store Finl CSFSF T14756F103
1338Casi Pharmaceut CASI SO14757U109
1339Casio Computer CSIOY T147618201
1340Caspen Oil CSPN T147621106
1341Caspian Service CSSV T14766Q107
1342Cass Info Sys CASS S14808P109
1343Castle (Am) &Co CAS ON148411101
1344Castle Brands ROX A148435100
1345Castlight Hlth CSLT ON14862Q100
1346Catabasis Pharm CATB S14875P107
1347Catalent Inc CTLT ON148806102
1348Catalina Ltg CALAQ T148865207
1349Catalyst Pharma CPRX SO14888U101
1350Catamaran Corp CTRX SO148887102
1351Catasys Inc CATS OT149049405
1352Catchmark Tb Tr CTT ON14912Y202
1353Caterpillar Inc CAT ON51149123101
1354Cathay Genl Bcp CATY SO149150104
1355Cathay Pac Air CPCAY T148906308
1356Cathayonline CTYO T14915R303
1357Cato Corp A CATO ON149205106
1358Cavco Indus Inc CVCO S149568107
1359Cavium Inc CAVM SO14964U108
1360Cavu Resources CAVR T14965R104
1361Cb Finl Svcs CBFV S12479G101
1362Cb Pharma Acq CNLM SG2029P126
1363Cbd Energy Ltd CBDE UQ2145B158
1364Cbiz Inc CBZ ON124805102
1365Cbl&Assoc Pptys CBL ON124830100
1366Cboe Holdings CBOE SO12503M108
1367Cbre Group Inc CBG ON512504L109
1368Cbs Corp CBS ON5124857202
1369Cbs Corp-A CBSA ON124857103
1370Cca Industries CAW A124867102
1371Ccf Holding Co CCFH T12487X104
1372Ccom Group Inc CCOM T12504V107
1373Cd Intl Entrprs CDII OT12508A109
1374Cdi Corp CDI ON125071100
1375Cdk Global Inc CDK SO12508E101
1376Cdn Impl Bk CM ON136069101
1377Cdn Natl Ry Co CNI ON136375102
1378Cdn Ntrl Rsrcs CNQ ON136385101
1379Cdn Oil Sands COSWF T13643E105
1380Cdn Pac Rlwy CP ON13645T100
1381Cdw Corp CDW SO12514G108
1382Ceapro Inc CRPOF T149907107
1383Ceasers Acq-A CACQ SO12768T103
1384Ceb Inc CEB ON125134106
1385Ceco Envirnmntl CECE SO125141101
1386Cedar Fair FUN ON150185106
1387Cedar Shopn Ctr CDR ON150602209
1388Cedx Inc Cl A CDEX T12507E201
1389Cel-Sci Corp CVM A150837508
1390Celadon Group CGI ON150838100
1391Celanese Cp-A CE ON150870103
1392Celator Pharma CPXX S15089R102
1393Celerity Sols CLTY T15100P101
1394Celestica Inc CLS ON15101Q108
1395Celgene Corp CELG SO51151020104
1396Cell Tech Intl EFLI T15115B105
1397Celladon Corp CLDN SO15117E107
1398Cellcom Israel CEL ONM2196U109
1399Cellcyte Gen Cp CCYG T15116P103
1400Celldex Therapt CLDX SO15117B103
1401Cellectar Biosc CLRB S15117F203
1402Cellectis-Adr CLLS S15117K103
1403Cellular Biomed CBMG S15117P102
1404Celsion Corp CLSN SO15117N404
1405Celsius Holding CELH T15118V207
1406Celsus Theraptc CLTX S15119A202
1407Celyad-Adr CYAD S151205200
1408Cementos Pacasm CPAC N15126Q109
1409Cemex Sa Adr CX ON151290889
1410Cemig Sa -Adr CIG ON204409601
1411Cempra Inc CEMP SO15130J109
1412Cemtrex New CETX S15130G303
1413Cencosud Sa-Adr CNCO N15132H101
1414Cenovus Energy CVE ON15135U109
1415Centene Corp CNC ON15135B101
1416Centennial Spty CHLE T151368107
1417Centerpoint Egy CNP ON515189T107
1418Centerstate Bnk CSFL SO15201P109
1419Centl Eur Media CETV SOG20045202
1420Central Energy ENGY T153423108
1421Central Euro Fd CEE N153436100
1422Central Fedl Cp CFBK S15346Q202
1423Central Garden CENT SO153527106
1424Central Gardn-A CENTA SO153527205
1425Central Japan CJPRY T153766100
1426Central Pac Fin CPF ON154760409
1427Central Secs Cp CET A155123102
1428Central Vly Com CVCY S155685100
1429Centrica Pl-Adr CPYYY T15639K300
1430Centrue Finl Cp CFCB T15643B205
1431Centrus Energy LEU OA15643U104
1432Century Alum Co CENX SO156431108
1433Century Bcp-A CNBKA S156432106
1434Century Casinos CNTY SO156492100
1435Century Communt CCS N156504300
1436Century Petrolm CYPE T156661100
1437Centurylink Inc CTL ON5156700106
1438Cenveo Inc CVO ON15670S105
1439Cepheid Inc CPHD SO15670R107
1440Ceragon Netwrks CRNT SOM22013102
1441Cereplast Inc CERPQ OT156732406
1442Ceres Inc CERE S156773400
1443Ceres Ventures CEVE T15677X107
1444Cerner Corp CERN SO5156782104
1445Cerro Grand Mng CEGMF T156867103
1446Cerulean Pharma CERU S15708Q105
1447Cerus Corp CERS SO157085101
1448Cerv Unidas-Adr CCU N204429104
1449Cesca Therap KOOL S157131103
1450Cesp-Cia En S P CESDY T20440P407
1451Ceva Inc CEVA SO157210105
1452Cf Indus Hldgs CF ON5125269100
1453Cgg CGG ON12531Q105
1454Cgi Grp Inc -A GIB ON39945C109
1455Ch Robinson Wwd CHRW SO512541W209
1456Chad Therap Inc CHADQ T157228107
1457Chambers St Ppt CSG ON157842105
1458Champion Inds CHMP T158520106
1459Champions Onclg CSBR T15870P109
1460Chang-On Intl CAON T159109107
1461Changda Intl Hl CIHD T15910R206
1462Changyou.Com CYOU SO15911M107
1463Channeladvisor ECOM ON159179100
1464Chanticleer Hld HOTR S15930P404
1465Chapeau Inc CPEU T159427202
1466Charles Rvr Lab CRL ON159864107
1467Charles&Colvard CTHR SO159765106
1468Chart Acquis Cp CACG T161151105
1469Chart Industrie GTLS SO16115Q308
1470Charter Comm-A CHTR SO16117M305
1471Charter Finl Cp CHFN S16122W108
1472Charter Oak Bnk CHOB T161258108
1473Chase Corp CCF A16150R104
1474Chatham Lodging CLDT ON16208T102
1475Chc Group Ltd HELI ONG07021101
1476Check Cap Ltd CHEK SM2361E112
1477Check Pt Softw CHKP SOM22465104
1478Checkpoint Sys CKP ON162825103
1479Cheesecake Fact CAKE SO163072101
1480Cheetah Mbl-Adr CMCM ON163075104
1481Chefs Warehouse CHEF SO163086101
1482Chegg Inc CHGG ON163092109
1483Chembio Diagnos CEMI S163572209
1484Chemed Corp CHE ON16359R103
1485Chemical Finl CHFC SO163731102
1486Chemocentryx CCXI SO16383L106
1487Chemtrak Inc CTKI T163878101
1488Chemtura Corp CHMT ON163893209
1489Chemung Finl CHMG S164024101
1490Cheniere Energy LNG OA16411R208
1491Cheniere Energy CQP OA16411Q101
1492Cheniere Ep Lp CQH OA16411W108
1493Cherokee Inc CHKE SO16444H102
1494Cherry Hill Mtg CHMI N164651101
1495Chesapeake Engy CHK ON5165167107
1496Chesapeake Finc CPKF T16517A109
1497Chesapeake Grnt CHKR ON165185109
1498Chesapeake Lodg CHSP ON165240102
1499Chesapeake Util CPK N165303108
1500Chester Bancorp CNBA T164903106
1501Cheviot Finl Cp CHEV S16677X105
1502Chevron Corp CVX ON51166764100
1503Chiba Bank Ltd CHBAY T167071109
1504Chicago Bridge CBI ON167250109
1505Chicago Rivet & CVR A168088102
1506Chicopee Bancrp CBNK S168565109
1507Chicos Fas Inc CHS ON168615102
1508Chilco River Hd CRVH T16870R202
1509Childrens Place PLCE SO168905107
1510Chimera Invest CIM ON16934Q208
1511Chimerix Inc CMRX SO16934W106
1512China Adv Cons CADC S169365202
1513China Agri Busi CHBU T16936P109
1514China Agri Ind CIDHF TY1375F104
1515China Auto Logi CALI S16936J202
1516China Auto Sys CAAS SO16936R105
1517China Bak Batry CBAK SO16936Y209
1518China Bct Pharm CNBI T16890M100
1519China Bilingual CBLY T16890U102
1520China Bio-Energ CHIO T168933109
1521China Biologic CBPO SO16938C106
1522China Bluechem CBLUY T16936K100
1523China Bot Pharm CBPI T16890Y104
1524China Carbon Gr CHGI T16936H107
1525China Ceramics CCCL SG2113X100
1526China Cgame Inc CCGM OT16946P107
1527China Chemical CHCC T169386109
1528China Clean Egy CCGY T16939E101
1529China Coal Egy CCOZY T16944G109
1530China Comm Cons CCCGY T168926103
1531China Commer Cr CCCR S16891K103
1532China Constr Bk CICHY T168919108
1533China Cord Bld CO NG21107100
1534China Cosco Hld CICOY T168918100
1535China Crescent CCTR T16945G207
1536China Dasheng CDBT T16944C108
1537China Dig Tv STV ON16938G107
1538China Distance DL ON16944W104
1539China Dongsheng CDSG T16939T108
1540China Eastn-Adr CEA ON16937R104
1541China Educ Alnc CEAI OT16938Y306
1542China Egy Recov CGYV T16943V206
1543China Entrp Ltd CSHEF TG2109M100
1544China Fin Inc CHFI T169378106
1545China Fin Onlin JRJC SO169379104
1546China Gengsheng CHGS OT16942P101
1547China Gerui Adv CHOP SOG21101137
1548China Green Agr CGA ON16943W105
1549China Hgs Real HGSH S16948W100
1550China High Spee CHSTY T169416104
1551China Housing CHLN SO16939V202
1552China Huaren Og CHRN T16941V109
1553China Indus Wst CIWT T16939N101
1554China Info Tech CNIT SOG21174100
1555China Infrastr CIIC T16944H107
1556China Interact CIVN T16890F105
1557China Jo-Jo Drg CJJD S16949A206
1558China Life Ins LFC ON16939P106
1559China Linen Tex CTXIF TG21170116
1560China Lodging HTHT SO16949N109
1561China Marine CMFO OT16943R106
1562China Medicine CHME T169491107
1563China Merch Bk CIHKY T16950T102
1564China Merchants CMHHY T1694EN103
1565China Metro-Rur CNR AG3163G104
1566China Ming Yang MY ON16951C108
1567China Mobil-Adr CMGE SO16952T100
1568China Moble-Adr CHL ON16941M109
1569China Modern Ag CMCI T16951R105
1570China Natl Appl CNLC T16947U105
1571China Natl Mtrl CASDY T16948E100
1572China Natrl Gas CHNGQ OT168910206
1573China Natrl Res CHNR SG2110U109
1574China Nepstar NPD ON16943C109
1575China Networks CNWHF TG21125102
1576China New Borun BORN ON16890T105
1577China Nutrifrut CNGL T16944U108
1578China Oilfield CHOLY T168909109
1579China Petro&Chm SNP ON16941R108
1580China Pharma Hl CPHI A16941T104
1581China Power Eqp CPQQ T16944L108
1582China Precision CPSL OT16941J205
1583China Railwy Cp CWYCY T16947L105
1584China Railwy Gp CRWOY T16944S103
1585China Recycling CREG SO168913101
1586China Redstone CGPI T16949L103
1587China Res Entpr CRHKY T16940R109
1588China Res Power CRPJY T16943S104
1589China Shengda CPGI S16950V206
1590China Shenh Egy CSUAY T16942A302
1591China Shipping CSDXY T169408200
1592China Solar Egy CSEHY T16941W206
1593China South-Adr ZNH ON169409109
1594China St Constr CCOHY T16948H103
1595China Strat Hld CSHYY T169422300
1596China Sun Group CSGH T16943F102
1597China Sunergy CSUN SO16942X302
1598China Techfaith CNTF SO169424108
1599China Telcm-Adr CHA ON169426103
1600China Teletech CNCT T16951V106
1601China Travel Rh CTVZ T16948G105
1602China Unicom CHU ON16945R104
1603China Xd Plastc CXDC SO16948F107
1604China Xiniya Fs XNY N16950W113
1605China Yibai Utd CBGH T16948Y106
1606China Yida Hldg CNYD S16945D303
1607China Yuchai CYD ONG21082105
1608China Zenix Aut ZX ON16951E104
1609Chinacache Intl CCIH SO16950M107
1610Chinanet Online CNET S16949H102
1611Chineseinvestrs CIIX T16947Q203
1612Chino Comml Bcp CCBC T16957L102
1613Chipmos Tec Ltd IMOS SOG2110R114
1614Chipotle Mexicn CMG ON5169656105
1615Choice Htl Intl CHH ON169905106
1616Choose Rain Inc CHOS T17039X106
1617Chorus Ltd-Adr CHRYY T17040V107
1618Christopher&Bnk CBK ON171046105
1619Chromadex Corp CDXC T171077100
1620Chromedx Corp MNLIF T17111W109
1621Chs Inc CHSCP S12542R209
1622Chubb Corp CB ON5171232101
1623Chunghwa Telecm CHT ON17133Q502
1624Church & Dwight CHD ON171340102
1625Churchill Downs CHDN SO171484108
1626Chuys Holdings CHUY SO171604101
1627Cia Paranaense ELPVY T20441B308
1628Cia Siderur-Adr SID ON20440W105
1629Ciber Inc CBR ON17163B102
1630Cibt Education MBAIF T17163Y102
1631Cicero Inc CICN T171708100
1632Cidara Theraptc CDTX S171757107
1633Cie Financiere CFRUY T204319107
1634Cielo Sa Adr CIOXY T171778202
1635Ciena Corp CIEN ON171779309
1636Cifc Corp CIFC SO12547R105
1637Cigna Corp CI ON5125509109
1638Cim Commrcl Tr CMCT S125525105
1639Cimarex Energy XEC ON5171798101
1640Cimpress Nv CMPR SON20146101
1641Cincinnati Bell CBB ON171871106
1642Cincinnati Finl CINF SO5172062101
1643Cinedigm Corp CIDM S172406100
1644Cinemark Hldgs CNK ON17243V102
1645Cinram Intl If CRWFF T172595100
1646Cintas Corp CTAS SO5172908105
1647Cipher Pharmact CPHR S17253X105
1648Circle Entertmt CEXE T17256R105
1649Circor Intl CIR ON17273K109
1650Circuit Res Lab CRLI T172743205
1651Cirrus Logic CRUS SO172755100
1652Cirtran Corp CIRC T17276F206
1653Cisco Systems CSCO SO5117275R102
1654Cistera Network CNWT T17284Q202
1655Cit Group CIT ON125581801
1656Citi Trends Inc CTRN SO17306X102
1657Citic Pacific CTPCY T17304K102
1658Citigroup Inc C ON51172967424
1659Citizens Bancrp CZNB T17315R104
1660Citizens Bsh Cp CZBS T173168105
1661Citizens Commnt CZWI S174903104
1662Citizens Comnty CZYB T174532101
1663Citizens Fin Gp CFG ON174610105
1664Citizens Fin Ky CFIN T174613208
1665Citizens Fin Sv CZFS T174615104
1666Citizens Fst Cp CZFC S17462Q107
1667Citizens Hldg CIZN S174715102
1668Citizens Inc A CIA ON174740100
1669Citizens Nat Bc CTZR T174768101
1670Citizens&Nrthrn CZNC S172922106
1671Citrix Sys Inc CTXS SO5177376100
1672City Bk Lywd-Wa CTBK T17770A109
1673City Devs Adr CDEVY T177797305
1674City Hldgs Co CHCO SO177835105
1675City National CYN ON178566105
1676City Offic Reit CIO N178587101
1677Civeo Corp CVEO ON178787107
1678Civista Bancsh CIVB S178867107
1679Civitas Solutns CIVI N17887R102
1680Ckx Lands Inc CKX A12562N104
1681Clarcor Inc CLC ON179895107
1682Clarent Corp CLRN OT180461105
1683Clarion Tech CLAR T180606105
1684Clarkston Fincl CKFC T182236307
1685Claude Rsrcs CLGRF T182873109
1686Claxson Inter XSONF TG21912103
1687Clean Diesel CDTI S18449C401
1688Clean Egy Fuels CLNE SO184499101
1689Clean Egy Pathw CPWY T18451W105
1690Clean Harbors CLH ON184496107
1691Cleantech Solut CLNT S18451N204
1692Clear Chanl Out CCO ON18451C109
1693Clearbridge Amr CBA N184691103
1694Clearfield Inc CLFD SO18482P103
1695Clearone Inc CLRO SO18506U104
1696Clearpoint Bus CPBRQ T185061108
1697Clearsign Comb CLIR SO185064102
1698Clearstory Sys CSYS T185066107
1699Clearwater Papr CLW ON18538R103
1700Cleco Corp CNL ON12561W105
1701Cleveland Biolb CBLI SO185860202
1702Clicker Inc CLKZ T18682T301
1703Clicksoftware CKSW SOM25082104
1704Cliffs Natural CLF ON18683K101
1705Clifton Bancorp CSBK SO186873105
1706Cline Mining Cp CLNMF T186905105
1707Clorox Co CLX ON5189054109
1708Cloud Peak Egy CLD ON18911Q102
1709Cloudward Inc CDWD T18914T301
1710Clovis Oncology CLVS SO189464100
1711Clp Hldgs-Adr CLPHY T18946Q101
1712Clst Holdings CLHI OT12564R103
1713Clubcorp Hldgs MYCC ON18948M108
1714Cm Finance Inc CMFN S12574Q103
1715Cme Group Inc CME SO512572Q105
1716Cmg Holdings CMGO T125749101
1717Cms Energy CMS ON5125896100
1718Cna Finl Corp CNA ON126117100
1719Cnb Finl Cp Pa CCNE S126128107
1720Cnh Industrial CNHI ONN20944109
1721Cninsure In-Adr CISG SO18976M103
1722Cno Finl Grp CNO ON12621E103
1723Cnooc Ltd Adr CEO ON126132109
1724Cnova Nv CNV SON20947102
1725Cns Response CNSO T12619C200
1726Coach Inc COH ON5189754104
1727Coast Distr Sys CRV A190345108
1728Coastal Banking CBCO T19041N100
1729Coastal Carib COCBF T190432203
1730Coastway Bancrp CWAY S190632109
1731Coates Intl Ltd COTE T190643106
1732Cobalt Intl Egy CIE ON19075F106
1733Cobiz Finl Inc COBZ SO190897108
1734Coca Cola Bottl COKE S191098102
1735Coca Cola Co KO ON51191216100
1736Coca-Cola Amati CCLAY T191085208
1737Coca-Cola Entrp CCE ON519122T109
1738Coca-Cola Femsa KOF ON191241108
1739Coda Octupus Gp CDOC T19188U107
1740Code Navy CLTR T19189X100
1741Code Rebel Corp CDRB S19200J106
1742Codesmart Hldgs ITEN T19189U106
1743Codexis Inc CDXS SO192005106
1744Codorus Vy Bncp CVLY S192025104
1745Coeur Mining CDE ON192108504
1746Coffee Hldg Co JVA S192176105
1747Cogent Comm Hld CCOI SO19239V302
1748Cogentix Medicl CGNT SO19243A104
1749Cognex Corp CGNX SO192422103
1750Cognizant Tech CTSH SO5192446102
1751Cohen & Steers RFI N19247R103
1752Cohen&St Gl Rlt GRI A00162Q106
1753Cohen&Strs Inc CNS ON19247A100
1754Coherent Inc COHR SO192479103
1755Coherus Biosc CHRS SO19249H103
1756Cohu Inc COHU SO192576106
1757Col Capital Ltd COLRY T126142108
1758Cold Metal Pdts CMPI T192861102
1759Colfax Corp CFX ON194014106
1760Colgate Palmoli CL ON51194162103
1761Collabrx Inc CLRX S19422J108
1762Collectors Univ CLCT S19421R200
1763Collegium Pharm COLL S19459J104
1764Colliers Int Gp CIGI S194693107
1765Colombia Energy CERX T19529P205
1766Colombo Bank IFSB T19533Q108
1767Colony Bankcorp CBAN S19623P101
1768Colony Capital CLNY ON19624R106
1769Color Imaging CIIG T19624W105
1770Colucid Pharma CLCD S19716T101
1771Columbia Bk Sys COLB SO197236102
1772Columbia Pipeln CPPL ON198281107
1773Columbia Ppt Tr CXP ON198287203
1774Columbia Sports COLM SO198516106
1775Columbus Mckinn CMCO SO199333105
1776Comarco Inc CMRO T200080109
1777Combimatrix Cp CBMX S20009T303
1778Comcast Cla Spl CMCSK SO20030N200
1779Comcast Corp A CMCSA SO5120030N101
1780Comdisco Hldg CDCO T200334100
1781Comerica Inc CMA ON5200340107
1782Comf5 Intl Inc CMFV T20038W103
1783Comfort Systems FIX ON199908104
1784Comjoyful Intl KJFI T20047F109
1785Comm Hlthcr Tr CHCT N20369C106
1786Comm Shores Bk CSHB T204046106
1787Comm West Bncsh CWBC S204157101
1788Command Center CCNI T200497105
1789Command Sec Cp MOC A20050L100
1790Commerce Bancsh CBSH SO200525103
1791Commerce Egy Gp CMNR T20061Q106
1792Commercewest Bk CWBK T20084T103
1793Commercial Metl CMC ON201723103
1794Commerzbank Ag CRZBY T202597605
1795Comml Nat Fi Pa CNAF T202217105
1796Comml Natl Finl CEFC T202216107
1797Comml Vehicle CVGI SO202608105
1798Commnty Bk Sys CBU ON203607106
1799Commnty Bksh In CBIN S203599105
1800Commnty Cap Bcs ALBY T203634100
1801Commnty Fin Cp TCFC S20368X101
1802Commnty Hlth Sy CYH ON203668108
1803Commnty Invs Bc CIBN T203719208
1804Commnty Medical CMTI T203744305
1805Commodore Appld CXIA T202630208
1806Commodore Intl CBUIF T202660106
1807Commonwlth Busn CWBB T202750105
1808Commscope Hldg COMM SO20337X109
1809Commun Intell CICI T20338K106
1810Commun Sys Inc JCS S203900105
1811Commun Trust Bc CTBI S204149108
1812Communictns S&L CSAL SO20341J104
1813Community Busns CBBC T20365U100
1814Communityone Bc COB S20416Q108
1815Communty 1St Bk CFBN T203658109
1816Commvault Systm CVLT SO204166102
1817Comp Science CSC ON5205363104
1818Comp Task CTG SO205477102
1819Companhia Brasl CBD ON20440T201
1820Company Ticke UCUSIP"
1821Compass Diversf CODI ON20451Q104
1822Compass Grp Plc CMPGY T20449X302
1823Compass Minerls CMP ON20451N101
1824Compass Plastic CPTI T203915103
1825Complete Care CCMI T20453F106
1826Comprehens Care CHCR T204620207
1827Compugen Ltd CGEN SOM25722105
1828Compumed Inc CMPD T204914402
1829Computer Learng CLCXQ T205199102
1830Computer Prgrms CPSI SO205306103
1831Computer Servcs CSVI T20539A105
1832Computrzd Thrml COIB T20557C108
1833Compx Intl Inc CIX A20563P101
1834Comscore Inc SCOR SO20564W105
1835Comstock Hmbldg CHCI SO205684103
1836Comstock Mining LODE OA205750102
1837Comstock Resour CRK ON205768203
1838Comtech Telecom CMTL SO205826209
1839Comtex News Net CMTX T205914203
1840Comtrex Systems COMX T205920200
1841Comverse Inc CNSI SO20585P105
1842Con-Way Inc CNW ON205944101
1843Conagra Foods CAG ON5205887102
1844Conatus Pharma CNAT SO20600T108
1845Concert Pharma CNCE SO206022105
1846Concho Resourcs CXO ON20605P101
1847Concord Med-Adr CCM ON206277105
1848Concurrent New CCUR SO206710402
1849Cone Midstream CNNX ON206812109
1850Conmed Corp CNMD SO207410101
1851Conn Water Svc CTWS S207797101
1852Connectone Bcp CNOB S20786W107
1853Connecture Inc CNXR S20786J106
1854Connectyx Techs CTYX T20786Q209
1855Conns Inc CONN SO208242107
1856Conocophillips COP ON5120825C104
1857Conrad Indus CNRD T208305102
1858Cons Portfolio CPSS SO210502100
1859Consol Comm Il CNSL SO209034107
1860Consol Eco Sys EXSO T209102102
1861Consol Edison ED ON5209115104
1862Consol Energy CNX ON520854P109
1863Consol Tomoka CTO A210226106
1864Consoltd Water CWCO SOG23773107
1865Consorcio Ara CNRFF TP3084R106
1866Constant Contac CTCT SO210313102
1867Constellatn Brd STZ ON521036P108
1868Constellium Nv CSTM ONN22035104
1869Consteltn Brd-B STZB N21036P207
1870Container Store TCS ON210751103
1871Contango Oil&Gs MCF OA21075N204
1872Contl Ag-Sp Adr CTTAY T210771200
1873Contl Bldg Prd CBPX ON211171103
1874Contl Info Sys CISC T211497102
1875Contl Matrls Cp CUO A211615307
1876Contl Resources CLR ON212015101
1877Contrafect Corp CFRX S212326102
1878Contravir Pharm CTRV S21234W103
1879Control Chief DIGM T212343206
1880Control4 Corp CTRL SO21240D107
1881Controladora Vl VLRS ON21240E105
1882Converde Energy XFUL T212482103
1883Convergys Corp CVG ON212485106
1884Conversion Svcs CVNSQ T21254R208
1885Coolpad Group CHWTY T216483107
1886Cooper Cos COO ON216648402
1887Cooper Tire CTB ON216831107
1888Cooper-Standard CPS N21676P103
1889Copa Hldgs Sa-A CPA ONP31076105
1890Copart Inc CPRT SO217204106
1891Copel-Adr Pr B ELP ON20441B407
1892Copsync Inc COYN T217712108
1893Corbus Pharmact CRBP S21833P103
1894Corcept Therapt CORT SO218352102
1895Cord Blood Amer CBAI T21839P206
1896Cordia Bancorp BVA S218513109
1897Core Labs Nv CLB ONN22717107
1898Core Moldng Tec CMT A218683100
1899Core-Mark Hldg CORE SO218681104
1900Corelogic Inc CLGX ON21871D103
1901Corenergy Infra CORR ON21870U205
1902Coresite Realty COR ON21870Q105
1903Corewafer Indus WAFR T21871B206
1904Corimon -Adr CMNFY T218728806
1905Corindus Vasclr CVRS A218730109
1906Corinthian Col COCOQ OT218868107
1907Corium Intrntnl CORI S21887L107
1908Cormedix Inc CRMD OA21900C100
1909Cornerstn Total CRF A21924U300
1910Cornerstone Ond CSOD SO21925Y103
1911Cornerstone Str CLM A21924B302
1912Cornerworld Cp CWRL T219234101
1913Corning Inc GLW ON5219350105
1914Corning Nat Gas CNIG T219387107
1915Cornwall Resrcs CORC T219623105
1916Corp Geo Sa De CVGFY T21986V204
1917Corp Office Pty OFC ON22002T108
1918Corp Res Svcs CRRS T22004Y105
1919Corpbanca -Adr BCA N21987A209
1920Corrections Crp CXW ON22025Y407
1921Cortex Pharma CORX OT220524300
1922Cortland Bancp CLDB T220587109
1923Corus Entmt-B CJREF T220874101
1924Corvel Corp CRVL SO221006109
1925Cosan Ltd-A CZZ ONG25343107
1926Cosi Inc COSI SO22122P200
1927Cosine Comm COSN OT221222706
1928Costamare Inc CMRE ONY1771G102
1929Costar Grp Inc CSGP SO22160N109
1930Costar Tech Inc CSTI T22161J206
1931Costco Whole Cp COST SO5122160K105
1932Cott Corp Que COT ON22163N106
1933Coty Inc-A COTY ON222070203
1934Counterpath Cp CPAH S22228P203
1935Country Garden CTRYY T22234X109
1936Country Sty-Adr CCSC N22238M109
1937County Bancorp ICBK S221907108
1938County Bk Corp CBNC T222407207
1939Coupon Express CPXP T222654105
1940Coupons.Com Inc COUP ON22265J102
1941Cousin Prop Inc CUZ ON222795106
1942Covanta Holding CVA ON22282E102
1943Covenant Trans CVTI S22284P105
1944Cover-All Tech COVR A222892101
1945Covisint Corp COVS SO22357R103
1946Covista Comm CVST T223574104
1947Cowen Group Inc COWN SO223622101
1948Cp Pokphand-Adr CPKPY T125918201
1949Cpfl Energi-Adr CPL ON126153105
1950Cpi Aerostructr CVU OA125919308
1951Cpi Corp CPICQ T125902106
1952Cps Technologys CPSH S12619F104
1953Cra Intl Inc CRAI SO12618T105
1954Cracker Barrel CBRL SO22410J106
1955Craft Brew Alln BREW SO224122101
1956Crailar Tech CRLRF T224248104
1957Crane Co CR ON224399105
1958Crawford & Co B CRDB N224633107
1959Crawford & Co-A CRDA N224633206
1960Cray Inc CRAY SO225223304
1961Creative Learng CLCN T22529R106
1962Creative Realts CREX OT22530J101
1963Creative Te Ltd CREAF OTY1775U107
1964Creative Vistas CVAS T225300201
1965Creator Cap Ltd CTORF TG2519P107
1966Credicorp Ltd BAP ONG2519Y108
1967Credit Accept CACC SO225310101
1968Credit Agricole CRARY T225313105
1969Credit Suis Fnd CIK A224916106
1970Credit Suisse CS ON225401108
1971Creditriskmonit CRMZ T225426105
1972Cree Inc CREE SO225447101
1973Crescent Pt Egy CPG ON22576C101
1974Crestwood Eqty CEQP ON226344109
1975Crestwood Midst CMLP ON226378107
1976Cresud Sa-Adr CRESY S226406106
1977Crexendo Inc CXDO OT226552107
1978Crh Plc-Adr CRH ON12626K203
1979Crimson Wine Gp CWGL T22662X100
1980Criteo Sa-Adr CRTO SO226718104
1981Crocs Inc CROX SO227046109
1982Cross Borders R XBOR T227443108
1983Cross Country CCRN SO227483104
1984Cross Timbers CRT N22757R109
1985Crossamerica Lp CAPL ON22758A105
1986Crossroads Sys CRDS SO22765D209
1987Crowdgather Inc CRWG T22787P107
1988Crown Castle CCI ON522822V101
1989Crown Crafts CRWS S228309100
1990Crown Hldgs Inc CCK ON228368106
1991Crown Media Hld CRWN S228411104
1992Crown-Andersen CRAN T228190104
1993Crumbs Bake Shp CRMBQ T228803102
1994Cryo-Cell Intl CCEL T228895108
1995Cryolife Inc CRY ON228903100
1996Cryoport Inc CYRX T229050307
1997Crystal Rock Hl CRVP A22940F103
1998Cs High Yld Bd DHY A22544F103
1999Csb Bancorp Inc CSBB T12628R107
2000Csg Sys Intl CSGS SO126349109
2001Csi Compressco CCLP SO12637A103
2002Csp Inc CSPI S126389105
2003Cspc Pharma-Adr CHPTY T12591J108
2004Csr Plc-Adr CSRE SO12640Y205
2005Css Inds Inc CSS N125906107
2006Cst Brands Inc CST ON12646R105
2007Csx Corp CSX ON5126408103
2008Ctc Media Inc CTCM SO12642X106
2009Ctd Holdings In CTDH T12642Q101
2010Ctgx Mining Inc CHCX T12646Y100
2011Cti Biopharma CTIC SO12648L106
2012Cti Group Hldgs CTIG T126431105
2013Cti Industries CTIB S125961300
2014Ctn Media Group UCTN T12643W206
2015Ctpartners Exec CTP A22945C105
2016Ctrip.Com Intl CTRP SO22943F100
2017Cts Corp CTS ON126501105
2018Ctx Virtual Tec CTXV T12650A105
2019Cu Bancorp Ca CUNB S126534106
2020Cubesmart CUBE ON229663109
2021Cubic Corp CUB ON229669106
2022Cubic Energy CBNR T229675103
2023Cui Global Inc CUI SO126576206
2024Cuisine Sol Inc CUSI T229904206
2025Cullen Frost Bk CFR ON229899109
2026Culp Inc CFI ON230215105
2027Cumberland Phar CPIX SO230770109
2028Cummins Inc CMI ON5231021106
2029Cumulus Media CMLS SO231082108
2030Cur Media Inc CURM T23126J109
2031Curaxis Pharma CURXQ T23127A107
2032Curis Inc CRIS SO231269101
2033Curtiss Wright CW ON231561101
2034Customers Bancp CUBI ON23204G100
2035Cutera Inc CUTR SO232109108
2036Cutwater Select CSI N232229104
2037Cv Holdings Inc CVHL T12661F101
2038Cvb Finl CVBF SO126600105
2039Cvd Equip Corp CVV S126601103
2040Cvent Inc CVT ON23247G109
2041Cvf Tech Corp CNVT T12660F102
2042Cvr Energy Inc CVI ON12662P108
2043Cvr Partners Lp UAN ON126633106
2044Cvr Refining Lp CVRR ON12663P107
2045Cvs Health Corp CVS ON51126650100
2046Cvsl Inc CVSL A12665T206
2047Cyalume Technol CYLU T232429100
2048Cyan Inc CYNI ON23247W104
2049Cyanotech Corp CYAN S232437301
2050Cyber Apps Wrld CYAP T23248E103
2051Cyber Digital CYBD T232441105
2052Cyber-Ark Sftwr CYBR SOM2682V108
2053Cybercash Inc CYCHZ T232462101
2054Cyberonics Inc CYBX SO23251P102
2055Cyberoptics CYBE S232517102
2056Cyclacel Pharma CYCC SO23254L306
2057Cyclone Uranium CYUR T23254T101
2058Cymabay Therapt CBAY S23257D103
2059Cynapsus Therap CYNA S23257Y859
2060Cynosure Inc-A CYNO SO232577205
2061Cypress Egy Ptr CELP N232751107
2062Cypress Semicon CY SO232806109
2063Cyrela Brazil CYRBY T23282C401
2064Cyren Ltd CYRN SOM26895108
2065Cyrusone Inc CONE SO23283R100
2066Cys Investments CYS ON12673A108
2067Cytec Inds Inc CYT ON232820100
2068Cytodyn Inc CYDY T23283M101
2069Cytokinetcs Inc CYTK SO23282W605
2070Cytori Therapeu CYTX SO23283K105
2071Cytosorbents Cp CTSO SO23283X206
2072Cytrx Corp CYTR SO232828509
2073D Medical Indus DMEDF TM28091102
2074D R Horton Inc DHI ON523331A109
2075Dac Technologs DAAT T23302R107
2076Daegis Inc DAEG SO233720101
2077Dai Nippon Prin DNPLY T233806306
2078Daily Journal DJCO S233912104
2079Daimler Ag DDAIF OTD1668R123
2080Dairy Farm Intl DFIHY T233859404
2081Daiwa Sec Gp Jp DSEEY T234064301
2082Dakota Plns Hld DAKP A234255107
2083Dakota Terr Res DTRC T23426V109
2084Daktronics Inc DAKT SO234264109
2085Dale Jarret Rac DJRT T234311108
2086Daleco Resource DLOV T23437P208
2087Dalrada Finl Cp DFCO T235496403
2088Dalton Industry DALT T235600103
2089Dana Holding Cp DAN ON235825205
2090Danaher Corp DHR ON5235851102
2091Danaos Corp DAC NY1968P105
2092Danone-Adr DANOY OT23636T100
2093Danske Bank-Adr DNSKY T236363107
2094Daqo New Energy DQ ON23703Q203
2095Dara Biosciencs DARA SO23703P304
2096Darden Restrnt DRI ON5237194105
2097Darling Ingrdnt DAR ON237266101
2098Dassault Sy-Adr DASTY T237545108
2099Data I/O DAIO S237690102
2100Data Trans-New DATX T238016109
2101Datalex Plc-Adr DLEXY T23803V102
2102Datalink Corp DTLK SO237934104
2103Datamarine Intl DMAR T238045108
2104Datang Intl Pwr DIPGY T23808Q207
2105Dataram Corp DRAM S238108302
2106Datatrak Intl DTRK T238134209
2107Datawatch Corp DWCH SO237917208
2108Dave&Bustrs Ent PLAY SO238337109
2109Davidstea Inc DTEA S238661102
2110Davita Healthcr DVA ON523918K108
2111Daw Tech Inc DAWKQ T239220304
2112Dawson Geophys DWSN SO239360100
2113Daxor Corp DXR A239467103
2114Daystar Tec Inc DSTI OT23962Q407
2115Dbs Group-Adr DBSDY T23304Y100
2116Dbv Tech Sa-Adr DBVT S23306J101
2117Dcp Midstream DPM ON23311P100
2118Dct Industrial DCT ON233153204
2119Ddd Group Plc DDDGF TG26903107
2120Ddr Corp DDR ON23317H102
2121Dealertrack Hld TRAK SO242309102
2122Dean Foods Co DF ON242370203
2123Dearborn Bancrp DEAR T24242R108
2124Debt Resolve In DRSV T24276R206
2125Decision Diagns DECN T243443108
2126Decisionpoint DPSI OT24345A101
2127Deckers Outdoor DECK ON243537107
2128Deep Down Inc DPDW T24372A305
2129Deep Well Oil DWOG T243798105
2130Deer Consumer DEER OT24379J200
2131Deer Valley Cp DVLY T244196101
2132Deere & Co DE ON5244199105
2133Defense Tec Sys DFTS T244635108
2134Dehaier Medical DHRM SG27010100
2135Dei Holdings DEIX OT23319E206
2136Dejour Energy DEJ A24486R103
2137Del Friscos Rst DFRG SO245077102
2138Delaware Grp Di DDF N245915103
2139Delaware Inv Co VCF A246101109
2140Delaware Inv Mn VMM A24610V103
2141Delaware Inv Na VFL A24610T108
2142Delcath Sys Inc DCTH SO24661P401
2143Delek Grp Ltd DGRLY T24664R107
2144Delek Logistics DKL ON24664T103
2145Delek Us Hldgs DK ON246647101
2146Delhaize-Le DEG ON29759W101
2147Delias Inc DLIAQ OT246911101
2148Delmar Pharmact DMPI T247078108
2149Delphax Tech DLPX T24712X106
2150Delphi Auto Plc DLPH ON5G27823106
2151Delta Air Lines DAL ON5247361702
2152Delta Apparel DLA A247368103
2153Delta Galil-Ltd DELTY T247637101
2154Delta Nat Gas DGAS S247748106
2155Deltagen Inc DGEN T24783R103
2156Deltathree.Com DDDC T24783N102
2157Deltic Timber DEL ON247850100
2158Deluxe Corp DLX ON248019101
2159Demand Media DMD ON24802N208
2160Demandware DWRE ON24802Y105
2161Denbury Res Inc DNR ON247916208
2162Denison Mines DNN OA248356107
2163Denny DENN SO24869P104
2164Denso Corp DNZOY T24872B100
2165Dentsply Intl XRAY SO5249030107
2166Dephasium Corp DPHS T249549106
2167Depomed Inc DEPO SO249908104
2168Derma Sciences DSCI SO249827502
2169Dermira Inc DERM S24983L104
2170Desarrolladora DHOXQ OT25030W100
2171Descartes Sys DSGX SO249906108
2172Destination Mtr DEST SO25065D100
2173Destination Xl DXLG SO25065K104
2174Destiny Media DSNY T25063G204
2175Deswell Inds DSWL S250639101
2176Detrex Corp DTRX T250685104
2177Detwiler Fenton DMCD T251464202
2178Deuts Gl Hi Inc LBF N25158V108
2179Deuts High Inc KHI N25155R100
2180Deuts Multi Mkt KMM N25160E102
2181Deuts Mun Inc KTF N25160C106
2182Deuts Strat Inc KST N25160F109
2183Deuts Strat Mun KSM N25159F102
2184Deutsche Bk Ag DB OND18190898
2185Deutsche Boerse DBOEY T251542106
2186Deutsche Pst Ag DPSGY T25157Y202
2187Deutsche Telekm DTEGY OT251566105
2188Devon Energy DVN ON5125179M103
2189Devry Education DV ON251893103
2190Dewey Electroni DEWY T252063102
2191Dex Media Inc DXM SO25213A107
2192Dexcom Inc DXCM SO252131107
2193Dgse Companies DGSE A23323G106
2194Dgt Holdings Cp DGTC T23328R206
2195Dhi Group Inc DHX ON23331S100
2196Dht Holdings DHT ONY2065G121
2197Dhx Media Ltd DHXM T252406707
2198Diadexus Inc DDXS T25245P106
2199Diageo Plc-Adr DEO ON25243Q205
2200Diamond Discvrs DMDD T252584107
2201Diamond Foods DMND SO252603105
2202Diamond Hil Inv DHIL S25264R207
2203Diamond Offshor DO ON525271C102
2204Diamond Resorts DRII ON25272T104
2205Diamondback Egy FANG SO25278X109
2206Diamondrock Hos DRH ON252784301
2207Diana Container DCIX SOY2069P101
2208Diana Shipping DSX ONY2066G104
2209Diasys Corp DYXC T252838107
2210Dicerna Pharma DRNA S253031108
2211Dicks Sprtg Gds DKS ON253393102
2212Diebold Inc DBD ON253651103
2213Digerati Tech DTGI T25375L206
2214Digi Intl Inc DGII SO253798102
2215Digimarc Corp DMRC S25381B101
2216Digirad Corp DRAD S253827109
2217Digital Ally In DGLY S25382P208
2218Digital China DCHIF TG2759B107
2219Digital Domain DDMGQ OT25386U104
2220Digital Info Se DGIF T25389H100
2221Digital Power DPW A253862106
2222Digital Rlty Tr DLR ON253868103
2223Digital Turbine APPS SO25400W102
2224Digitalglobe DGI ON25389M877
2225Digitalpost Int DGLPQ T25400D104
2226Digitiliti Inc DIGI T253895106
2227Diguang Intl Dv DGNG T25402T107
2228Dillards Inc-A DDS ON254067101
2229Dime Comm Bncsh DCOM SO253922108
2230Dimeco Inc DIMC T25432W104
2231Dineequity Inc DIN ON254423106
2232Diodes Inc DIOD SO254543101
2233Dionics Inc DION T254547102
2234Dipexium Pharma DPRX S25456J104
2235Diplomat Pharma DPLO ON25456K101
2236Dir-Ac Insdr KNOW A25459Y769
2237Dir-Fin Bear 3X FAZ OA25459Y447
2238Dir-Fin Bull 3X FAS OA25459Y694
2239Direct Insite DIRI T25457C207
2240Directv DTV SO525490A309
2241Disaboom Inc DSBO T25459T109
2242Discover Fin Sv DFS ON5254709108
2243Discovery Com-A DISCA SO525470F104
2244Discovery Com-B DISCB S25470F203
2245Discovery Com-C DISCK SO525470F302
2246Discovery Labs DSCO SO254668403
2247Dish Network Cp DISH SO25470M109
2248Disney Walt DIS ON51254687106
2249Display Tech DTEK T25469V102
2250Div And Incm Fd DNI N25538A204
2251Diverfd Corp Re HIRD T255153108
2252Diversicare Hlt DVCR S255104101
2253Diversified Roy BEVFF T255331100
2254Diversified Rst BAGR S25532M105
2255Dixie Grp Inc DXYN S255519100
2256Djsp Enterprise DJSP TG7982P104
2257Dlh Holdings Cp DLHC S23335Q100
2258Dnaprint Genom DNAG T23324Q202
2259Dnb Financial DNBF S233237106
2260Doctor Reddys RDY ON256135203
2261Document Captur DCMT T25614C108
2262Documnt Sec Sys DSS OA25614T101
2263Dolby Lab Inc-A DLB ON25659T107
2264Dollar General DG ON5256677105
2265Dollar Tree Inc DLTR SO5256746108
2266Dolphin Digital DPDM T25688M107
2267Domark Intl Inc DOMK T257055103
2268Dominion Diamnd DDC ON257287102
2269Dominion Midstr DM ON257454108
2270Dominion Res Bl DOM ON25746Q108
2271Dominion Res Va D ON525746U109
2272Dominos Pizza DPZ ON25754A201
2273Domtar Corp UFS ON257559203
2274Donaldson Co DCI ON257651109
2275Donegal Grp -A DGICA S257701201
2276Donegal Grp -B DGICB S257701300
2277Dongfeng Motor DNFGY T257738203
2278Donnelley (Rr) RRD SO257867101
2279Doral Finl Corp DRL OT25811P852
2280Dorchester Mnrl DMLP SO25820R105
2281Dorel Inds-Cl B DIIBF T25822C205
2282Dorian Lpg Ltd LPG NY2106R110
2283Dorman Products DORM SO258278100
2284Dot Hill Sys Cp HILL SO25848T109
2285Dot Vn Inc DTVI T25849C105
2286Douglas Dynamic PLOW ON25960R105
2287Douglas Emmett DEI ON25960P109
2288Douyuan Global DGWIY OT266043108
2289Dover Corp DOV ON5260003108
2290Dover Downs Gam DDE ON260095104
2291Dover Motorsprt DVD ON260174107
2292Dover Saddlery DOVR S260412101
2293Dow Chemical DOW ON51260543103
2294Dow Jones Comp COMP U260992052
2295Dow Jones Indl INDU U260994009
2296Dow Jones Tran TRAN U260996053
2297Dow Jones Util UTIL U260998059
2298Dr Pepper Snapl DPS ON526138E109
2299Dragonwave Inc DRWI SO26144M103
2300Drdgold Ltd DRD ON26152H301
2301Dreamworks Anim DWA SO26153C103
2302Dresser-Rand Gp DRC ON261608103
2303Drew Inds Inc DW ON26168L205
2304Dreyfus Hi Yld DHF N26200S101
2305Dreyfus Muni In DMF A26201R102
2306Dreyfus St Muni LEO N261932107
2307Dreyfus Strateg DSM N26202F107
2308Dril-Quip Inc DRQ ON262037104
2309Drinks Americas DKAM T26205U309
2310Dryships Inc DRYS SOY2109Q101
2311Ds Healthcr Grp DSKX S23336Q109
2312Dsa Finl Cp DSFN T23331W101
2313Dsp Group Inc DSPG SO23332B106
2314Dst Systems DST ON233326107
2315Dsw Inc Cl-A DSW ON23334L102
2316Dt Asia Inv Ltd CADT SG2615J104
2317Dte Energy Co DTE ON5233331107
2318Dtf Tax-Free In DTF N23334J107
2319Dts Inc DTSI SO23335C101
2320Dts8 Coffee Ltd BKCT T23338B100
2321Du Pont (Ei) De DD ON51263534109
2322Dualstar Techno DSTR T263572109
2323Dubli Inc DUBL T26362X104
2324Ducommun Inc De DCO ON264147109
2325Duff & Phelps U DUC N26432K108
2326Duff&Phelps Utl DNP N23325P104
2327Duke Energy Cp DUK ON526441C204
2328Duke Realty Cp DRE ON264411505
2329Dun &Bradst-New DNB ON526483E100
2330Dune Energy Inc DUNRQ T265338707
2331Dunkin Brands DNKN SO265504100
2332Dupont Fabros DFT ON26613Q106
2333Durango(Cp)-Adr CDURQ T09073J101
2334Durect Corp DRRX SO266605104
2335Dutch Gold Res DGRI T26702V107
2336Dvl Inc DVLN T233347202
2337Dxp Enterprises DXPE SO233377407
2338Dyadic Intl Inc DYAI T26745T101
2339Dyax Corp DYAX SO26746E103
2340Dycom Inds DY ON267475101
2341Dyna Group Inte DGIX T267912103
2342Dynacq Hlthcr DYII T26779V105
2343Dynagas Lng Ptr DLNG ONY2188B108
2344Dynamic Matls BOOM SO267888105
2345Dynamic Respons DRGZ T26800M207
2346Dynasil Cp Amer DYSL S268102100
2347Dynatronics Cp DYNT S268157401
2348Dynavax Tech Cp DVAX SO268158201
2349Dynavox Inc-A DVOXQ OT26817F104
2350Dynegy Inc-New DYN ON26817R108
2351Dynex Cap Inc DX ON26817Q506
2352Dyntek Inc DYNE T268180403
2353E Digital Corp EDIG T26841Y103
2354E Trade Finl Cp ETFC SO5269246401
2355E-Commrc Ch-Adr DANG ON26833A105
2356E-Future Inform EFUT SG29438101
2357E-House China EJ ON26852W103
2358E-Qure Corp EQUR T26885P109
2359E.On Ag-Adr EONGY T268780103
2360Eaco Corp EACO T26824A205
2361Eagle Bancorp EBMT S26942G100
2362Eagle Bcp Inc EGBN SO268948106
2363Eagle Bulk Shpg EGLE SOY2187A127
2364Eagle Finl Svcs EFSI T26951R104
2365Eagle Materials EXP ON26969P108
2366Eagle Mountain EMTC T26969W103
2367Eagle Pharmact EGRX SO269796108
2368Eagle Point Crd ECC N269808101
2369Eagle Rock Egy EROC SO26985R104
2370Eagleford Energ EGFDF T27004H101
2371Eaglr Resource ERHI T26982N106
2372Earthlink Hldgs ELNK SO27033X101
2373Earthstone Egy ESTE A27032D205
2374Earthworks Ent EWKS T27032F200
2375East West Bc EWBC SO27579R104
2376Eastern Co EML S276317104
2377Eastern Light ELCI T276650108
2378Eastern Va Bksh EVBS S277196101
2379Eastgroup Pptys EGP ON277276101
2380Eastman Chem Co EMN ON5277432100
2381Eastman Kodak KODK ON277461406
2382Eastrly Gov Ppt DEA N27616P103
2383Eaton Corp Plc ETN ON5G29183103
2384Eaton Vance EV ON278265103
2385Eaton Vance Ca CEV A27826F101
2386Eaton Vance Ma MMV A27826E104
2387Eaton Vance Mi EMI A27826D106
2388Eaton Vance Mun EVN N27826U108
2389Eaton Vance Nj EVJ A27826V106
2390Eaton Vance Ny EVY A27826W104
2391Eaton Vance Oh EVO A27826G109
2392Eaton Vance Pa EVP A27826T101
2393Eau Tech Inc EAUI T26824Y104
2394Ebay Inc EBAY SO51278642103
2395Ebix Inc EBIX SO278715206
2396Eca Marcellus ECT ON26827L109
2397Ecc Capital Cp ECRO OT26826M108
2398Echelon Corp ELON SO27874N105
2399Echo Global Log ECHO SO27875T101
2400Echo Therapeut ECTE SO27876L206
2401Echostar Corp SATS SO278768106
2402Eclipse Resrcs ECR ON27890G100
2403Eco-Shift Power ECOP T27888E109
2404Eco-Stim Energy ESES S27888D101
2405Eco-Trade Corp BOPT T27887Q103
2406Ecolab Inc ECL ON5278865100
2407Ecology Coating ECOCQ T278880208
2408Ecology&Environ EEI S278878103
2409Ecopetrol- Adr EC ON279158109
2410Ecosphere Tech ESPH T27922X105
2411Edap Tms Sa-Adr EDAP SO268311107
2412Edci Holdings EDCI OT268315207
2413Eden Energy Cp EDNE T27944M301
2414Edf Sa U-Adr ECIFY T285039103
2415Edgewater Tech EDGW SO280358102
2416Edison Intl EIX ON5281020107
2417Edp Sa-Spon Adr EDPFY T268353109
2418Education Manag EDMC OT28140M103
2419Education Rlty EDR ON28140H203
2420Educational Dev EDUC S281479105
2421Edwards Lifesci EW ON528176E108
2422Efactor Grp Cp EFCT T28201T104
2423Egain Corp EGAN SO28225C806
2424Egalet Corp EGLT S28226B104
2425Ehealth Inc EHTH SO28238P109
2426Ehi Car Service EHIC N26853A100
2427Eisai Co Ltd ESALY T282579309
2428Ekso Bioncs Hld EKSO T282644103
2429El Paso Elec Co EE ON283677854
2430El Pollo Loco LOCO SO268603107
2431Elamex Sa ELAMF TP36209107
2432Elbit Med Imag EMITF SM37605116
2433Elbit Systems ESLT SOM3760D101
2434Elbit Vision EVSNF TM37576101
2435Elcom Intl Inc ELCO OT284434206
2436Eldorado Gold EGO ON284902103
2437Eldorado Resrts ERI SO28470R102
2438Electr Arts Inc EA SO5285512109
2439Electric & Gas ELGT T284853306
2440Electric Motors EMCO T28500T102
2441Electrn Imaging EFII SO286082102
2442Electrn Tele -A ETCIA T285861100
2443Electro Sci Ind ESIO SO285229100
2444Electro-Rent ELRC SO285218103
2445Electro-Sensors ELSE S285233102
2446Electromed Inc ELMD A285409108
2447Electronic Ctl EKCS T285617106
2448Electronic Snsr ESNR T285835104
2449Electronic Sys ELST T285848107
2450Elegant Ill Inc EILL T286171301
2451Elekta B-Adr EKTAY T28617Y101
2452Elephant Talk ETAK A286202205
2453Eletrobras-Adr EBR ON15234Q207
2454Eletrobras-B EBRB ON15234Q108
2455Eleven Biotherp EBIO S286221106
2456Elite Pharma -A ELTP T28659T200
2457Elizabeth Arden RDEN SO28660G106
2458Ellie Mae Inc ELLI ON28849P100
2459Ellington Finl EFC ON288522303
2460Ellington Resid EARN N288578107
2461Ellomay Capital ELLO AM39927120
2462Ellsworth Fund ECF A289074106
2463Elmira Svgs Bk ESBK S289660102
2464Elong Inc-Adr LONG SO290138205
2465Elron Electron ELRNF T290160100
2466Elsinore ELSO T290308303
2467Eltek Ltd ELTK SM40184109
2468Elxsi Corp ELXS T268613205
2469Emagin Corp EMAN OA29076N206
2470Emav Holdings EMAV T26861X100
2471Embot Andina-A AKOA N29081P204
2472Embot Andina-B AKOB N29081P303
2473Embraer Air-Adr ERJ ON29082A107
2474Emc Corp -Mass EMC ON51268648102
2475Emc Insurance EMCI S268664109
2476Emclair Finl Cp EMCF S290828102
2477Emcor Group Inc EME ON29084Q100
2478Emcore Corp EMKR SO290846203
2479Emerald Oil Inc EOX OA29101U407
2480Emerge Enrg Svc EMES ON29102H108
2481Emergent Biosol EBS ON29089Q105
2482Emerson Elec Co EMR ON51291011104
2483Emerson Radio MSN OA291087203
2484Emisphere Tech EMIS OT291345106
2485Emmis Comm Cl A EMMS SO291525103
2486Emp Distrib Y C EDN N29244A102
2487Emperial Americ TEXX T29159A105
2488Empire District EDE ON291641108
2489Empire Post Med EMPM T292039104
2490Empire Res Inc ERS S29206E100
2491Empire Resorts NYNY SO292052206
2492Empire State Re ESRT ON292104106
2493Employers Hldgs EIG ON292218104
2494Empresas Ica ICA ON292448206
2495Emrise Corp EMRI T29246J200
2496Emtec Inc ETEC T292468204
2497Enable Holdings ENAB T29247X109
2498Enable Midstrm ENBL ON292480100
2499Enanta Pharma ENTA SO29251M106
2500Enbridge Egy Pt EEP ON29250R106
2501Enbridge Energy EEQ ON29250X103
2502Enbridge Inc ENB ON29250N105
2503Encana Corp ECA ON292505104
2504Encision Inc ECIA T29254Q104
2505Encore Cap Grp ECPG SO292554102
2506Encore Wire Cp WIRE SO292562105
2507Endeavour Intl ENDRQ OT29259G200
2508Endeavour Silvr EXK ON29258Y103
2509Endesa-Chile EOC ON29244T101
2510Endo Intl Plc ENDP SO5G30401106
2511Endochoice Hldg GI N29272U103
2512Endocyte Inc ECYT SO29269A102
2513Endologix Inc ELGX SO29266S106
2514Endurance Intl EIGI SO29272B105
2515Endurance Splty ENH ONG30397106
2516Enduro Roylt Tr NDRO ON29269K100
2517Enel Societa Pr ENLAY T29265W207
2518Ener-Core Inc ENCR T29272A107
2519Energen Corp EGN ON29265N108
2520Energie Holding ELED OT29271Y106
2521Energizer Hldgs ENR ON29266R108
2522Energizer Rsrcs ENZR T29269X102
2523Energous Corp WATT SO29272C103
2524Energy Focus In EFOI S29268T300
2525Energy Fuels UUUU OA292671708
2526Energy Recovery ERII SO29270J100
2527Energy Tran Eqt ETE ON29273V100
2528Energy Tran Ptr ETP ON29273R109
2529Energy Xxi Ltd EXXI SOG10082140
2530Energy&Tech Cp ENGT T29268X103
2531Enerjex Resourc ENRJ A292758406
2532Enernoc Inc ENOC SO292764107
2533Enernorth Indus ENYNF T29275G101
2534Enerplus Corp ERF ON292766102
2535Enersis S A Adr ENI ON29274F104
2536Enersys Inc ENS ON29275Y102
2537Eneva Sa ENEVY T29278B109
2538Engex Inc EXGI T292851102
2539Engility Hldgs EGL ON29286C107
2540Englobal Corp ENG SO293306106
2541Enherent Corp ENHT OT293313102
2542Eni Spa-Adr E ON26874R108
2543Enlink Mids Llc ENLC ON29336T100
2544Enlink Midst Lp ENLK ON29336U107
2545Enn Energy Hldg XNGSY T26876F102
2546Ennis Inc EBF ON293389102
2547Enova Intl Inc ENVA ON29357K103
2548Enova Systems ENVS T29355M200
2549Enphase Energy ENPH SO29355A107
2550Enpro Indus Inc NPO ON29355X107
2551Ensco Plc ESV ON5G3157S106
2552Enservco Corp ENSV OA29358Y102
2553Ensign Group ENSG SO29358P101
2554Enstar Group Lt ESGR SG3075P101
2555Entegra Finl Cp ENFC S29363J108
2556Entegris Inc ENTG SO29362U104
2557Entellus Med ENTL S29363K105
2558Entercom Commun ETM ON293639100
2559Enterconnect In ECNI T29365J106
2560Entergy Corp ETR ON529364G103
2561Enteromedics In ETRM SO29365M208
2562Enterprise Bcp EBTC S293668109
2563Enterprise Finl EFSC S293712105
2564Enterprise Info EINF T29372R208
2565Enterprise Prod EPD ON293792107
2566Entertainmt Gam EGT S29383V305
2567Entravision Com EVC ON29382R107
2568Entree Gold Inc EGI OA29383G100
2569Entrprize Corp ENTP T293847109
2570Enumeral Biomed ENUM T294017108
2571Envestnet Inc ENV ON29404K106
2572Envirn Power Cp EPGRQ T29406L201
2573Envirn Svc Pro EVSP T294077102
2574Envirn Tectonic ETCC T294092101
2575Envirostar Inc EVI A29414M100
2576Envision Hlthcr EVHC ON29413U103
2577Envit Capital ECGP OT29413N109
2578Enviva Partners EVA N29414J107
2579Envivio Inc ENVI SO29413T106
2580Enzo Biochem ENZ ON294100102
2581Enzon Pharma ENZN SO293904108
2582Enzyme Environm EESO T294113105
2583Enzymotec Ltd ENZY SOM4059L101
2584Eog Res Inc EOG ON526875P101
2585Eos Intl Inc EOSI T26877P109
2586Ep Energy Cp-A EPE ON268785102
2587Epam Systems EPAM ON29414B104
2588Epi Hldgs Ltd EPIHY T294246103
2589Epiq Sys Inc EPIQ SO26882D109
2590Epirus Biopharm EPRS SO29428P107
2591Epizyme Inc EPZM SO29428V104
2592Eplus Inc PLUS S294268107
2593Epr Properties EPR ON26884U109
2594Eqk Realty Inv EQKR T268820107
2595Eqt Corp EQT ON526884L109
2596Eqt Gp Holdings EQGP ON26885J103
2597Eqt Midstrm Ptr EQM ON26885B100
2598Equifax Inc EFX ON5294429105
2599Equifin Inc EQUI T29442V106
2600Equinix Inc EQIX SO529444U700
2601Equity Commonwl EQC ON294628102
2602Equity Lifestyl ELS ON29472R108
2603Equity One Inc EQY ON294752100
2604Equity Resident EQR ON529476L107
2605Equus Total Ret EQS N294766100
2606Era Group Inc ERA ON26885G109
2607Erba Diagnostic ERB A29490B101
2608Ergo Science Cp ERGN OT29481Q307
2609Erhc Energy Inc ERHE T26884J104
2610Erickson Inc EAC S29482P100
2611Ericsson Lm Adr ERIC SO294821608
2612Erie Indemnity ERIE S29530P102
2613Erin Energy Cp ERN OA295625107
2614Eroom Sys Tech ERMS T296016108
2615Eros Intl Plc EROS NG3788M114
2616Erste Group Bnk EBKDY T296036304
2617Escalade Inds ESCA S296056104
2618Escalera Res Co ESCR SO296064108
2619Escalon Medical ESMC S296074305
2620Esco Tech Inc ESE ON296315104
2621Esg Re Ltd ESREF TG31215109
2622Esio Water&Bevg ESWB T29643W101
2623Esp Resources ESPI T26913L104
2624Esperion Therap ESPR SO29664W105
2625Espey Manufac ESP A296650104
2626Esprit Hldg Ltd ESPGY T29666V204
2627Essa Bancorp ESSA S29667D104
2628Essendant Inc ESND SO296689102
2629Essent Group ESNT ONG3198U102
2630Essex Ppty Tr ESS ON5297178105
2631Essex Rental ESSX S297187106
2632Essilor Intl Sa ESLOY T297284200
2633Estee Lauder EL ON5518439104
2634Esterline Techn ESL ON297425100
2635Etfs-Palladium PALL A26923A106
2636Etfs-Platinum PPLT A26922V101
2637Ethan Allen Int ETH ON297602104
2638Etsy Inc ETSY SO29786A106
2639Eurasian Minerl EMXX A29843R100
2640Eurasian Naturl EURNY T29843V101
2641Eureka Finl Cp EKFC T29855C108
2642Euronav Sa EURN NB38564108
2643Euronet Worldwd EEFT SO298736109
2644Euroseas Ltd ESEA SOY23592200
2645Eurotech Hldgs CLWT SG32030127
2646Eutelsat Commun EUTLF TF3692M128
2647Ev Energy Ptnr EVEP SO26926V107
2648Evans & Sutherl ESCC OT299096107
2649Evans Bancorp EVBN A29911Q208
2650Evci Career Clg EVCI T26926P308
2651Eventure Inter EVTI T299765107
2652Ever-Glory Intl EVK S299766204
2653Everbank Fin Cp EVER ON29977G102
2654Evercel Inc EVRC T299759100
2655Evercore Partnr EVR ON29977A105
2656Everest Re Ltd RE ONG3223R108
2657Evergreen Egy EVEIQ OT30024B203
2658Eversource Egy ES ON530040W108
2659Evertec Inc EVTC ON30040P103
2660Everyday Health EVDY ON300415106
2661Evine Live Inc EVLV SO300487105
2662Evn-Energy Adr EVNVY T269265104
2663Evogene Ltd EVGN NM4119S104
2664Evoke Pharma EVOK S30049G104
2665Evolent Health EVH N30050B101
2666Evolution Petro EPM OA30049A107
2667Evolving System EVOL SO30049R209
2668Evotec Ag-Adr EVTCY OT30050E105
2669Evraz Highveld HGVLY T30050Y101
2670Ew Scripps Co SSP ON811054402
2671Exa Corp EXA SO300614500
2672Exact Sciences EXAS SO30063P105
2673Exactech Inc EXAC S30064E109
2674Examworks Group EXAM ON30066A105
2675Exar Corp EXAR ON300645108
2676Exceed Co Ltd EDSFF TG32335104
2677Excel Trust Inc EXL ON30068C109
2678Exco Resources XCO ON269279402
2679Exelixis Inc EXEL SO30161Q104
2680Exelon Corp EXC ON5130161N101
2681Exeter Resource XRA OA301835104
2682Exfo Inc EXFO SO302046107
2683Exlites Holdngs EXHI T30207P201
2684Exlservice Hldg EXLS SO302081104
2685Exone Co/The XONE SO302104104
2686Expedia Inc EXPE SO530212P303
2687Expeditors Intl EXPD SO5302130109
2688Experian Plc EXPGY T30215C101
2689Exponent Inc EXPO SO30214U102
2690Express Inc EXPR ON30219E103
2691Express Scripts ESRX SO530219G108
2692Extended Stay STAY ON30224P200
2693Exterran Hldgs EXH ON30225X103
2694Exterran Ptnrs EXLP SO30225N105
2695Extra Space Stg EXR ON30225T102
2696Extreme Netwrks EXTR SO30226D106
2697Exxaro Res Ltd EXXAY T30231D109
2698Exxon Mobil Crp XOM ON5130231G102
2699Eyegate Pharma EYEG T30233M107
2700Ezchip Semi Ltd EZCH SOM4146Y108
2701Ezcorp Inc Cl A EZPW SO302301106
2702Ezenia Inc EZENQ OT302311105
2703F5 Networks Inc FFIV SO5315616102
2704Fab Univl Cp FABU OT302771100
2705Fabrinet FN ONG3323L100
2706Facebook Inc-A FB SO5130303M102
2707Factory 2-U FTUSQ OT303072102
2708Factset Resh FDS ON303075105
2709Fair Isaac Inc FICO ON303250104
2710Fairchild Semi FCS SO303726103
2711Fairfax Fin Ltd FRFHF OT303901102
2712Fairpoint Comm FRP SO305560302
2713Fairway Group FWM SO30603D109
2714Falah Russell FIA A26922A800
2715Falconstor Sftw FALC SO306137100
2716Family Dollar FDO ON5307000109
2717Famous Daves DAVE SO307068106
2718Fannie Mae FNMA OT313586109
2719Fanuc Ltd FANUY T307305102
2720Far East Energy FEEC T307325100
2721Farmer Bros Co FARM S307675108
2722Farmers Cap Ky FFKT S309562106
2723Farmers Natl Bc FMNB S309627107
2724Farmers&Merchan FMAO T30779N105
2725Farmers/Merc Bk FMBL T308243104
2726Farmland Partnr FPI A31154R109
2727Faro Tech Inc FARO SO311642102
2728Fastenal FAST SO5311900104
2729Fate Therapeutc FATE S31189P102
2730Fauquier Banksh FBSS S312059108
2731Fbl Finl Grp-A FFG ON30239F106
2732Fbr & Co FBRC SO30247C400
2733Fcb Finl Hldgs FCB N30255G103
2734Fccc Inc FCIC T30246C104
2735Fec Rsrcs Inc FECOF T30246X108
2736Fed Agric Mtg-C AGM ON313148306
2737Fed Rlty Inv FRT ON313747206
2738Fed Screw Works FSCR T313819104
2739Fed Signal Cp FSS ON313855108
2740Federal Mogul-A FDML SO313549404
2741Federated Invst FII ON314211103
2742Federated Natl FNHC S31422T101
2743Fedex Corp FDX ON5131428X106
2744Fei Company FEIC SO30241L109
2745Felcor Lodging FCH ON31430F101
2746Female Health FHCO SO314462102
2747Fenix Parts Inc FENX S31446L100
2748Fennec Pharmact FENCF T31447P100
2749Fentura Finl FETM T314645102
2750Ferrellgas -Lp FGP ON315293100
2751Ferro Corp FOE ON315405100
2752Ffd Finl Corp FFDF T30243C107
2753Ffp Marketing FFPM T30243M105
2754Ffp Partners XXFPL T30242M106
2755Ffw Corp FFWC T30242L108
2756Fiat Chrysler FCAU ONN31738102
2757Fibercore Inc FBCE T31563B109
2758Fibria Celulose FBR ON31573A109
2759Fibrocell Scien FCSC SO315721209
2760Fibrogen Inc FGEN SO31572Q808
2761Fidelity D&D Bc FDBC T31609R100
2762Fidelity Fed Bc FDLB T315921205
2763Fidelity Nat In FIS ON531620M106
2764Fidelity Southn LION SO316394105
2765Fidelity&Guarnt FGL N315785105
2766Fidus Investmnt FDUS SO316500107
2767Fieldpoint Petr FPP A316570100
2768Fiesta Restrnt FRGI SO31660B101
2769Fifth St Snr Fr FSFR S31679F101
2770Fifth Street Am FSAM S31679P109
2771Fifth Street Fi FSC SO31678A103
2772Fifth Third Bk FITB SO5316773100
2773Fih Mobile Ltd FXCNY T30255D100
2774Financial Engin FNGN SO317485100
2775Financial Inst FISI S317585404
2776Finisar Corp FNSR SO31787A507
2777Finish Line-Cla FINL SO317923100
2778Finjan Holdings FNJN S31788H303
2779Finmeccanica Sp FINMY T318027208
2780Firebrand Finl FFGI T318149101
2781Fireeye Inc FEYE SO31816Q101
2782Firemans Contrc FRCN T318177201
2783First Acceptnc FAC N318457108
2784First Advan Bcp FABK T31848L104
2785First Amer Finl FAF ON31847R102
2786First Aus Prime FAX A003009107
2787First Australia FARYF TQ3727T104
2788First Bancp Inc FNLC S31866P102
2789First Bancshrs FBSI T318687100
2790First Banctrust FIRT T31868G100
2791First Bcp Ind FBPI T31867T202
2792First Bcp-Nc FBNC S318910106
2793First Bcsh/Ms FBMS S318916103
2794First Bk Ham Nj FRBA S31931U102
2795First Bncrp P R FBP ON318672706
2796First Bus Finl FBIZ S319390100
2797First Busey-A BUSE SO319383105
2798First Cap Bancp FCVA S319438107
2799First Capital FCAP S31942S104
2800First Cash Finl FCFS SO31942D107
2801First Centy Bcs FCBS T319426102
2802First Clover Lf FCLF S31969M105
2803First Columbia FCGD T319714200
2804First Comm Bcsh FCBC SO31983A103
2805First Commty Cp FCCO S319835104
2806First Comw Finl FCF ON319829107
2807First Ct Bancrp FBNK S319850103
2808First Ctzns-Nca FCNCA S31946M103
2809First Defiance FDEF SO32006W106
2810First Fed Nr Mi FFNM S32021X105
2811First Fin Bc-Oh FFBC SO320209109
2812First Fin Bk-Tx FFIN SO32020R109
2813First Finl Nw FFNW SO32022K102
2814First Finl-Ind THFF S320218100
2815First Foundatn FFWM S32026V104
2816First Guaranty FGBI T32043P106
2817First Hrzn Natl FHN ON320517105
2818First Indep Cp FFSL T32054B103
2819First Indl Rlty FR ON32054K103
2820First Intrnt Bc INBK S320557101
2821First Intst Mt FIBK SO32055Y201
2822First Keystone FKYS T320654205
2823First Long Is FLIC S320734106
2824First Look Mda FRST T320737109
2825First Majestic AG ON32076V103
2826First Marblehd FMD ON320771207
2827First Merchants FRME SO320817109
2828First Mid-Il Bc FMBH S320866106
2829First Midwst Bk FMBI SO320867104
2830First Montauk FMFN T321006504
2831First Mountain FMBP T321052102
2832First Mtg Corp FMOR T321008104
2833First Nat Cmnty FNCB T32110M101
2834First Nat Cp Va FXNC T32106V107
2835First Natl Entm FNAT T320940109
2836First Natl Ne FINN T335720108
2837First Natl/Alsk FBAK T32112J106
2838First Nbc Bank FNBC S32115D106
2839First Niagara FNFG SO33582V108
2840First Niles Fin FNFI T33582N106
2841First Nrthn Cmt FNRN T335925103
2842First Pacific FPAFY T335889200
2843First Physician FPCG T33613R209
2844First Potomac FPO ON33610F109
2845First Quantum FQVLF T335934105
2846First Reliance FSRL T33615Q100
2847First Rep Bk Sf FRC ON33616C100
2848First Resrc Bnk FRSB T336177100
2849First Sec Gp FSGI S336312202
2850First Solar Inc FSLR SO5336433107
2851First Sound Bnk FSWA T33647C103
2852First Source Cp SRCE S336901103
2853First South Bcp FSBK S33646W100
2854First State Fin FSTF T33708M206
2855First Svgs Finl FSFG S33621E109
2856First Utd Corp FUNC S33741H107
2857First Va Com Bk FVCB T337480107
2858First Wva Banc FWV A337493100
2859Firstenergy Cp FE ON5337932107
2860Firsthand Tech SVVC SO33766Y100
2861Firstime Design FTDL T33766M106
2862Firstmerit Corp FMER SO337915102
2863Firstservice Cp FSV S33767E103
2864Fiserv Inc FISV SO5337738108
2865Fission Uranium FCUUF T33812R109
2866Fitbit Inc FIT N33812L102
2867Fitlife Brands FTLF T33817P108
2868Five Below Inc FIVE SO33829M101
2869Five Oaks Invst OAKS ON33830W106
2870Five Star Qlty FVE ON33832D106
2871Five9 Inc FIVN SO338307101
2872Fiveprime Thera FPRX SO33830X104
2873Flagstar Bancp FBC ON337930705
2874Flaherty&Cr Icm PFO N33848E106
2875Flamel Tech FLML SO338488109
2876Flamemaster FAME T338490204
2877Flanigans Entrp BDL A338517105
2878Fleetcor Tech FLT ON339041105
2879Fleetmatics Grp FLTX ONG35569105
2880Flex Pharma Inc FLKS S33938A105
2881Flexi Intl Soft FLXI T338923105
2882Flexible Soltns FSI A33938T104
2883Flexion Therapt FLXN SO33938J106
2884Flexshopper Inc FPAY T33939J105
2885Flexsteel Inds FLXS S339382103
2886Flextronic Intl FLEX SOY2573F102
2887Flight Centre FGETF TQ39175106
2888Flint Telecom FLTT OT339670200
2889Flir Systems FLIR SO5302445101
2890Flotek Indu Inc FTK ON343389102
2891Flowers Foods FLO ON343498101
2892Flowserve Corp FLS ON534354P105
2893Fluidigm Corp FLDM SO34385P108
2894Fluor Corp-New FLR ON5343412102
2895Fluoropharma Md FPMI T343870101
2896Flushing Finl FFIC SO343873105
2897Fly Leasing Ltd FLY ON34407D109
2898Fmc Corp FMC ON5302491303
2899Fmc Tech Inc FTI ON530249U101
2900Fmsa Holdings FMSA ON30255X106
2901Fnb Bancorp FNBG T302515101
2902Fnb Corp FNB ON302520101
2903Fnf Group FNF ON31620R303
2904Fnfv Group FNFV ON31620R402
2905Foamix Pharma FOMX SM46135105
2906Focus Bus Bank FCSB T34415X105
2907Fog Cutter Cap FCCG T34416Q109
2908Fogo De Chao FOGO S344177100
2909Folsom Lake Bnk FOLB T34440M108
2910Fomento Eco-Adr FMX ON344419106
2911Fonar Corp FONR S344437405
2912Foot Locker Inc FL ON344849104
2913Football Equits FBLQ T344869102
2914Forbes Energy FES S345143101
2915Forcefield Enrg FNRG T34520U103
2916Ford Motor Co F ON51345370860
2917Foresight Egy FELP ON34552U104
2918Forest City A FCEA ON345550107
2919Forest City-B FCEB N345550305
2920Forestar Group FOR ON346233109
2921Formfactor Inc FORM SO346375108
2922Formula Sys Adr FORTY S346414105
2923Forrester Resh FORR SO346563109
2924Fort Dearborn FDI N347200107
2925Fortescue Metal FSUGY T34959A206
2926Fortinet Inc FTNT SO34959E109
2927Fortran Corp FRTN T34960D108
2928Fortress Biotec FBIO SO34960Q109
2929Fortress Invest FIG ON34958B106
2930Fortress Tr&Inf FTAI ON34960P101
2931Fortuna Silver FSM ON349915108
2932Fortune Brd H&S FBHS ON34964C106
2933Forum Enrg Tech FET ON34984V100
2934Forward Air Crp FWRD SO349853101
2935Forward Inds-Ny FORD S349862300
2936Forward Pharma FWP S34986J105
2937Fossil Grp Inc FOSL SO534988V106
2938Foster Lb Co FSTR SO350060109
2939Foundation Hlth FDNH T350405205
2940Foundation Med FMI SO350465100
2941Four Oaks Fincp FOFN T350891107
2942Fox Chase Bancp FXCB S35137T108
2943Fox Factory Hld FOXF SO35138V102
2944Fragrancenet FGNT T351684204
2945Francescas Hldg FRAN SO351793104
2946Franco Nv Cp FNV ON351858105
2947Franklin Covey FC ON353469109
2948Franklin Elec FELE SO353514102
2949Franklin Finl FRAF T353525108
2950Franklin Fnl Nw FSB N35352P104
2951Franklin Mining FMNJ T353879208
2952Franklin Resour BEN ON5354613101
2953Franklin St Ppt FSP OA35471R106
2954Franklin Uni Tr FT N355145103
2955Franklin Wirels FKWL T355184102
2956Franks Intl Nv FI ONN33462107
2957Freddie Mac FMCC OT313400301
2958Frederick Cty B FCBI T355685108
2959Freds Inc FRED SO356108100
2960Freept Mc Cop-B FCX ON535671D857
2961Freescale Semi FSL ONG3727Q101
2962Freeseas Inc FREE UY26496193
2963Freightcar Amer RAIL SO357023100
2964Frequency Elect FEIM S358010106
2965Fresenius Med FMS ON358029106
2966Fresh Del Monte FDP ONG36738105
2967Fresh Market TFM SO35804H106
2968Freshpet Inc FRPT SO358039105
2969Fresnillo Plc FNLPF TG371E2108
2970Friedman Inds FRD A358435105
2971Friendly Hills FHLB T358487106
2972Frischs Restaur FRS A358748101
2973Frontier Commun FTR SO535906A108
2974Frontline Ltd FRO ONG3682E127
2975Frp Holdings FRPH S30292L107
2976Fs Bancorp Inc FSBW S30263Y104
2977Fs Investment FSIC ON302635107
2978Fsb Community B FSBC T35952B109
2979Ft-Dj Intrnt Ix FDN OA33733E302
2980Ft-Str Inc Etf FDIV S33739Q309
2981Ftd Cos Inc FTD SO30281V108
2982Fti Consulting FCN ON302941109
2983Fuel Performanc IFUE T35954A109
2984Fuel System Sol FSYS SO35952W103
2985Fuel Tech Inc FTEK SO359523107
2986Fuelcell Energy FCEL SO35952H106
2987Fuelnation Inc FLNA T359528205
2988Fufeng Group Lt FFNGY T35953H105
2989Fuji Heavy Adr FUJHY T359556206
2990Fujifilm Hldgs FUJIY T35958N107
2991Fujitsu Ltd Adr FJTSY T359590304
2992Fukuoka Finl Gp FKKFF TJ17129107
2993Full Circle Cap FULL SO359671104
2994Full House Reso FLL S359678109
2995Fuller(Hb) Co FUL ON359694106
2996Fulton Finl FULT SO360271100
2997Furmanite Corp FRM ON361086101
2998Fuse Medical FZMD T36113U101
2999Fuse Science DROP T36113J304
3000Fusion Networks FUSN T36112N108
3001Fusion Telecom FSNN S36113B400
3002Futurebiotics VITK T36114L308
3003Futurefuel Corp FF ON36116M106
3004Futuremedia Plc FMDAY T360912406
3005Fuwei Films Hld FFHL SG3704F102
3006Fx Energy Inc FXEN SO302695101
3007Fxcm Inc-A FXCM ON302693106
3008G Willi-Food WILC SM52523103
3009G&K Svcs A GK SO361268105
3010G-Iii Apparel GIII SO36237H101
3011G4S Plc-Uns Adr GFSZY T37441W108
3012Ga Express Inc GAEX T362389108
3013Gabelli Conv Fd GCV N36240B109
3014Gabelli Equity GAB N362397101
3015Gabelli Glbl Mu GGT N36239Q109
3016Gafisa Sa-Adr GFA ON362607301
3017Gaiam Inc GAIA SO36268Q103
3018Gain Cap Hldgs GCAP ON36268W100
3019Gainsco Inc GANS T363127309
3020Galapagos -Adr GLPG S36315X101
3021Galaxy Entmt Gp GXYEY T36318L104
3022Galaxy Gaming GLXZ T36318P105
3023Galectin Therap GALT SO363225202
3024Galena Biopharm GALE SO363256108
3025Gallagher Arthu AJG ON363576109
3026Galmed Pharma GLMD SM47238106
3027Galp Energia Sa GLPEY T364097105
3028Gamco Investors GBL N361438104
3029Gamesa Corp Tec GCTAY T36468A106
3030Gamestop Corp GME ON536467W109
3031Gaming And Leis GLPI SO36467J108
3032Gaming Partners GPIC S36467A107
3033Gannett Inc GCI ON5364730101
3034Gap Inc GPS ON5364760108
3035Gargoyles Inc GOYL T366033108
3036Garmin Ltd GRMN SO5H2906T109
3037Garrison Capitl GARS S366554103
3038Gartner Inc -A IT ON366651107
3039Gas Natural Inc EGAS OA367204104
3040Gaslog Ltd GLOG ONG37585109
3041Gaslog Partners GLOP NY2687W108
3042Gastar Expl Ltd GST OA36729W202
3043Gatx Corp GMT ON361448103
3044Gazit Globe Ltd GZT ONM4793C102
3045Gazprom Neft GZPFY T36829G107
3046Gazprom Oao-Adr OGZPY T368287207
3047Gdf Suez-Adr GDFZY T36160B105
3048Gear Intl Inc GEAR T368293106
3049Geeknet Inc GKNT SO36846Q203
3050Geely Automotiv GELYY T36847Q103
3051Geerlings&Wade GEER T368473104
3052Gelstat Corp GSAC T368533105
3053Gemalto Nv Adr GTOMY T36863N208
3054Gemini Grp Glbl GMNI T36866G101
3055Gencor Inds Inc GENC S368678108
3056Genelink Inc GNLKQ T36870F107
3057Genenews Ltd GNWSF T36870T206
3058Gener8 Maritime GNRT NY26889108
3059Generac Holding GNRC ON368736104
3060General Automtv GNAUQ T369038104
3061General Environ GEVI T36976P207
3062General Finance GFN S369822101
3063General Moly In GMO OA370373102
3064General Motors GM ON5137045V100
3065General Steel GSI ON370853103
3066Generex Biotech GNBT T371485103
3067Genesco Inc GCO ON371532102
3068Genesee & Wyo GWR ON371559105
3069Genesis Energy GEL ON371927104
3070Genesis Hlthcr GEN ON37185X106
3071Genetic Tec Ltd GENE SO37185R208
3072Genie Energy-B GNE ON372284208
3073Genitope Corp GTOPQ OT37229P507
3074Genius Products GNPR T37229R305
3075Genl Amer Inv GAM N368802104
3076Genl Cable Corp BGC ON369300108
3077Genl Cannabis CANN T36930V100
3078Genl Chemical GNMP T369332200
3079Genl Comms Inc GNCMA SO369385109
3080Genl Dynamics GD ON51369550108
3081Genl Electric GE ON51369604103
3082Genl Employ Ent JOB A369730106
3083Genl Grwth Ppty GGP ON5370023103
3084Genl Kinetics GKIN T370172108
3085Genl Mills GIS ON5370334104
3086Genmab A/S GNMSF TK3967W102
3087Genmark Diagnst GNMK SO372309104
3088Genocea Biosci GNCA S372427104
3089Genomic Health GHDX SO37244C101
3090Genpact Ltd G ONG3922B107
3091Genspera Inc GNSZ T37251Q100
3092Gentex Corp GNTX SO371901109
3093Gentherm Inc THRM SO37253A103
3094Genuine Parts GPC ON5372460105
3095Genvec Inc GNVC S37246C307
3096Genworth Finl GNW ON537247D106
3097Geo Grp Inc/The GEO ON36162J106
3098Geoglobal Rsrcs GGLR OT37249T109
3099Geomet Inc GMET T37250U201
3100Geopark Ltd GPRK NG38327105
3101Geopetro Rsrcs GEOR T37248H304
3102Georgetown Bncp GTWN S372591107
3103Geospace Tec Cp GEOS SO37364X109
3104Geovax Labs Inc GOVX T373678200
3105Gerdau Sa Adr GGB ON373737105
3106German Amer Bcp GABC S373865104
3107Geron Corp GERN SO374163103
3108Gerova Finl Grp GVFG TG38490200
3109Getty Realty Cp GTY ON374297109
3110Gevo Inc GEVO SO374396208
3111Gfi Group Inc GFIG OT361652209
3112Giant Grp GGLT T374503308
3113Gibraltar Indus ROCK SO374689107
3114Gigamedia Ltd GIGM SOY2711Y104
3115Gigamon Inc GIMO ON37518B102
3116Gigatronics Inc GIGA S375175106
3117Gigoptix Inc GIG A37517Y103
3118Gilat Satellite GILT SOM51474118
3119Gildan Actvwear GIL ON375916103
3120Gilead Sciences GILD SO51375558103
3121Gilla Inc GLLA T375250107
3122Gkn Plc GKNLY T361755606
3123Glacier Bancorp GBCI SO37637Q105
3124Glacier Wtr Svs GWSV T376395109
3125Gladstone Captl GLAD SO376535100
3126Gladstone Comml GOOD SO376536108
3127Gladstone Inves GAIN SO376546107
3128Gladstone Land LAND S376549101
3129Glassesoff Inc GLSO T377215207
3130Glatfelter GLT ON377316104
3131Glaukos Corp GKOS N377322102
3132Glaxosmithkline GSK ON37733W105
3133Gleacher&Co Inc GLCH OT377341201
3134Glen Burnie Bcp GLBZ S377407101
3135Glen Rose Petro GLRP T377834106
3136Glencore Plc GLNCY T37827X100
3137Glg Life Tec Cp GLGLF T361793201
3138Global Arena GAHC T37951M102
3139Global Axcess GAXCQ T37941L206
3140Global B&C Hld BRSS ON37953G103
3141Global Cap Ptnr GCPL T37931J203
3142Global Cash Acs GCA ON378967103
3143Global Def&Natl GDEF S37953N108
3144Global Eagl Ent ENT SO37951D102
3145Global Ecology GLEC T37950A109
3146Global Entertmt GNTP T37939C200
3147Global Healthcr GBCS T37953J107
3148Global Hi Incom GHI N37933G108
3149Global Indemnty GBLI SOG39319101
3150Global Itech GITN T378951107
3151Global Net Leas GNL N379378102
3152Global Partners GLP ON37946R109
3153Global Payments GPN ON37940X102
3154Global Pmt Tech GPTX T37936S109
3155Global Power Eq GLPW ON37941P306
3156Global Ship Ls GSL ONY27183105
3157Global Srcs-Ltd GSOL SG39300101
3158Global Tech Ltd GTLL T378949101
3159Global-Tech GAI SG39320117
3160Globalscape Inc GSB OA37940G109
3161Globalstar Inc GSAT OA378973408
3162Globant Sa GLOB NL44385109
3163Globe Specialty GSM SO37954N206
3164Globeimmune Inc GBIM S37957B100
3165Globus Maritime GLBS SY27265209
3166Globus Medical GMED ON379577208
3167Glori Energy GLRI S379606106
3168Glowpoint Inc GLOW A379887201
3169Glu Mobile Inc GLUU SO379890106
3170Glycomimetics GLYC S38000Q102
3171Glyeco Inc GLYE T38000P104
3172Gnc Holdings GNC ON36191G107
3173Godaddy Inc-A GDDY ON380237107
3174Gogo Inc GOGO SO38046C109
3175Gol Linhas-Adr GOL ON38045R107
3176Golar Lng Ltd GLNG SOG9456A100
3177Golar Lng Partn GMLP SOY2745C102
3178Gold Fields-Adr GFI ON38059T106
3179Gold Hills Mng GHML T38061A103
3180Gold Reserve In GDRZF OT38068N108
3181Gold Resource GORO OA38068T105
3182Gold Std Ventrs GSV A380738104
3183Goldcorp Inc GG ON380956409
3184Golden Entrps GLDC S381010107
3185Golden Gate Ptn GNGT T38105U107
3186Golden Minerals AUMN OA381119106
3187Golden Ocean Gp GOGL SOG39637106
3188Golden Phoenix GPXM T381149103
3189Golden Ravn Res GVNSF T38116A207
3190Golden Star Res GSS OA38119T104
3191Goldfield Corp GV OA381370105
3192Goldman Sac Bdc GSBD N38147U107
3193Goldman Sachs GS ON5138141G104
3194Golub Capital GBDC SO38173M102
3195Gome Elec Appl GMELY T381735109
3196Good Times Rest GTIM S382140879
3197Goodrich Petrol GDP ON382410405
3198Goodyear Tire GT SO5382550101
3199Google Inc-Cl A GOOGL SO5138259P508
3200Google Inc-Cl C GOOG SO5138259P706
3201Gopro Inc-A GPRO SO38268T103
3202Gordmans Stores GMAN SO38269P100
3203Gorman Rupp Co GRC OA383082104
3204Gouverneur Bc GOVB T383584208
3205Govt Pptys Incm GOV ON38376A103
3206Gp Strategies GPX ON36225V104
3207Grace (Wr) New GRA ON38388F108
3208Graco Inc GGG ON384109104
3209Graftech Intl GTI ON384313102
3210Graham Corp GHM ON384556106
3211Graham Holdings GHC N384637104
3212Grainger W W GWW ON5384802104
3213Gramercy Proprt GPT ON38489R605
3214Gran Tierra Egy GTE OA38500T101
3215Grana Y Montero GRAM N38500P208
3216Grand Adv Tour GATT T385194204
3217Grand Canyon Ed LOPE SO38526M106
3218Grandparents.Co GPCM T386617104
3219Granite City Fd GCFB T38724Q404
3220Granite Constru GVA ON387328107
3221Granite Re Inv GRPU ON387437114
3222Graphene 3D Lab GPHBF T38866T109
3223Graphic Pkg Hld GPK ON388689101
3224Grasim Inds-Gdr GRSXY T388706400
3225Gravity Co-Adr GRVY S38911N206
3226Gray Televsn GTN ON389375106
3227Gray Televsn -A GTNA N389375205
3228Great Ajax Corp AJX N38983D300
3229Great Amer Bank GTPS T38982K107
3230Great Basin Gld GBGLF T390124105
3231Great Basin Sci GBSN S39013L106
3232Great Lakes Drg GLDD SO390607109
3233Great Lk Aviatn GLUX T39054K108
3234Great Panther GPL OA39115V101
3235Great Plains En GXP ON391164100
3236Great South Bcp GSBC S390905107
3237Great Wstrn Bcp GWB N391416104
3238Greatbatch Inc GB ON39153L106
3239Green Bancorp GNBC S39260X100
3240Green Brick Ptr GRBK SO392709101
3241Green Cures Bot GRCU T393007109
3242Green Dot Cp-A GDOT ON39304D102
3243Green Earth Tec GETG T39303R102
3244Green Egy Mgmt GRMS T39304E209
3245Green Plain Ptr GPP U393221106
3246Green Plains GPRE SO393222104
3247Green Planet GPLB T393224100
3248Green Planet Gp GNPG T393225107
3249Green Polkadot GPDB T393229109
3250Green St Cap Cp JAGR T39341A103
3251Green St Energy GSTY T393407101
3252Greenbrier Cos GBX ON393657101
3253Greene Cnty Bc GCBC S394357107
3254Greengold Ray GRYEF U395257108
3255Greenhill & Co GHL ON395259104
3256Greenhunter Egy GRH A39530A104
3257Greenlight Cap GLRE SOG4095J109
3258Greif Bros-Cl B GEFB N397624206
3259Greif Inc GEF ON397624107
3260Greystone Digtl GSTN T39806G108
3261Grid Petroleum GRPR T39808Q104
3262Griffin Land GRIF S398231100
3263Griffon Corp GFF ON398433102
3264Grifols Sa-Adr GRFS SO398438408
3265Grnestone Hlth GRST T394811103
3266Group 1 Auto GPI ON398905109
3267Groupon Inc GRPN SO399473107
3268Growlife Inc PHOT T39985X104
3269Grubhub Inc GRUB ON400110102
3270Gruma Sa-Adr B GMK N400131306
3271Grupo Aerop-Adr ASR ON40051E202
3272Grupo Aerop-Ads OMAB SO400501102
3273Grupo Aerop-Pac PAC ON400506101
3274Grupo Aval Sa AVAL N40053W101
3275Grupo Carso-Adr GPOVY T400485207
3276Grupo Fin Banor GBOOY T40052P107
3277Grupo Fin Inbrs GPFOY T40048D101
3278Grupo Fin Santr BSMX ON40053C105
3279Grupo Galic Adr GGAL SO399909100
3280Grupo Modelo-C GPMCF TP4833F104
3281Grupo Simec Sa SIM OA400491106
3282Grupo Televisa TV ON40049J206
3283Grupo Tmm Sab GTMAY OT40051D303
3284Gryphon Gold Cp GYPHQ T40052G107
3285Gse Systems Inc GVP A36227K106
3286Gsi Group Inc GSIG SO36191C205
3287Gsi Technology GSIT SO36241U106
3288Gsv Capital Cp GSVC SO36191J101
3289Gsv Inc GSVI T36230D206
3290Gt Adv Tech Inc GTATQ OT36191U106
3291Gtt Communicatn GTT ON362393100
3292Gtx Inc GTXI SO40052B108
3293Guangshen-Adr GSH ON40065W107
3294Guangzhou Pharm GZPHY T40066Q109
3295Guanwei Recyclg GPRC T400685202
3296Guaranty Bancrp GBNK SO40075T607
3297Guaranty Bancsh GNTY T400764106
3298Guaranty Fed Bs GFED S40108P101
3299Guardian 8 Hldg GRDH T40136G107
3300Guess Inc GES ON401617105
3301Gugg-Bric EEB OA18383M100
3302Gugg-Sp5 Eq Etf RSP OA78355W106
3303Guidance Softwr GUID SO401692108
3304Guided Theraptc GTHP T40171F105
3305Guidewire Sftwr GWRE ON40171V100
3306Gulf Island Fab GIFI SO402307102
3307Gulf Resources GURE SO40251W309
3308Gulf West Invst GLFW T40258F101
3309Gulfmark Offshr GLF ON402629208
3310Gulfport Engy GPOR SO402635304
3311Gw Pharma-Adr GWPH SO36197T103
3312Gwg Holdings GWGH S36192A109
3313Gyrodyne Co Am GYRO S403820103
3314H E R C Product HERC T404165102
3315H Lundbeck A S HLUYY T40422M206
3316H&E Equip Svcs HEES SO404030108
3317H2O Innovation HEOFF T443300306
3318Habersham Bcp HABC T404459109
3319Habit Restrnts HABT SO40449J103
3320Hackett Group HCKT SO404609109
3321Hadera Paper HAIPF TM52514102
3322Haemonetics Cp HAE ON405024100
3323Haier Electronc HRELY T40522E104
3324Hain Celestial HAIN SO405217100
3325Halcon Resourcs HK ON40537Q209
3326Hallador Energy HNRG SO40609P105
3327Halliburton Co HAL ON51406216101
3328Hallmark Finl HALL S40624Q203
3329Halozyme Thera HALO SO40637H109
3330Halyard Health HYH ON40650V100
3331Hamilton Bancrp HABK T407013101
3332Hamilton Bcp Md HBK S407015106
3333Hampshire Group HAMP T408859106
3334Hampton Roads HMPR S409321502
3335Hancock Fabrics HKFI T409900107
3336Hancock Hldg Co HBHC SO410120109
3337Hancock Pat -Ii PDT N41013T105
3338Handeni Gold HNDI T41024A103
3339Handy&Harmn Ltd HNH S410315105
3340Hanesbrands Inc HBI ON5410345102
3341Hang Lung Gp HNLGY T41043E102
3342Hang Lung Pptys HLPPY T41043M104
3343Hang Seng Bk HSNGY T41043C304
3344Hanger Orthoped HGR ON41043F208
3345Hanmi Finl Cp HAFC SO410495204
3346Hannon Armstrng HASI ON41068X100
3347Hannover Rueckv HVRRY T410693105
3348Hanover Insuran THG ON410867105
3349Hansen Medical HNSN SO411307101
3350Hanwha Solarone HQCL SO41135V301
3351Harbor Diversfd HRBR OT41150R102
3352Harbourton Cap HBTC T41162R207
3353Hardinge Inc HDNG SO412324303
3354Harley-Davidson HOG ON5412822108
3355Harleysville Sf HARL T412865107
3356Harman Intl Ind HAR ON5413086109
3357Harmonic Inc HLIT SO413160102
3358Harmony Gold HMY ON413216300
3359Harolds Stores HRLSQ T413353202
3360Harrington West HWFGQ T41383L104
3361Harris & Harris TINY SO413833104
3362Harris Corp HRS ON5413875105
3363Harsco Corp HSC ON415864107
3364Harte-Hanks Inc HHS ON416196103
3365Hartford Fin Sv HIG ON5416515104
3366Harvard App Reg HART S41690A106
3367Harvard Biosci HBIO SO416906105
3368Harvest Bio-Org HBOI T41753E102
3369Harvest Cap Crd HCAP S41753F109
3370Harvest Natural HNR ON41754V103
3371Harvey Electrs HRVEQ T417660404
3372Hasbro Inc HAS SO5418056107
3373Hastings Mfg Co HGMG T418398103
3374Hatteras Fin Cp HTS ON41902R103
3375Hauppauge Digtl HAUP T419131107
3376Haverty Furnit HVT ON419596101
3377Hawaiian Elec HE ON419870100
3378Hawaiian Hldgs HA SO419879101
3379Hawaiian Telcom HCOM S420031106
3380Hawkins Inc HWKN S420261109
3381Hawthorn Bancsh HWBK S420476103
3382Hayden Hall Inc HYDN T420677106
3383Haynes Intl Inc HAYN SO420877201
3384Hc2 Holdings HCHC A404139107
3385Hca Holdings HCA ON540412C101
3386Hcc Ins Hldgs HCC ON404132102
3387Hci Group Inc HCI ON40416E103
3388Hcp Inc HCP ON540414L109
3389Hd Supply Hldgs HDS SO40416M105
3390Hdfc Bank Ltd HDB ON40415F101
3391Head Nv-Ny Reg HEDYY T422070102
3392Headwaters Inc HW ON42210P102
3393Health Cr Reit HCN ON542217K106
3394Health Discovry HDVY T42218R100
3395Health Ins Inn HIIQ S42225K106
3396Health Net Inc HNT ON42222G108
3397Health Sci Grp HESG T42223A100
3398Healthcare Rlty HR ON421946104
3399Healthcare Serv HCSG SO421906108
3400Healthcare Trst HTA ON42225P501
3401Healthequity HQY SO42226A107
3402Healthgate Data HGAT T42222H304
3403Healthsouth Cp HLS ON421924309
3404Healthstream HSTM SO42222N103
3405Healthwarehouse HEWA T42227G202
3406Healthways Inc HWAY SO422245100
3407Heart Tronics HRTT T42234M101
3408Heartland Bncrp HLAN T421962101
3409Heartland Exp HTLD SO422347104
3410Heartland Fincl HTLF S42234Q102
3411Heartland Paymt HPY ON42235N108
3412Heartware Intl HTWR SO422368100
3413Heat Biologics HTBX S42237K102
3414Hecla Mining HL ON422704106
3415Hedgepath Pharm HPPI T42278K102
3416Hei Inc HEII T404160103
3417Heico Corp HEI ON422806109
3418Heico Corp-A HEIA N422806208
3419Heidelbergcemnt HDELY T42281P205
3420Heidrick & Strg HSII SO422819102
3421Heineken Nv HEINY T423012301
3422Helen Of Troy HELE SOG4388N106
3423Helios&Matheson HMNY S42327L200
3424Helius Medical HSDT T42328V108
3425Helix Biomedix HXBM T423287507
3426Helix Biopharma HBPCF T422910109
3427Helix Egy Solut HLX ON42330P107
3428Hellenic Adr HLTOY T423325307
3429Helmerich&Payne HP ON5423452101
3430Hemacare Corp HEMA T423498104
3431Hemagen Diagnos HMGN T423501105
3432Hemis Corp HMSO T423625102
3433Hemisphere Mda HMTV S42365Q103
3434Hemispherx Bio HEB OA42366C103
3435Henderson Invt HDVTY T425070109
3436Henderson Land HLDCY T425166303
3437Henkel Kgaa Adr HENKY T42550U109
3438Henley Lp HYNLZ T42551C108
3439Hennes&Maurit HNNMY T425883105
3440Hennessy Advsrs HNNA S425885100
3441Henry Schein In HSIC SO5806407102
3442Herbalife Ltd HLF ONG4412G101
3443Hercules Offshr HERO SO427093109
3444Hercules Tech HTGC ON427096508
3445Heritage Bnkshr HBKS T42721M101
3446Heritage Commrc HTBK S426927109
3447Heritage Fin Cp HFWA S42722X106
3448Heritage Fin Gp HBOS S42726X102
3449Heritage Global HGBL T42727E103
3450Heritage Insur HRTG N42727J102
3451Heritage Media HMCP T42724Y102
3452Heritage Oaks HEOP S42724R107
3453Heritage-Crystl HCCI SO42726M106
3454Herman Miller MLHR SO600544100
3455Heron Therapeut HRTX SO427746102
3456Hersha Hosptly HT ON427825500
3457Hershey Co/The HSY ON5427866108
3458Hertz Glbl Hldg HTZ ON42805T105
3459Herzfeld Caribb CUBA S42804T106
3460Heska Corp HSKA SO42805E306
3461Hess Corp HES ON542809H107
3462Hewlett Packard HPQ ON51428236103
3463Hexcel Corp HXL ON428291108
3464Hf Financial Cp HFFC S404172108
3465Hfb Finl Corp HFBA T40417C106
3466Hff Inc-A HF ON40418F108
3467Hhgregg Inc HGG ON42833L108
3468Hi-Crush Ptnrs HCLP ON428337109
3469Hibbet Sports HIBB SO428567101
3470Hibernia Homstd HIBE T42866N104
3471Hickok Inc-Cl A HICKA T428839104
3472Hidili Indu Int HIIDY T42952W109
3473High Cntry Bcp HCBC T42965Q107
3474Higher One Hldg ONE ON42983D104
3475Highpower Intl HPJ SO43113X101
3476Highway Hldgs HIHO SG4481U106
3477Highwoods Pptys HIW ON431284108
3478Hii Technologs HIIT T40421H109
3479Hill Intl Inc HIL ON431466101
3480Hill-Rom Hldgs HRC ON431475102
3481Hillenbrand Inc HI ON431571108
3482Hilltop Hldgs HTH ON432748101
3483Hilton Ww Hldg HLT ON43300A104
3484Himax Tech-Adr HIMX SO43289P106
3485Hingham Instn HIFS S433323102
3486Hino Motors-Adr HINOY T433406204
3487Histogenics Cp HSGX S43358V109
3488Hitachi HTHIY OT433578507
3489Hkc Holdngs Ltd HKHDY T43367P101
3490Hkn Inc HKNI T40420K707
3491Hmg Courtland HMG A404232100
3492Hmn Finl Inc HMNF S40424G108
3493Hms Hldgs Cp HMSY SO40425J101
3494Hni Corp HNI ON404251100
3495Hochschild Mng HCHDF TG4611M107
3496Hoegh Lng Ptnrs HMLP ONY3262R100
3497Hoku Corp HOKUQ OT434711107
3498Holcim Ltd U-Ad HCMLY T434741203
3499Holiday Island HIHI T43508J105
3500Hollund Indust HIMR T435730403
3501Holly Egy Ptnrs HEP ON435763107
3502Hollyfrontier HFC ON436106108
3503Hollysys Automt HOLI SOG45667105
3504Hollywood Media HOLL OT436233100
3505Hologic Inc HOLX SO436440101
3506Holographic Str HSTG OT43644Q104
3507Home Bancorp HBCP S43689E107
3508Home Bancshares HOMB SO436893200
3509Home City Fn Cp HCFL T43706C209
3510Home Depot HD ON51437076102
3511Home Fedl Bc La HFBL S43708L108
3512Home Financial HWEN T43708T101
3513Home Inns&Hotel HMIN SO43742E102
3514Home Loan Fn Cp HLFN T437183205
3515Home Loan Servc HLSSF OTG6648D109
3516Home Pptys Inc HME ON437306103
3517Home Retail Grp HMRTY T43731T102
3518Home Valley Bcp HVYB T43738D100
3519Homeaway Inc AWAY SO43739Q100
3520Homestreet Inc HMST SO43785V102
3521Hometrust Bncsh HTBI S437872104
3522Honda Motor HMC ON438128308
3523Honeywell Intl HON ON51438516106
3524Hong Kg&Chin Gs HOKCY T438550303
3525Hong Kong Tv Nw HKTV SO43858G107
3526Hongkg Ld Hldgs HNGKY T438581308
3527Hooker Furnitur HOFT SO439038100
3528Hooper Holmes HH OA439104100
3529Hopewell Hldgs HOWWY T439555301
3530Hopewell Hwy In HHILY T439554106
3531Hopewell Valley HWDY T439680109
3532Hopfed Bancorp HFBC S439734104
3533Hopto Inc HPTO T440271104
3534Horace Mann Eds HMN ON440327104
3535Horizon Bancorp HZNB T44040M101
3536Horizon Bncp-In HBNC S440407104
3537Horizon Group HGPI T44041U102
3538Horizon Pharma HZNP SOG4617B105
3539Horizon Technol HRZN SO44045A102
3540Hormel Foods Cp HRL ON5440452100
3541Hornbeck Offshr HOS ON440543106
3542Horne Intl HNIN T440591105
3543Horsehead Hldg ZINC SO440694305
3544Hortonworks Inc HDP SO440894103
3545Hospira Inc HSP ON5441060100
3546Hospitality Prp HPT ON44106M102
3547Host Hotel&Rsrt HST ON544107P104
3548Hotel Outsource HOUM T44144E203
3549Houghton Miffln HMHC SO44157R109
3550Houston Americn HUSA OA44183U100
3551Houston Wire&Cb HWCC SO44244K109
3552Hovnanian Entrp HOV ON442487203
3553Howard Bancorp HBMD S442496105
3554Howard Hughs Cp HHC ON44267D107
3555Hoya Corp-Adr HOCPY T443251103
3556Hrg Group Inc HRG ON40434J100
3557Hrsoft Inc WSTM T44329V103
3558Hsbc Holdings HSBC ON404280406
3559Hsn Inc HSNI SO404303109
3560Hst Global Inc HSTC T40432E103
3561Htc Corp HTCXF UY3728G102
3562Htg Moleculr Dg HTGM S40434H104
3563Huabao Intl Hld HUIHY T44330E108
3564Huaneng Power HNP ON443304100
3565Hub Group Inc-A HUBG SO443320106
3566Hubbell Inc -B HUBB ON443510201
3567Hubbell Inc A HUBA N443510102
3568Hubspot Inc HUBS ON443573100
3569Hudbay Minerals HBM ON443628102
3570Hudson City Bcp HCBK SO5443683107
3571Hudson Global HSON SO443787106
3572Hudson Pac Ppty HPP ON444097109
3573Hudson Technolo HDSN SO444144109
3574Hudson Vly Hldg HVB N444172100
3575Hugoton Royalty HGT ON444717102
3576Human Pheromone EROX T44485Q203
3577Humana Inc New HUM ON5444859102
3578Hunt (Jb) Trans JBHT SO445658107
3579Huntington Banc HBAN SO5446150104
3580Huntington Ingl HII ON446413106
3581Huntsman Corp HUN ON447011107
3582Hurco Cos Inc HURC S447324104
3583Huron Conslt Gp HURN SO447462102
3584Hutchinson Tech HTCH SO448407106
3585Hutchison Telec HTHKY T44841V102
3586Hutech21 Co Ltd CLGZF TG4673W100
3587Huttig Bldg Prd HBP S448451104
3588Hyatt Hotels Cp H ON448579102
3589Hybrid Energy HYBE T44861A103
3590Hydrocarb Energ HECC T448838300
3591Hydrogenics Cp HYGS SO448883207
3592Hydrophi Technl HPTG T44902P101
3593Hyperdynamics HDYN OT448954206
3594Hyperfeed Tech HYPRQ OT44913S508
3595Hypermarcas-Adr HYPMY T44915J100
3596Hypertensn Diag HDII T44914V104
3597Hyster-Yale Mat HY ON449172105
3598Hyundai Motor HYMLF TY38472109
3599I-Cable Com-Adr ICABY T44934B104
3600Iac/Interactiv IACI SO44919P508
3601Iamgold Corp IAG ON450913108
3602Iao Kun Group IKGH SOG47204105
3603Ibc Adv Alloys IAALF T44923T603
3604Iberiabank Corp IBKC SO450828108
3605Ibio Inc IBIO A451033104
3606Ibsg Intl Hldgs IBIN T449236207
3607Icad Inc ICAD SO44934S206
3608Icahn Enterpris IEP SO451100101
3609Icap Plc IAPLY T450936109
3610Icf Intl Inc ICFI SO44925C103
3611Icici Bank Ltd IBN ON45104G104
3612Ico Therapeutic ICOTF T45107J105
3613Icon Plc ICLR SOG4705A100
3614Iconix Brand Gp ICON SO451055107
3615Icts Intl Nv ICTSF TN43837108
3616Icu Medical Inc ICUI SO44930G107
3617Id Systems Inc IDSY SO449489103
3618Idacorp Inc IDA ON451107106
3619Idaho Indep Bk IIBK T45129P105
3620Ideal Power Inc IPWR S451622104
3621Identiv Inc INVE SO45170X205
3622Idera Pharmact IDRA SO45168K306
3623Idex Corp IEX ON45167R104
3624Idexx Labs Inc IDXX SO45168D104
3625Idi Inc IDI A44938L108
3626Idreamsky Adr DSKY SO45173K101
3627Idt Corp-Cl B IDT ON448947507
3628Iec Electrs New IEC A44949L105
3629Ieh Corp IEHC T44949K107
3630Ientertainment IENT T45169Q104
3631If Bancorp Inc IROQ S44951J105
3632Ifm Invest-Ads CTCLY T45172L209
3633Ifx Corp IFXC T449518307
3634Igate Corp IGTE SO45169U105
3635Igene Biotechno IGNE T451695100
3636Igi Laboratorys IG OA449575109
3637Ignite Restrnt IRG SO451730105
3638Ignyta Inc RXDX S451731103
3639Igo Inc IGOI OT449593300
3640Iheartmedia Inc IHRT T45174J103
3641Ihs Inc-A IHS ON451734107
3642Ii-Vi Incorp IIVI SO902104108
3643Iis Intelligent IISLF T449633205
3644Ikang Healthcr KANG SO45174L108
3645Ikanos Comm Inc IKAN S45173E204
3646Ikonics Corp IKNX S45172K102
3647Ill Tool Works ITW ON5452308109
3648Illumina Inc ILMN SO452327109
3649Image Sense Sys ISNS S45244C104
3650Imagemax Inc IMAG T45245V101
3651Imagenetix Inc IAGX T45247F104
3652Imageware Sys IWSY T45245S108
3653Imagi Intl Hldg IINHY T45248T103
3654Imaginon Inc IMGI T45246K203
3655Imation Corp IMN ON45245A107
3656Imax Corp IMAX ON45245E109
3657Imc Mortgage IMCC OT449923101
3658Immersion Corp IMMR SO452521107
3659Immucell Corp ICCC S452525306
3660Immune Design IMDZ SO45252L103
3661Immune Pharmact IMNP SO45254C101
3662Immune Therptcs IMUN T45252A107
3663Immunocellular IMUC OA452536105
3664Immunogen Inc IMGN SO45253H101
3665Immunomedics IMMU SO452907108
3666Immunosyn Corp IMYN T45253Q101
3667Impac Mrtg Hldg IMH OA45254P508
3668Impala Adr IMPUY T452553308
3669Impax Laboratrs IPXL SO45256B101
3670Imperial Hldgs IFT ON452834104
3671Imperial Oil Lt IMO OA453038408
3672Imperial Tob Gp ITYBY T453142101
3673Imperva Inc IMPV ON45321L100
3674Implant Science IMSC T45320R108
3675Impreso Inc ZCOM T45320V109
3676Imprimis Pharma IMMY S45323A201
3677Imprivata Inc IMPR N45323J103
3678Imris Inc IMRSQ T45322N105
3679Ims Health Hldg IMS ON44970B109
3680Inc Resrch Hldg INCR SO45329R109
3681Incentra Solutn ICNSQ T45326F207
3682Income Opp Rlty IOT A452926108
3683Incomnet ICNT T453365207
3684Incontact Inc SAAS SO45336E109
3685Incyte Corp INCY SO45337C102
3686Ind Bachoco-Adr IBA N456463108
3687Indep Bank Grp IBTX S45384B106
3688Indep Bk Mass INDB SO453836108
3689Indep Bk Mich IBCP SO453838609
3690Indep Hldg Co IHC N453440307
3691Indep Realty Tr IRT A45378A106
3692Independc Contr ICD N453415309
3693Independenc Res SNKTY T45378C102
3694Index Oil & Gas IXOG T454084104
3695India Fund Inc IFN ON454089103
3696India Globaliz IGC A45408X308
3697Indiana Bus Bcp IBBI T454670100
3698Indiepub Entmnt IPUB T45569C101
3699Indivior Plc INVVY T45579E105
3700Industria De Di IDEXY T455793109
3701Industrial Entp IEAM T456132208
3702Industrial Svcs IDSA S456314103
3703Industrl&Cml Bk IDCBY T455807107
3704Inergetics Inc NRTI T45671Q204
3705Infineon Tech IFNNY OT45662N103
3706Infinera Corp INFN SO45667G103
3707Infinite Graphi INFG T45663D104
3708Infinite Group IMCI T456910306
3709Infinity Energy IFNY OT45663L403
3710Infinity Pharma INFI SO45665G303
3711Infinity Ppty IPCC SO45665Q103
3712Info Analysis IAIC T456696103
3713Info Architects IACH OT45669R701
3714Infoblox Inc BLOX ON45672H104
3715Infonow Corp INOW T456664309
3716Informatica Crp INFA SO45666Q102
3717Information Svc III S45675Y104
3718Infosearch Mdia ISHM T45677V108
3719Infosonics Corp IFON SO456784107
3720Infosys Ltd INFY ON456788108
3721Infracap Mlp AMZA A26923G103
3722Infrareit Inc HIFR ON45685L100
3723Infusystem Hldg INFU A45685K102
3724Ing Groep-Adr ING ON456837103
3725Ingen Tech New IGNT T45684G508
3726Ingenico Sa INGIY T45684W107
3727Ingersoll Rand IR ON5G47791101
3728Ingles Market A IMKTA SO457030104
3729Ingram Micro IM ON457153104
3730Ingredion Inc INGR ON457187102
3731Inksure Technol INKS T45727E106
3732Inland Re Corp IRC ON457461200
3733Inmarsat Plc Lo IMASY T45772S109
3734Innate Pharma IPHYF TF5277D100
3735Innergex Renwbl INGXF T45790B104
3736Innerworkings INWK SO45773Y105
3737Innocoll Gmbh INNL S45780Q103
3738Innodata Isogen INOD SO457642205
3739Innophos Hldgs IPHS SO45774N108
3740Innospec Inc IOSP SO45768S105
3741Innotech Corp INTH T45771C105
3742Innovaro Inc INNI T45777T102
3743Innovative Bvrg IBGH T45776R107
3744Innovative Card INVC T45773R100
3745Innovative Solu ISSC SO45769N105
3746Innovus Pharma INNV T45778V106
3747Innsuites Hosp IHT A457919108
3748Inogen Inc INGN SO45780L104
3749Inotek Pharmact ITEK S45780V102
3750Inovalon Hldgs INOV SO45781D101
3751Inovio Pharmac INO SO45773H201
3752Inpex Corp U-Ad IPXHY T45790H101
3753Inphi Corp IPHI ON45772F107
3754Inrad Optics INRD T45779C107
3755Insight Entrprs NSIT SO45765U103
3756Insignia Sys ISIG SO45765Y105
3757Insite Vision INSV T457660108
3758Insmed Inc INSM SO457669307
3759Insperity Inc NSP ON45778Q107
3760Inspiremd Inc NSPR A45779A309
3761Inspro Tech Cp ITCC T45778T101
3762Installed Build IBP ON45780R101
3763Insteel Inds IIIN SO45774W108
3764Instit Finl Mkt IFMI OA45779L107
3765Instructivision ISTC T457789105
3766Insulet Corp PODD SO45784P101
3767Insys Therap INSY SO45824V209
3768Intec Ltd-Adr ICLJY T45823M200
3769Integr Biopharm INBP T45811V105
3770Integr Bus Sys IBSS T45810X102
3771Integr Device IDTI SO458118106
3772Integr Sili Sol ISSI SO45812P107
3773Integra Lifesci IART SO457985208
3774Integral Tech ITKG T45810J103
3775Integrated Data ITDD T45819Y101
3776Integrated Egy IENG T45825V109
3777Integrated Elec IESC SO45811E301
3778Integrated Info IISX T45817B301
3779Integrated Surg ISSM T45812Y207
3780Integrys Energy TEG ON545822P105
3781Intel Corp INTC SO51458140100
3782Intelgenx Tech IGXT T45822R101
3783Inteliquent Inc IQNT SO45825N107
3784Intellicheck Mo IDN OA45817G201
3785Intelligent Liv ILIV T45825R207
3786Intelligent Sys INS A45816D100
3787Intellipharmact IPCI SO458173101
3788Intelsat Sa I ONL5140P101
3789Inter Brand Dev IBDI T458404100
3790Inter Parfums IPAR SO458334109
3791Interact Intell ININ SO45841V109
3792Interactive Brk IBKR SO45841N107
3793Intercept Pharm ICPT SO45845P108
3794Intercloud Sys ICLD SO458488202
3795Intercontl Htls IHG ON45857P509
3796Intercontntlexc ICE ON545866F104
3797Intercore Inc ICOR T45866J106
3798Interdigitl Inc IDCC SO45867G101
3799Interep Natl IREP T45866V109
3800Interface Inc A TILE SO458665304
3801Intergralvision INVI T45811H106
3802Intergroup Corp INTG S458685104
3803Interleukin Gen ILIU T458738101
3804Interlink Elect LINK T458751302
3805Intermetro Comm IMTO T45882L101
3806Intermolecular IMI S45882D109
3807Internap Netwrk INAP SO45885A300
3808Internet Amer GEEK T46058Y109
3809Internet Gold IGLD SM56595107
3810Internet Init J IIJI SO46059T109
3811Internet Patent PTNT S46063G101
3812Internetarray INAR T46062P300
3813Interoil Corp IOC ON460951106
3814Interpharm Hldg IPAH T460588106
3815Interphase INPH S460593106
3816Interplay Enter IPLY T460615107
3817Interpublic Grp IPG ON5460690100
3818Intersect Ent XENT SO46071F103
3819Intersectns Inc INTX SO460981301
3820Intersil Corp ISIL SO46069S109
3821Interspeed Inc ISPD T46070W107
3822Intertape Poly ITPOF T460919103
3823Interval Leisur IILG SO46113M108
3824Intervisual Bks IVBK T460918105
3825Interworld Corp ITWR T46114Q207
3826Interxion Hldg INXN ONN47279109
3827Intesa Sanp-Adr ISNPY T46115H107
3828Intest Corp INTT A461147100
3829Intevac Inc IVAC SO461148108
3830Intl Airl Supp ILAS T458865201
3831Intl Baler Corp IBAL T459041109
3832Intl Bancshares IBOC SO459044103
3833Intl Barrier Te IBTGF T458968104
3834Intl Bus Mach IBM ON51459200101
3835Intl Card Estab ICRD T45923G103
3836Intl Cons Airln ICAGY T459348108
3837Intl F & F IFF ON5459506101
3838Intl Fcstone INTL SO46116V105
3839Intl Game New IGT ONG4863A108
3840Intl Isotopes INIS T45972C102
3841Intl Monetary ITNM T46004U300
3842Intl Packaging IPLO T46010T107
3843Intl Paper IP ON5460146103
3844Intl Precious M IPMG T460188105
3845Intl Shiphldg ISH N460321201
3846Intl Speedway ISCA SO460335201
3847Intl Speedway-B ISCB T460335300
3848Intl Stem Cell ISCO T460378102
3849Intl Textile Gr ITXN T46048V108
3850Intl Total Srvc ITSW T460499106
3851Intl Tower Hill THM OA46050R102
3852Intra-Cellular ITCI SO46116X101
3853Intralinks Hldg IL ON46118H104
3854Intrawest Resrt SNOW ON46090K109
3855Intrepid Potash IPI ON46121Y102
3856Intrexon Corp XON ON46122T102
3857Intricon Corp IIN S46121H109
3858Intrusion Inc INTZ OT46121E205
3859Intuit Inc INTU SO5461202103
3860Intuitive Surg ISRG SO546120E602
3861Inuvo Inc INUV A46122W204
3862Inv Vk Adv Mu2 VKI A46132E103
3863Inv Vk Bond Fd VBF N46132L107
3864Inv Vk Ca Valu VCV N46132H106
3865Inv Vk Hi Inc2 VLT N46131F101
3866Inv Vk Invt Ny VTN N46131T101
3867Inv Vk Mun Opp VMO N46132C107
3868Inv Vk Mun Tr VKQ N46131J103
3869Inv Vk Pa Valu VPV N46132K109
3870Inv Vk Tr Inv VGM N46131M106
3871Inv-Mun Incom OIA N46132X101
3872Inv-Quality Mu IQI N46133G107
3873Inv-Vlu Mu Incm IIM N46132P108
3874Invacare Corp IVC ON461203101
3875Invensense Inc INVN ON46123D205
3876Invent Ventures IDEA T46123M106
3877Inventergy Glbl INVT S46123X102
3878Inventure Foods SNAK SO461212102
3879Invesco Ltd IVZ ON5G491BT108
3880Invesco Mortgag IVR ON46131B100
3881Invest Tech-New ITG ON46145F105
3882Investar Holdng ISTR S46134L105
3883Investors Bancp ISBC SO46146L101
3884Investors Rl Es IRET ON461730103
3885Investors Title ITIC S461804106
3886Invictus Finl IVFZD T46184H202
3887Invitae Corp NVTA N46185L103
3888Invivo Therapt NVIV SO46186M209
3889Invo Bioscience IVOB T44984F104
3890Inyx Inc IYXI T461868101
3891Iochpe-Maxion IOCJY T461865107
3892Ion Geophysical IO ON462044108
3893Iowa First Bcsh IOFB T46246F202
3894Ipass Inc IPAS SO46261V108
3895Ipc The Hospitl IPCM SO44984A105
3896Ipg Photonics IPGP SO44980X109
3897Iqe Plc IQEPF TG49356119
3898Ir Biosciences IRBS T46264M303
3899Iradimed Corp IRMD S46266A109
3900Ireland Bk-Adr IREBY OT46267Q202
3901Iridex Corp IRIX S462684101
3902Iridium Commun IRDM SO46269C102
3903Iridium World IRIDQ OTG49398103
3904Irobot Corp IRBT SO462726100
3905Iron Mountain IRM ON546284V101
3906Ironclad Perfrm ICPW T463013102
3907Ironwood Pharma IRWD SO46333X108
3908Irsa Inv Y Repr IRS N450047204
3909Irsa Propiedads IRCP S463588103
3910Isc8 Inc ISCIQ T450098108
3911Ise Blu Equity ISBL T464274109
3912Ishares Ndq Bio IBB SO464287556
3913Ishars-1-3Ycb CSJ OA464288646
3914Ishars-1-3Ytb SHY OA464287457
3915Ishars-20+Ytb TLT OA464287432
3916Ishars-7-10Ytb IEF OA464287440
3917Ishars-Agc Bd AGZ A464288166
3918Ishars-Austral EWA OA464286103
3919Ishars-Brazil EWZ OA464286400
3920Ishars-C&S Reit ICF OA464287564
3921Ishars-China Lc FXI OA464287184
3922Ishars-Cr Us Ag AGG OA464287226
3923Ishars-Eafe EFA OA464287465
3924Ishars-Emg Mkt EEM OA464287234
3925Ishars-Emu Idx EZU OA464286608
3926Ishars-France EWQ OA464286707
3927Ishars-Germany EWG OA464286806
3928Ishars-Gold Tr IAU OA464285105
3929Ishars-Hongkong EWH OA464286871
3930Ishars-Ibx Hycb HYG OA464288513
3931Ishars-Ibx Ig LQD OA464287242
3932Ishars-Im Cb CIU OA464288638
3933Ishars-Intl Sd IDV OA464288448
3934Ishars-Italy EWI OA464286855
3935Ishars-Japan EWJ OA464286848
3936Ishars-Jpm Em B EMB OA464288281
3937Ishars-Latin 40 ILF OA464287390
3938Ishars-Malaysia EWM OA464286830
3939Ishars-Mbs MBB OA464288588
3940Ishars-Msci Chl ECH OA464286640
3941Ishars-Na Natrl IGE OA464287374
3942Ishars-Namtf MUB OA464288414
3943Ishars-Pac-Jpn EPP OA464286665
3944Ishars-R 2000 IWM OA464287655
3945Ishars-Rs 1K Gr IWF OA464287614
3946Ishars-Rs 1K Vl IWD OA464287598
3947Ishars-Rs 2K Gr IWO OA464287648
3948Ishars-Rs 2K Vl IWN OA464287630
3949Ishars-Rs M Gr IWP OA464287481
3950Ishars-Rs M Vl IWS OA464287473
3951Ishars-Rs Mc IWR OA464287499
3952Ishars-S Africa EZA OA464286780
3953Ishars-S Korea EWY OA464286772
3954Ishars-Sel Div DVY ON464287168
3955Ishars-Sh Tb SHV OA464288679
3956Ishars-Singapor EWS OA464286673
3957Ishars-Sp G-Cmd GSG OA46428R107
3958Ishars-Sp Mc Gr IJK OA464287606
3959Ishars-Sp Mc Vl IJJ OA464287705
3960Ishars-Sp Mid IJH OA464287507
3961Ishars-Sp Sc Gr IJT OA464287887
3962Ishars-Sp Sc Vl IJS OA464287879
3963Ishars-Sp Sc600 IJR OA464287804
3964Ishars-Sp500 IVV OA464287200
3965Ishars-Spain EWP OA464286764
3966Ishars-Sweden EWD OA464286756
3967Ishars-Switzerl EWL OA464286749
3968Ishars-Tips Bd TIP OA464287176
3969Ishars-Us Egy IYE OA464287796
3970Ishars-Us Pfd S PFF OA464288687
3971Ishars-Us Real IYR OA464287739
3972Ishars-Us Tech IYW OA464287721
3973Ishars-Utd King EWU OA46434V548
3974Ishrs-Msci Acwi ACWI SO464288257
3975Ishrs-Msci Thai THD OA464286624
3976Ishrs-Msci Turk TUR OA464286715
3977Isis Pharmaceut ISIS SO464330109
3978Isle Of Capri ISLE SO464592104
3979Isomet Corp IOMT T464893106
3980Isonea Ltd KMLXF TQ4979F107
3981Isonics Corp ISON T464895309
3982Isoray Inc ISR A46489V104
3983Israel Chem Ltd ICL ONM5920A109
3984Isramco Inc ISRL S465141406
3985Issuer Direct ISDR A46520M204
3986Istar Finl Inc STAR ON45031U101
3987Isuzu Motors ISUZY T465254209
3988It Group Hldgs ITGL T450466107
3989It Group Inc ITXG T465266104
3990Itc Holdings Cp ITC ON465685105
3991Itc Limited-Gdr ITCTY T450318100
3992Iteknik Holding ITKH T465635100
3993Iteris Inc ITI A46564T107
3994Itex Corp ITEX T465647303
3995Ithaca Energy IACAF T465676104
3996Itochu Corp ITOCY T465717106
3997Itron Inc ITRI SO465741106
3998Itt Corp ITT ON450911201
3999Itt Educational ESI ON45068B109
4000Ituran Location ITRN SM6158M104
4001Itus Corp ITUSD U45069V203
4002Itzyourmail Inc IZML T46575M109
4003Ivanhoe Egy Inc IVANF OT465790509
4004Ivivi Tech Inc IVVI T46589F108
4005Ixia XXIA SO45071R109
4006Ixys Corp IXYS SO46600W106
4007Izea Inc IZEA T46603N202
4008J&J Snack Foods JJSF SO466032109
4009J2 Global Inc JCOM SO48123V102
4010Ja Solar Holdgs JASO SO466090206
4011Jabil Circuit JBL ON466313103
4012Jacada Ltd JCDAF TM6184R119
4013Jack Henry Assc JKHY SO426281101
4014Jack In The Box JACK SO466367109
4015Jacksonvl Bc Il JXSB S46924R106
4016Jacksonvlle Bcp JAXB S469249205
4017Jaclyn Inc JCLY T469772206
4018Jaco Electronic JACO T469783104
4019Jacobs Engin Gr JEC ON5469814107
4020Jade Art Group JADA T469871206
4021Jagged Peak Inc JGPK T47008R103
4022Jaguar Animal JAGX S47008L106
4023Jaguar Mining JAGGF OT47009M400
4024Jakks Pacific JAKK SO47012E106
4025Jamba Inc JMBA SO47023A309
4026James Hardi-Adr JHX N47030M106
4027James River Cl JRCCQ OT470355207
4028James River Grp JRVR SG5005R107
4029Jammin Java Cp JAMN T470751108
4030Janel Corp JANL T47077R109
4031Janus Cap Grp JNS ON47102X105
4032Japan Small Cap JOF N47109U104
4033Jarden Corp JAH ON471109108
4034Jardine Matheso JMHLY T471115402
4035Jardine Strateg JSHLY T471122200
4036Jason Industrs JASN S471172106
4037Javelin Mtge JMI ON47200B104
4038Jazz Pharmaceut JAZZ SOG50871105
4039Jbs Sa-Adr JBSAY T466110103
4040Jc Decaux Sa JCDXF TF5333N100
4041Jd.Com Inc-Adr JD SO47215P106
4042Jds Uniphase Cp JDSU SO46612J507
4043Jefferson Secur JFWV T47508R108
4044Jeffersonvl Bcp JFBC T47559A103
4045Jer Investrs Tr JERT T46614H400
4046Jernigan Capitl JCAP N476405105
4047Jeronimo Martin JRONY T476493101
4048Jet Metal Corp JETMF T47713E108
4049Jetblue Airways JBLU SO477143101
4050Jetpay Corp JTPY S477177109
4051Jewett Cameron JCTCF S47733C207
4052Jg Wentworth Co JGW ON46618D108
4053Jhn Han Bk & Th BTO N409735206
4054Jhn Han Inc Sec JHS N410123103
4055Jhn Han Inv Tr JHI N410142103
4056Jiansu Expwy Co JEXYY T477373104
4057Jiayuan.Com Int DATE SO477374102
4058Jingwei Int Ltd JNGW T47759G207
4059Jinhua Marine JNMB T477588107
4060Jinhui Shipping JNSTY T47759A101
4061Jinkosolar Hldg JKS ON47759T100
4062Jinpan Intl Ltd JST SOG5138L100
4063Jive Software JIVE SO47760A108
4064Jlm Couture Inc JLMC T46621E101
4065Jmp Group Inc JMP N46629U107
4066Jns Holdings Cp JNSH T46622M102
4067Joes Jeans Inc JOEZ S47777N101
4068John Bean Tech JBT ON477839104
4069John D Oil Gas JDOGQ T477853105
4070Johnson & Johns JNJ ON51478160104
4071Johnson Control JCI ON5478366107
4072Johnson Matthey JMPLY T479142408
4073Johnson Outdoor JOUT S479167108
4074Joint Corp/The JYNT S47973J102
4075Jolen Inc JOLE T479732109
4076Jones Energy-A JONE ON48019R108
4077Jones Lang Lasl JLL ON48020Q107
4078Jones Soda Co JSDA OT48023P106
4079Jordan Amer Hld JAHI T480686104
4080Journal Media JMG N48114A109
4081Joy Global Inc JOY ON5481165108
4082Jp Energy Ptn JPEP N46643C109
4083Jpe Inc JPEI T466230109
4084Jpmorgan Chase JPM ON5146625H100
4085Jpmorgan Crf JFC N48126T104
4086Jps Industries JPST T46624E405
4087Jsc Mmc Norilsk NILSY T46626D108
4088Juhl Energy Inc JUHL T48132B105
4089Juma Tech Corp JUMT T48138T100
4090Jumei Intl-Adr JMEI ON48138L107
4091Juniper Content JNPC T48203W103
4092Juniper Grp Inc JUNP T481905875
4093Juniper Netwrks JNPR ON548203R104
4094Juniper Pharma JNP SO48203L107
4095Juno Therapeutc JUNO SO48205A109
4096Just Energy Grp JE ON48213W101
4097Jutal Offshore JUTOY T482205101
4098Jv Group Inc ASZP T482226107
4099K Tel Intl Inc KTLI T482724309
4100K12 Inc LRN ON48273U102
4101K2M Grp Hldgs KTWO S48273J107
4102Kabe Exploratn KABX T48283A203
4103Kadant Inc KAI ON48282T104
4104Kaiser Aluminum KALU SO483007704
4105Kaiser Grp Hldg KGHI T483059101
4106Kalobios Pharma KBIO S48344T100
4107Kamada Ltd KMDA SM6240T109
4108Kaman Corp A KAMN ON483548103
4109Kandi Tech Corp KNDI SO483709101
4110Kansas City Lif KCLI S484836101
4111Kansas City Sou KSU ON5485170302
4112Kao Corp Adr KCRPY T485537302
4113Kapstone Paper KS ON48562P103
4114Kar Auction Svc KAR ON48238T109
4115Karyopharm Ther KPTI SO48576U106
4116Kate Spade&Co KATE ON485865109
4117Katy Inds KATY T486026107
4118Kawasaki Heavy KWHIY T486359201
4119Kayne Andsn Egy KED N48660Q102
4120Kazakhmys Ltd KZMYY T48667P107
4121Kb Finl Grp-Adr KB ON48241A105
4122Kb Home KBH ON48666K109
4123Kbk Capital Cp KBKC T482412103
4124Kbr Inc KBR ON48242W106
4125Kbs Fashion Grp KBSF SY46002104
4126Kbs Fashion-Uts KBSFU TY46002120
4127Kcap Finl Inc KCAP SO48668E101
4128Kcg Holdings KCG ON48244B100
4129Kearny Finl Cp KRNY SO48716P108
4130Kellogg Co K ON5487836108
4131Kelly Svcs A KELYA SO488152208
4132Kelly Svcs B KELYB S488152307
4133Kelso Tech Inc KIQ A48826D201
4134Kemet Corp KEM ON488360207
4135Kemper Corp KMPR ON488401100
4136Kempharm Inc KMPH S488445107
4137Kennametal Inc KMT ON489170100
4138Kennedy-Wilson KW ON489398107
4139Kenon Holdings KEN NY46717107
4140Kentucky Bcsh KTYB T491203105
4141Kentucky First KFFB S491292108
4142Keppel Ltd Adr KPELY T492051305
4143Kering Uns-Adr PPRUY T492089107
4144Kerry Group Plc KRYAY T492460100
4145Keryx Biopharma KERX SO492515101
4146Keurig Green Mt GMCR SO549271M100
4147Kewaunee Scient KEQU S492854104
4148Key Energy Svcs KEG ON492914106
4149Key Technology KTEC S493143101
4150Key Tronic KTCC SO493144109
4151Keycorp New KEY ON5493267108
4152Keyon Comm Hldg KEYO T493312201
4153Keysight Tech KEYS ON49338L103
4154Keyuan Petrochm KEYP T493722102
4155Keyw Holding Cp KEYW SO493723100
4156Kforce Inc KFRC SO493732101
4157Kid Brands Inc KIDBQ OT49375T100
4158Kilroy Realty KRC ON49427F108
4159Kimball Electrn KE SO49428J109
4160Kimball Intl B KBAL SO494274103
4161Kimber-Clrk Mex KCDMY T494386204
4162Kimberly Clark KMB ON5494368103
4163Kimco Realty Co KIM ON549446R109
4164Kinder Holding KDRH T494526106
4165Kinder Morgan KMI ON5149456B101
4166Kindred Biosci KIN SO494577109
4167Kindred Hlthcr KND ON494580103
4168King Digitl Ent KING ONG5258J109
4169Kingfisher -Adr KGFHY T495724403
4170Kingold Jewelry KGJI S49579A204
4171Kingstone Cos KINS S496719105
4172Kingsway Finl KFS N496904202
4173Kingtone Wr-Adr KONE S496880204
4174Kinross Gold KGC ON496902404
4175Kior Inc-A KIORQ OT497217109
4176Kips Bay Medicl KIPS T49726K105
4177Kirby Corp KEX ON497266106
4178Kirin Hldgs Co KNBWY T497350306
4179Kirklands Inc KIRK SO497498105
4180Kite Pharma Inc KITE SO49803L109
4181Kite Realty Grp KRG ON49803T300
4182Kiwa Bio-Tech KWBT T49834X106
4183Kiwibox.Com Inc KIWB T49835F104
4184Kkr & Co Lp KKR ON48248M102
4185Kla-Tencor Corp KLAC SO5482480100
4186Klabin Sa KLBAY T49834M100
4187Klm Royal Dutch KLMR OT482516309
4188Klx Inc KLXI SO482539103
4189Km Wedding Evnt KMWE T48259J105
4190Kmg Chemicals KMG N482564101
4191Knight Transn KNX ON499064103
4192Knoll Inc KNL ON498904200
4193Knot Offshor Lp KNOP ONY48125101
4194Knowles Corp KN ON49926D109
4195Koala Corp KARE T499866101
4196Kobe Steel-Adr KBSTY T499892107
4197Kobex Cap Cp KBXMF U49989D103
4198Kohls Corp KSS ON5500255104
4199Komatsu Ltd Adr KMTUY T500458401
4200Kona Grill Inc KONA SO50047H201
4201Konami Corp-Adr KNMCY T50046R101
4202Kongzhong-Adr KZ SO50047P104
4203Konica Minolta KNCAY T50048B104
4204Konin Kpn Nv KKPNF TN4297B146
4205Koninklijke Dsm RDSMY OT780249108
4206Koninklijke Phl PHG ON500472303
4207Kopin Corp KOPN SO500600101
4208Koppers Holdngs KOP ON50060P106
4209Korea Elec Pwr KEP ON500631106
4210Korea Equity Fd KEF N50063B104
4211Korea Fund KF N500634209
4212Korn/Ferry Intl KFY ON500643200
4213Kornit Digital KRNT SM6372Q113
4214Kosmos Energy KOS ONG5315B107
4215Koss Corp KOSS S500692108
4216Kpnqwest Nv KQIPQ T500750104
4217Kraft Foods Grp KRFT SO550076Q106
4218Kraton Perform KRA ON50077C106
4219Kratos Defense KTOS SO50077B207
4220Kreisler Mfg KRSL T500773106
4221Krispy Kreme KKD ON501014104
4222Kroger Co KR ON5501044101
4223Kronos Adv Tech KNOS T50105X106
4224Kronos Worldwd KRO ON50105F105
4225Ks Bancorp Inc KSBI T48266R207
4226Kt Corp KT ON48268K101
4227Ku6 Media Ltd KUTV S48274B103
4228Kubota Corp Adr KUBTY OT501173207
4229Kuehne&Nagl Int KHNGY T501187108
4230Kulicke & Soffa KLIC SO501242101
4231Kumba Iron Ore KIROY T50125N104
4232Kun Run Biotech KURU T50125R105
4233Kuraray Co U-Ad KURRY T50127R103
4234Kushner Locke KLOC OT501337406
4235Kvh Industries KVHI SO482738101
4236Kyocera Cp Adr KYO N501556203
4237Kythera Biophrm KYTH SO501570105
4238L Brands Inc LB ON5501797104
4239L&L Energy Inc LLEN OT50162D100
4240L-3 Comm Hldgs LLL ON5502424104
4241La Jolla Pharma LJPC SO503459604
4242La Quinta Hldgs LQ ON50420D108
4243La-Z-Boy Inc LZB ON505336107
4244Labor Smart Inc LTNC T50541A108
4245Laboratory Cp LH ON550540R409
4246Labstyle Innov DRIO T50544T203
4247Laclede Grp Inc LG ON505597104
4248Ladbrokes Plc LDBKY T505730101
4249Ladder Cap Cp-A LADR ON505743104
4250Ladenburg Thalm LTS A50575Q102
4251Lafarge Sa-Adr LFRGY T505861401
4252Lake Shore Bncp LSBK S510700107
4253Lake Shore Gold LSG A510728108
4254Lake Sunapee Bg LSBG S510866106
4255Lakeland Bancrp LBAI SO511637100
4256Lakeland Finl LKFN S511656100
4257Lakeland Inds LAKE S511795106
4258Lakes Entmnt LACO SO51206P208
4259Lam Research LRCX SO5512807108
4260Lamar Adver Co LAMR SO512816109
4261Lancaster Colon LANC SO513847103
4262Lancer Orthodon LANZ T514624303
4263Landauer Inc LDR N51476K103
4264Landec Corp LNDC SO514766104
4265Landmark Bcp LARK S51504L107
4266Landmark Infras LMRK S51508J108
4267Lands End Inc LE SO51509F105
4268Landstar System LSTR SO515098101
4269Lannett Inc LCI ON516012101
4270Lantheus Hldgs LNTH S516544103
4271Lantronix Inc LTRX SO516548203
4272Lapolla Indus LPAD T516648102
4273Laporte Bancorp LPSB S516651106
4274Laredo Petrolm LPI ON516806106
4275Las Vegas Sands LVS ON517834107
4276Lasalle Htl Prp LHO ON517942108
4277Laser Master In LMTI T517905105
4278Latam Airlines LFL ON51817R106
4279Latin American LDF N51828C106
4280Latitude 360 LATX T51829Y107
4281Lattice Inc LTTC T518414107
4282Lattice Semicon LSCC SO518415104
4283Lawson Products LAWS S520776105
4284Laxai Pharm Ltd LAXAF TM6717V108
4285Layne Christens LAYN SO521050104
4286Lazard Ltd LAZ ONG54050102
4287Lazare Kaplan LKII T521078105
4288Lbty All-Star F ASG N529900102
4289Lcnb Cp LCNB S50181P100
4290Ldk Solar Co LDKYQ OT50183L107
4291Ldr Holding LDRH SO50185U105
4292Le@P Tech Inc LPTC T52186M108
4293Leading Brands LBIX S52170U207
4294Leadis Tech Inc LDIS OT52171N103
4295Leapfrog Entrps LF ON52186N106
4296Lear Corporatn LEA ON521865204
4297Learning Tree LTRE SO522015106
4298Lee Entrprs LEE ON523768109
4299Lee Pharmaceuti LPHM T524038106
4300Legacy Reserves LGCY SO524707304
4301Legacy Tx Finl LTXB SO52471Y106
4302Legal &Genl Grp LGGNY T52463H103
4303Legal Research LRCI T524636107
4304Legend Intl Hld LGDI T52467C100
4305Legg Mason Inc LM ON5524901105
4306Leggett & Platt LEG ON5524660107
4307Leidos Holdings LDOS ON525327102
4308Leju Holdings LEJU ON50187J108
4309Lemaitre Vasclr LMAT S525558201
4310Lenco Mobile LNCMQ T52602V104
4311Lendingclub Cp LC ON52603A109
4312Lendingtree Inc TREE SO52603B107
4313Lennar Corp -A LEN ON5526057104
4314Lennar Corp -B LENB N526057302
4315Lennox Intl Inc LII ON526107107
4316Lenovo Grp Ltd LNVGY T526250105
4317Lentuo Int-Ads LASLY T526353107
4318Leucadia Natl LUK ON5527288104
4319Level 3 Comm LVLT ON552729N308
4320Level Vision El LVLV T527299101
4321Levy Acq Corp TACO SO52748T104
4322Lexicon Pharma LXRX SO528872302
4323Lexington B&L LXMO T529017105
4324Lexington Ppty LXP ON529043101
4325Lexmark Intl LXK ON529771107
4326Lg Display-Adr LPL ON50186V102
4327Lgi Homes Inc LGIH SO50187T106
4328Lgl Group Inc LGL A50186A108
4329Lhc Group Llc LHCG SO50187A107
4330Li And Fung Ltd LFUGY T501897102
4331Li Ning Company LNNGY T52989T102
4332Libbey Inc LBY OA529898108
4333Liberate Tech LBTE T530129204
4334Liberator Medic LBMH OA53012L108
4335Liberty Allstar USA N530158104
4336Liberty Bancorp LBCP T53017Q102
4337Liberty Bell Bk LBBB T530233105
4338Liberty Brdbd-A LBRDA SO530307107
4339Liberty Brdbd-C LBRDK S530307305
4340Liberty Glbl-A LBTYA SOG5480U104
4341Liberty Glbl-B LBTYB SG5480U112
4342Liberty Glbl-C LBTYK SOG5480U120
4343Liberty Homes A LIBHA T530582204
4344Liberty M Int-A QVCA SO53071M104
4345Liberty M Int-B QVCB S53071M203
4346Liberty Media-A LMCA SO531229102
4347Liberty Media-B LMCB S531229201
4348Liberty Media-C LMCK SO531229300
4349Liberty Ppty Tr LPT ON531172104
4350Liberty Silver LBSV T53121P206
4351Liberty Tax Inc TAX S53128T102
4352Liberty Trip-A LTRPA SO531465102
4353Liberty Trip-B LTRPB S531465201
4354Liberty Ventr-A LVNTA SO53071M880
4355Liberty Ventr-B LVNTB S53071M872
4356Lict Corp LICT T50187G104
4357Life Ptnrs Hldg LPHIQ OT53215T106
4358Life-Exchange LFXG T53184V108
4359Lifelock Inc LOCK ON53224V100
4360Lifepoint Hosp LPNT SO53219L109
4361Lifepoint Inc LFPI T53215R100
4362Lifestore Finl LSFG T53224B104
4363Lifetime Brands LCUT SO53222Q103
4364Lifevantage Cp LFVN SO53222K106
4365Lifeway Foods LWAY S531914109
4366Ligand Pharma-B LGND SO53220K504
4367Lightbridge Cp LTBR SO53224K104
4368Lighting Sci Gp LSCG T53224G301
4369Lightinthebox-A LITB ON53225G102
4370Lightpath Tech LPTH SO532257805
4371Lightscape Tech LTSC T53227B101
4372Lightstream Res LSTMF T53227K101
4373Lightwave Logic LWLG T532275104
4374Lihua Intl Inc LIWA OT532352101
4375Lilis Energy LLEX S532403102
4376Lilly Eli & Co LLY ON51532457108
4377Lime Energy Co LIME S53261U304
4378Limelight Netwk LLNW SO53261M104
4379Limoneira Co LMNR SO532746104
4380Linc Energy Ltd LNCGY T532782109
4381Lincoln Educatl LINC SO533535100
4382Lincoln Electrc LECO SO533900106
4383Lincoln Natl-In LNC ON5534187109
4384Linde Ag Adr LNEGY T535223200
4385Lindsay Corp LNN ON535555106
4386Linear Tec Corp LLTC SO5535678106
4387Lingo Media Cp LMDCF T535744106
4388Linkedin Corp-A LNKD ON53578A108
4389Linn Co Llc LNCO SO535782106
4390Linn Energy Llc LINE SO536020100
4391Lion Biotech LBIO SO53619R102
4392Lionbridge Tech LIOX SO536252109
4393Lions Gate Etmt LGF ON535919203
4394Lipocine Inc LPCN S53630X104
4395Liqtech Intl LIQT A53632A102
4396Liquid Holdings LIQD S53633A101
4397Liquidity Svcs LQDT SO53635B107
4398Liquidmetal Tec LQMT OT53634X100
4399Lithia Motors LAD ON536797103
4400Littelfuse Inc LFUS SO537008104
4401Littlefield Cp LTFD T537590101
4402Live Current LIVC T538031105
4403Live Microsystm LMSC OT53803W107
4404Live Nation Ent LYV ON538034109
4405Livedeal Inc LIVE SO538144304
4406Liveperson Inc LPSN SO538146101
4407Liveworld Inc LVWD T53838Q109
4408Lizhan Envir Cp LZENF TG55329109
4409Lkq Corp LKQ SO501889208
4410Ll&E Royalty LRTR T502003106
4411Lloyds Bank Grp LYG ON539439109
4412Lmi Aerospace LMIA SO502079106
4413Lmp Corp Loan F TLI N50208B100
4414Lnb Bancorp Inc LNBB S502100100
4415Lo-Jack Corp LOJN SO539451104
4416Local Corp LOCM SO53954W104
4417Location Based LBAS T539573105
4418Lockheed Martin LMT ON51539830109
4419Loews Corp L ON5540424108
4420Logansport Finl LOGN T541209102
4421Logic Devices LOGC T541402103
4422Logitech Intl LOGI SOH50430232
4423Logmein Inc LOGM SO54142L109
4424Lombard Medical EVAR SG55598109
4425Lomiko Metals LMRMF T54163Q102
4426Loncor Resource LONCF T54179W101
4427Lonestar Resrcs LNREF TQ5638R119
4428Longwei Petrolm LPIH T543354104
4429Lonking Holding LONKF TG5636C107
4430Lonmin Plc Adr LNMIY T54336Q203
4431Lonza Group Ag LZAGY T54338V101
4432Looksmart Ltd LOOK SO543442602
4433Loral Space&Com LORL SO543881106
4434Loreal Co-Adr LRLCY T502117203
4435Lotus Pharmact LTUS T545715203
4436Loud Technolgys LTEC T545731200
4437Louisiana Bancp LABC S54619P104
4438Louisiana Pac LPX ON546347105
4439Lowes Cos LOW ON51548661107
4440Loxo Oncology LOXO S548862101
4441Loyoltypoint In LYLP T54908P104
4442Lpath Inc LPTN SO548910306
4443Lpl Finl Hldgs LPLA SO50212V100
4444Lrad Corp LRAD SO50213V109
4445Lrr Energy Lp LRE ON50214A104
4446Lsb Inds Inc LXU ON502160104
4447Lsi Industries LYTS SO50216C108
4448Ltc Properties LTC ON502175102
4449Ltwc Corp LTWC T502386105
4450Luby LUB ON549282101
4451Lucas Egy Inc LEI OA549333201
4452Lucille Farms LUCY T549486108
4453Lufthansa -Adr DLAKY T251561304
4454Lukoil Hldg-Adr LUKOY T677862104
4455Lululemon Athlt LULU SO550021109
4456Lumber Liquidat LL ON55003T107
4457Lumenis Ltd LMNS SOM6778Q121
4458Luminex Corp LMNX SO55027E102
4459Lumos Networks LMOS SO550283105
4460Luna Innovation LUNA S550351100
4461Lundin Mining LUNMF OT550372106
4462Lustros Inc LSTS T550537104
4463Luxfer Holdings LXFR N550678106
4464Luxoft Holding LXFT NG57279104
4465Luxottica Adr LUX ON55068R202
4466Lvmh Moet Hnnsy LVMUY T502441306
4467Lydall Inc LDL ON550819106
4468Lynas Corp- Adr LYSDY T551073208
4469Lyondellbasel-A LYB ON5N53745100
4470M & F Bncp Inc MFBP T552507105
4471M&T Bank Corp MTB ON555261F104
4472M-Wise Inc MWIS T554042101
4473M/I Homes Inc MHO ON55305B101
4474Ma-Com Tech Sol MTSI SO55405Y100
4475Mabvax Theraptc MBVX OT55414P108
4476Macatawa Bank MCBC SO554225102
4477Macau Cap Invst MCIM T55422A200
4478Mace Security MACE OT554335208
4479Macerich Co MAC ON5554382101
4480Mack Cali Corp CLI ON554489104
4481Mackinac Fin Cp MFNC S554571109
4482Macquarie Infra MIC ON55608B105
4483Macrocure Ltd MCUR SM67872107
4484Macrogenics Inc MGNX SO556099109
4485Macys Inc M ON555616P104
4486Mad Catz Inter MCZ A556162105
4487Madge Networks MADGQ OTN5424G106
4488Madison County MCBK S556777100
4489Madison Square MSG SO55826P100
4490Mag Silver Corp MVG OA55903Q104
4491Magal Security MAGS SM6786D104
4492Magellan Hlth MGLN SO559079207
4493Magellan Mdstrm MMP ON559080106
4494Magellan Pete MPET S559091301
4495Magic Software MGIC SO559166103
4496Magicjack Voctc CALL SOM6787E101
4497Magna Intl Cl A MGA ON559222401
4498Magna-Lab Inc-A MAGAA T559235403
4499Magnachip Semi MX ON55933J203
4500Magnegas Corp MNGA S55939L202
4501Magnetek Inc MAG SO559424403
4502Magnum Hunter MHR ON55973B102
4503Magstar Tech MGSR T559774203
4504Magyar Bancorp MGYR S55977T109
4505Magyar Tele-Adr MYTAY T559776109
4506Mahanagar Adr MTENY T559778402
4507Maiden Holdings MHLD SOG5753U112
4508Main Street Cap MAIN ON56035L104
4509Mainsource Finl MSFG S56062Y102
4510Mainstreet Bank MNSB T56064A102
4511Majesco Entmnt COOL SO560690307
4512Majestic Capitl MAJCQ TG5760D111
4513Majic Wheels Cp MJWL T560769101
4514Makemytrip Ltd MMYT SOV5633W109
4515Makita Corp Adr MKTAY T560877300
4516Malaga Finl Cp MLGF T561046103
4517Malibu Boats-A MBUU SO56117J100
4518Malibu Entmt MBEW T561182106
4519Mallinckrodt Pl MNK ON5G5785G107
4520Malvern Bancorp MLVF S561409103
4521Mam Software Gp MAMS S55277Q201
4522Mamamancinis Hl MMMB T56146T103
4523Man Group Plc U MNGPY T56164U107
4524Man Wah Holding MAWHY T561653106
4525Managed High Yd HYF N561911108
4526Manaris 2010 Cp AVNY T56176R100
4527Manchester Utd MANU ONG5784H106
4528Manhattan Asoc MANH SO562750109
4529Manhattan Bancp MNHN T562754101
4530Manhattan Bridg LOAN S562803106
4531Manhattan Scien MHTX T563122100
4532Manitex Int Inc MNTX SO563420108
4533Manitowoc Inc MTW ON563571108
4534Mannatech Inc MTEX SO563771203
4535Manning&Napier MN ON56382Q102
4536Mannkind Corp MNKD SO56400P201
4537Manpa MDPAY T564681203
4538Manpower Inc Wi MAN ON56418H100
4539Mansfelder Metl MNSF T56418U101
4540Mantech Intl -A MANT SO564563104
4541Manulife Finl MFC ON56501R106
4542Marathon Oil Cp MRO ON5565849106
4543Marathon Patent MARA SO56585W203
4544Marathon Petrol MPC ON556585A102
4545Marchex Inc MCHX SO56624R108
4546Marcus Corp MCS ON566330106
4547Marcus&Millichp MMI ON566324109
4548Margo Caribe MRGO T566605101
4549Marin Software MRIN ON56804T106
4550Marina Biotech MRNA OT56804Q201
4551Marine Harv-Adr MHG N56824R205
4552Marine Petroleu MARPS S568423107
4553Marine Products MPX ON568427108
4554Marinemax Inc HZO ON567908108
4555Marinus Pharma MRNS S56854Q101
4556Markel Corp MKL ON570535104
4557Marketaxess Hld MKTX SO57060D108
4558Marketing Allnc MAAL T57061M107
4559Marketing World MWWC T57061T300
4560Marketo Inc MKTO SO57063L107
4561Markit Ltd MRKT SOG58249106
4562Marks&Spencer MAKSY T570912105
4563Markwest Egy Pt MWE ON570759100
4564Marlin Bus Svcs MRLN S571157106
4565Marriot Vac Ww VAC ON57164Y107
4566Marriott Intl-A MAR SO5571903202
4567Marrone Bio Inv MBII SO57165B106
4568Marsh &Mclennan MMC ON5571748102
4569Marten Trans MRTN SO573075108
4570Martha Stwt Liv MSO ON573083102
4571Martin Midstrm MMLP SO573331105
4572Martin Mrt-Matl MLM ON5573284106
4573Marubeni Corp MARUY T573810207
4574Marui Ltd MAURY T573814308
4575Marvell Tech Gp MRVL SOG5876H105
4576Masco MAS ON5574599106
4577Masimo Corp MASI SO574795100
4578Masonite Int Cp DOOR ON575385109
4579Massive Interac HUGE T57628T108
4580Mast Therapeutc MSTX OA576314108
4581Mastec Inc MTZ ON576323109
4582Mastech Holdngs MHH A57633B100
4583Mastercard Inc MA ON5157636Q104
4584Matador Resourc MTDR ON576485205
4585Materialise Nv MTLS S57667T100
4586Materion Corp MTRN ON576690101
4587Matinas Biophar MTNB T576810105
4588Matrix Service MTRX SO576853105
4589Matson Inc MATX ON57686G105
4590Mattel Inc MAT SO5577081102
4591Mattersight Cp MATR SO577097108
4592Matthews Intl-A MATW SO577128101
4593Mattress Firm MFRM SO57722W106
4594Mattson Tech MTSN SO577223100
4595Maui Land&Pinpl MLP N577345101
4596Maxcom Telecom MXMTY T57773A508
4597Maxim Intg Pdts MXIM SO57772K101
4598Maximus Inc MMS ON577933104
4599Maxlinear Inc-A MXL ON57776J100
4600Maxpoint Inter MXPT N57777M102
4601Maxus Rlty Trst MRTI T57774B109
4602Maxwell Tech MXWL SO577767106
4603Maxworldwide MAXW T577940109
4604Maxxam Inc MAXX T577913304
4605Mays(Jw) Inc MAYS S578473100
4606Mazor Robotics MZOR S57886P103
4607Mb Financl Inc MBFI SO55264U108
4608Mbia Inc MBI ON55262C100
4609Mbt Finl Corp MBTF S578877102
4610Mc Endeavors MSMY T552681108
4611Mcclatchy Co-A MNI ON579489105
4612Mccormick & Co MKC ON5579780206
4613Mcdermott Intl MDR ON580037109
4614Mcdonalds Corp MCD ON51580135101
4615Mcewen Mining MUX ON58039P107
4616Mcg Capital MCGC SO58047P107
4617Mcgrath Rentcor MGRC SO580589109
4618Mcgraw Hill Fin MHFI ON5580645109
4619Mckesson Corp MCK ON558155Q103
4620Mcm Corp MMOR T552674103
4621Mcrae Industrie MCRAA T582757209
4622Mdc Hldgs MDC ON552676108
4623Mdc Ptnrs Inc MDCA SO552697104
4624Mdu Comm Intl MDTV T582828208
4625Mdu Resources MDU ON552690109
4626Mdwerks Inc MDWK T582829107
4627Mead Johnson Nu MJN ON5582839106
4628Meadowbrook Ins MIG ON58319P108
4629Meadwestvaco Cp MWV ON5583334107
4630Mechanical Tech MKTY OT583538202
4631Mechel Oao Ads MTL ON583840103
4632Mecklermedia Cp MECK OT58400W103
4633Mecox Lane Ltd MCOX SO58403M201
4634Med Staff Sol MSSI T58463N107
4635Medallion Finl TAXI SO583928106
4636Medassets Inc MDAS SO584045108
4637Mede File Intl MDFI T584070205
4638Medgenics Inc MDGN OA58436Q203
4639Media 100 Inc MDEA T58440W105
4640Media General MEG ON58441K100
4641Media Logic Inc MDLG T58441B100
4642Media Pal Hldgs MPHD T58441D106
4643Mediabay Inc MBAY T58446J207
4644Mediaset Spa MDIUY T584469407
4645Mediashift Inc MSHF T58449A104
4646Medical Connect MCTH T58455T203
4647Medical Pptys MPW ON58463J304
4648Medical Transcr MTBC S58464J105
4649Medical Xpress NMXS T64111U105
4650Medicines Co MDCO SO584688105
4651Medicinova Inc MNOV S58468P206
4652Medicure Inc MCUJF T58469E408
4653Medidata Solutn MDSO SO58471A105
4654Medient Studios MDNT T58471D109
4655Medifast Inc MED ON58470H101
4656Medifocus Inc MDFZF T58470Q101
4657Medite Cancer MDIT T58503D200
4658Medivation Inc MDVN SO58501N101
4659Mediwound Ltd MDWD SM68830104
4660Medl Mobile Hld MEDL T55278N108
4661Medley Capital MCC ON58503F106
4662Medley Mgmt Inc MDLY N58503T106
4663Mednax Inc MD ON58502B106
4664Medovex Corp MDVX S58504H101
4665Medtronic MDT ON51G5960L103
4666Medwave Inc MDWV T585081102
4667Meetme Inc MEET SO585141104
4668Mei Pharma Inc MEIP SO55279B202
4669Mela Sciences MELA SO55277R308
4670Melco Crown Ent MPEL SO585464100
4671Melco Intl Devl MDEVF TY59683188
4672Mellanox Tech MLNX SOM51363113
4673Melrose Bancorp MELR S585553100
4674Meltronix Inc MTNX T585730104
4675Memorial Produc MEMP SO586048100
4676Memorial Resrc MRD SO58605Q109
4677Mens Wearhouse MW ON587118100
4678Mentor Graphics MENT SO587200106
4679Mer Telemgt Sol MTSL SM69676126
4680Mercadolibre In MELI SO58733R102
4681Mercantile Bank MBWM S587376104
4682Mercer Intl Sbi MERC SO588056101
4683Merchants Bancs MBVT S588448100
4684Merck & Co Inc MRK ON5158933Y105
4685Merck Kgaa MKGAF TD5357W103
4686Mercury Genl Cp MCY ON589400100
4687Mercury Systems MRCY SO589378108
4688Meredith Corp MDP ON589433101
4689Meredith Entrps MPQI T589439108
4690Merge Healthcar MRGE SO589499102
4691Meridian Bancrp EBSB SO58958U103
4692Meridian Biosci VIVO SO589584101
4693Meridian Waste MRDN T58985L100
4694Merit Medical MMSI SO589889104
4695Meritage Homes MTH ON59001A102
4696Meritor Inc MTOR ON59001K100
4697Merrimack Phar MACK SO590328100
4698Merriman Holdgs MERR T590419206
4699Meru Networks MERU SO59047Q103
4700Merus Labs Intl MSLI S59047R101
4701Mesa Labs Inc MLAB S59064R109
4702Mesa Royalty Tr MTR N590660106
4703Mesabi Trust MSB ON590672101
4704Mesoblast Ltd MBLTY T590717104
4705Mestek Inc MCCK T590829305
4706Meta Finl Grp CASH S59100U108
4707Metabolix Inc MBLX SO591018882
4708Metal Storm Ltd MTSXY T591120100
4709Metaldyne Perfm MPG N59116R107
4710Metalico Inc MEA OA591176102
4711Metalink Ltd MTLK OTM69897110
4712Metallurgicl Cp MLLUY T59126Q107
4713Metastat Inc MTST T59140A104
4714Methanex Corp MEOH SO59151K108
4715Methes Eng Intl MEIL S591517107
4716Methode Elect-A MEI ON591520200
4717Metlife Inc MET ON5159156R108
4718Metro Bancorp METR S59161R101
4719Metro One Dvlpt MTRO T59164C309
4720Metro One Telec INFO T59163F204
4721Metso Corp -Adr MXCYY T592671101
4722Mettler-Toledo MTD ON592688105
4723Mexco Energy Cp MXC A592770101
4724Mexichem Sab De MXCHY T59284B108
4725Mexico Equity & MXE N592834105
4726Mexico Fund MXF ON592835102
4727Mexivada Mining MXVDF T593053101
4728Mfa Financial MFA ON55272X102
4729Mfc Industrial MIL ON55278T105
4730Mfri Inc MFRI S552721102
4731Mfs Govt Mkts MGF N552939100
4732Mfs Hi Inc Muni CXE N59318D104
4733Mfs Hi Yld Inc CMU N59318E102
4734Mfs Inter Hi In CIF N59318T109
4735Mfs Intermed MIN N55273C107
4736Mfs Inv Grd Mun CXH N59318B108
4737Mfs Multi Inc MMT N552737108
4738Mfs Muni Inc Tr MFM N552738106
4739Mfs Spl Value T MFV N55274E102
4740Mgc Diagnostics MGCD S552768103
4741Mge Energy Inc MGEE SO55277P104
4742Mgic Invstmt Cp MTG ON552848103
4743Mgm Resorts Int MGM ON552953101
4744Mgp Ingredients MGPI SO55303J106
4745Mgt Capital Inv MGT A55302P202
4746Michael Kors KORS ON5G60754101
4747Michael Page MPGPF TG68694119
4748Michaels Cos MIK SO59408Q106
4749Michelin Comp G MGDDY T59410T106
4750Micrel Inc MCRL SO594793101
4751Micro Focus MCFUY T594837106
4752Micro Imaging MMTC T59484E209
4753Microchip Tech MCHP SO5595017104
4754Micron Tech MU SO5595112103
4755Micronet Enertc MICT S595117102
4756Microsemi Corp MSCC SO595137100
4757Microsoft Corp MSFT SO51594918104
4758Microstrategy MSTR SO594972408
4759Microvision Inc MVIS SO594960304
4760Microwve Filter MFCO T595176108
4761Mid Penn Bancp MPB S59540G107
4762Mid-Amer Apt Cm MAA ON59522J103
4763Mid-Con Energy MCEP SO59560V109
4764Mid-Southern Sv MSVB T59543M101
4765Midcoast En Ptn MEP ON59564N103
4766Middleburg Finl MBRG S596094102
4767Middleby Corp MIDD SO596278101
4768Middlefield Bc MBCN S596304204
4769Middlesex Water MSEX S596680108
4770Midsouth Bancrp MSL N598039105
4771Midstates Petro MPO ON59804T100
4772Midway Gold Cp MDW T598153104
4773Midwest Energy MEEC T59833H101
4774Midwestone Finl MOFG S598511103
4775Miix Group Inc MIIX T59862V104
4776Mikros Sys Cp MKRS T598626307
4777Milacron Hldgs MCRN N59870L106
4778Milestone Sci MLSS A59935P209
4779Millenium Hlth MHCC T60040L109
4780Millennial Meda MM ON60040N105
4781Millennium Bank MBVA T60037B205
4782Millennium Cell MCELQ OT60038B105
4783Millennium Prim MLMN T60040U109
4784Millennm India SMCG T60039Q101
4785Miller Energy MILL ON600527105
4786Miller Inds Inc MLR ON600551204
4787Millicom Intl MIICF OTL6388F110
4788Mills Music Tr MMTRS T601158108
4789Mimedx Grp Inc MDXG SO602496101
4790Minco Gold Corp MGH A60254D108
4791Mind Cti Ltd MNDO SM70240102
4792Mindbody Inc-A MB S60255W105
4793Mindray Medical MR ON602675100
4794Minebea Co-Adr MNBEY T602725301
4795Minera Andes MCEEF T580394104
4796Minera Irl Ltd MRLLY T60283B107
4797Mineral Tech MTX ON603158106
4798Minerva Neurosc NERV S603380106
4799Mines Mgmt Inc MGN OA603432105
4800Mint Leasing MLES T60447H107
4801Mirati Theraptc MRTX SO60468T105
4802Miravant Medl MRVT OT604690107
4803Misonix Inc MSON S604871103
4804Mission Newener MNELF TQ62163110
4805Mission Valley MVLY T60520E104
4806Mistras Group MG ON60649T107
4807Mitcham Inds MIND SO606501104
4808Mitek Systems MITK SO606710200
4809Mitel Networks MITL SO60671Q104
4810Mitsubis Cp-Adr MSBHY T606769305
4811Mitsubishi Chem MTLHY T606763100
4812Mitsubishi Esta MITEY T606783207
4813Mitsubishi-Ufj MTU ON606822104
4814Mitsui MITSY T606827202
4815Mix Telematics MIXT N60688N102
4816Mizati Luxury MZTAQ T60686W302
4817Mizuho Finl-Adr MFG ON60687Y109
4818Mk Automotive MKAU T553094103
4819Mks Instruments MKSI SO55306N104
4820Mkt Vec-Biotech BBH OA57060U183
4821Mkt Vec-Oil Svc OIH OA57060U191
4822Mkt Vec-Retail RTH OA57060U225
4823Mma Cap Mgmt MMAC S55315D105
4824Mmrglobal Inc MMRF OT55314U108
4825Mmx Mineracao MMXMY U60688E102
4826Mnc Media Invst LTONY OT553109109
4827Mobile Iron Inc MOBL SO60739U204
4828Mobile Mini Inc MINI SO60740F105
4829Mobile Tele-Adr MBT ON607409109
4830Mobileye Nv MBLY ONN51488117
4831Mobiquity Tech MOBQ T60743F102
4832Mobistar Sa MBSRF TB60667100
4833Mobivity Hldgs MFON T60743E204
4834Mocon Inc MOCO S607494101
4835Model N Inc MODN ON607525102
4836Modine Manufact MOD ON607828100
4837Modtech Hldgs MODTQ T60783C100
4838Moduslink Glbl MLNK SO60786L206
4839Moelis & Co MC ON60786M105
4840Mohawk Inds Inc MHK ON5608190104
4841Moko Social Mda MOKO S608458204
4842Mol Global -Adr MOLG S60845Q105
4843Molina Hlthcr MOH ON60855R100
4844Molson Coors-B TAP ON560871R209
4845Molycorp Inc MCP ON608753109
4846Momenta Pharma MNTA SO60877T100
4847Momo Inc -Adr MOMO SO60879B107
4848Monaker Group NXOID T609011101
4849Monarch Casino MCRI SO609027107
4850Monarch Cement MCEM T609031307
4851Monarch Financl MNRK S60907Q100
4852Monarch Srvcs MAHI T609176102
4853Mondelez Intl MDLZ SO51609207105
4854Mondial Venturs MNVN T60921T205
4855Moneygram Intl MGI SO60935Y208
4856Mongolia Energy MOAEY T60936Y207
4857Monmouth Re Cla MNR ON609720107
4858Monogram Reit MORE ON60979P105
4859Monolithic Pwr MPWR SO609839105
4860Monotype Imagng TYPE SO61022P100
4861Monro Muffler MNRO SO610236101
4862Monroe Capital MRCC S610335101
4863Monsanto Co-New MON ON5161166W101
4864Monster Beverag MNST SO561174X109
4865Monster Wwd Inc MWW ON611742107
4866Montague Intl MIHL T611810102
4867Montgy St Inc MTS N614115103
4868Montpelier Re MRH ONG62185106
4869Moodys Corp MCO ON5615369105
4870Moog Inc A MOGA ON615394202
4871Moog Inc B MOGB N615394301
4872Moore-Handley MHCO T615762101
4873Mopals PALS T61634P100
4874Moqizone Holdng MOQZ T616348108
4875Morg Stan Asia APF N61744U106
4876Morg Stan E-Mkt MSD N61744H105
4877Morg Stan Emerg MSF N61744G107
4878Morg Stan India IIF ON61745C105
4879Morgan Stanley MS ON51617446448
4880Morgans Hotel MHGC SO61748W108
4881Morningstar Inc MORN SO617700109
4882Mosaic Co/The MOS ON561945C103
4883Mosys Inc MOSY SO619718109
4884Motorcar Parts MPAA SO620071100
4885Motorola Solutn MSI ON5620076307
4886Motorvac Tech MVAC T620105106
4887Movado Grp Inc MOV ON624580106
4888Mphase Tech Inc XDSL T62472C102
4889Mplx Lp MPLX ON55336V100
4890Mpm Technology MPML T553358201
4891Mrc Global Inc MRC ON55345K103
4892Mrv Comms Inc MRVC SO553477407
4893Mrv Engenharia MRVNY T553479106
4894Ms&Ad Insurance MSADY T553491101
4895Msa Safety Inc MSA ON553498106
4896Msb Financial MSBF S55352P102
4897Msc Indl Direct MSM ON553530106
4898Msci Inc-A MSCI ON55354G100
4899Msdw-Income Sec ICB N61745P874
4900Msgi Secrty Sol MSGI OT553570102
4901Mtm Tech Inc MTMC T62474G200
4902Mtn Group Ltd MTNOY T62474M108
4903Mtn Prov Dmnd MDM S62426E402
4904Mtr Corp Ltd MTRJY T553768300
4905Mts Systems MTSC SO553777103
4906Mtu Aero Engine MTUAY T62473G102
4907Mueller (Paul) MUEL T624752101
4908Mueller Inds MLI ON624756102
4909Mueller Water MWA ON624758108
4910Muenchener Ruec MURGY T626188106
4911Multi Soft Ii MSOF T62547X107
4912Multi-Color LABL SO625383104
4913Multi-Corp Intl MULI T62540Q109
4914Multi-Fineline MFLX SO62541B101
4915Multicom Publis MNET T625437108
4916Murata Manufact MRAAY T626425102
4917Murphy Oil MUR ON5626717102
4918Murphy Usa Inc MUSA ON626755102
4919Muscle Pharm Cp MSLP T627335201
4920Musgrove Minerl MGSGD T627511405
4921Mutualfirst Fin MFSF S62845B104
4922Mv Oil Trust MVO ON553859109
4923Mv Portfolios MVPI T553879107
4924Mvc Capital Inc MVC ON553829102
4925Mvive Inc MVIV T62847A104
4926My Vintage Baby MVBY T62847C100
4927Myecheck Inc MYEC T62847L209
4928Myers Inds MYE ON628464109
4929Mylan Nv MYL SO5N59465109
4930Mymetics Corp MYMX T62856A102
4931Myos Corp MYOS S554051201
4932Myr Group Inc MYRG SO55405W104
4933Myrexis Inc MYRX OT62856H107
4934Myriad Genetics MYGN SO62855J104
4935N-Viro Intl Cp NVIC T62944W207
4936Nabors Ind NBR ONG6359F103
4937Nacco Inds-Cl A NC N629579103
4938Nacel Energy Cp NCEN T62957N102
4939Nam Tai Proprty NTP ONG63907102
4940Nanobac Pharm NNBP T63007M102
4941Nanometrics Inc NANO SO630077105
4942Nanophase Tech NANX OT630079101
4943Nanosphere Inc NSPH SO63009F204
4944Nanostring Tech NSTG SO63009R109
4945Nanoviricides NNVC OA630087203
4946Napco Security NSSC S630402105
4947Nasb Financial NASB T628968109
4948Nasdaq Cmp-Ndq COMPX U632990008
4949Nasdaq Omx Grp NDAQ SO5631103108
4950Nasdaq-100 Shrs QQQ SO73935A104
4951Naspers Ltd-N NPSNY T631512100
4952Nathans Famous NATH S632347100
4953National Bk Hld NBHC N633707104
4954National Gnl Hl NGHC SO636220303
4955National Lampn NLMP T636637100
4956Nationstar Mtge NSM ON63861C109
4957Native Amer Egy NAGP T638691105
4958Natl Amer Univ NAUH S63245Q105
4959Natl Aus Bk Ltd NABZY T632525408
4960Natl Autom Svcs NASV T632554200
4961Natl Beverage FIZZ SO635017106
4962Natl Bk Cda NTIOF T633067103
4963Natl Bk Gr-Adr NBG ON633643705
4964Natl Bnkshrs Va NKSH S634865109
4965Natl Cinemedia NCMI SO635309107
4966Natl Commerce NCOM S63546L102
4967Natl Fuel Gas NFG ON636180101
4968Natl Grid -Adr NGG ON636274300
4969Natl Health Inv NHI ON63633D104
4970Natl Healthcare NHC OA635906100
4971Natl Hldgs Cp NHLD S636375206
4972Natl Instrs Cp NATI SO636518102
4973Natl Interst Cp NATL S63654U100
4974Natl Investment NIVM T63654V108
4975Natl Oilwell Vr NOV ON5637071101
4976Natl Penn Bcshs NPBC SO637138108
4977Natl Presto Ind NPK N637215104
4978Natl Research NRCIB S637372301
4979Natl Research-A NRCIA S637372202
4980Natl Retail Ppt NNN ON637417106
4981Natl Sec Group NSEC S637546102
4982Natl Storage NSA ON637870106
4983Natl Storm Mgmt NSMG T637882101
4984Natl Wst Life A NWLI S638522102
4985Natural Alt Int NAII S638842302
4986Natural Gas Svc NGS ON63886Q109
4987Natural Golf Cp NAXG T63888E203
4988Natural Grocers NGVC ON63888U108
4989Natural Hlth Tr NHTC SO63888P406
4990Natural Rsrc Lp NRP ON63900P103
4991Natures Sun Prd NATR SO639027101
4992Natus Medical BABY SO639050103
4993Natuzzi Spa-Adr NTZ N63905A101
4994Naugatuck Vally NVSL S63906P107
4995Nautilus Inc NLS ON63910B102
4996Navidea Biophar NAVB OA63937X103
4997Navient Corp NAVI SO563938C108
4998Navigant Conslt NCI ON63935N107
4999Navigator Hldgs NVGS ONY62132108
5000Navigators Grp NAVG SO638904102
5001Navios Mari Acq NNA NY62159101
5002Navios Mari Hld NM ONY62196103
5003Navios Marit Lp NMM ONY62267102
5004Navios Maritime NAP NY62134104
5005Navistar Intl NAV ON63934E108
5006Nbt Bancorp Inc NBTB SO628778102
5007Nci Bldg System NCS ON628852204
5008Nci Inc-Cl A NCIT S62886K104
5009Ncr Corp-New NCR ON62886E108
5010Neah Power Sys NPWZ T63948P206
5011Nec Corp NIPNF TJ48818124
5012Neenah Paper NP ON640079109
5013Neff Corp-A NEFF N640094207
5014Nektar Therap NKTR SO640268108
5015Nelnet Inc Cl-A NNI ON64031N108
5016Neogen Corp NEOG SO640491106
5017Neogenomics Inc NEO SO64049M209
5018Neomagic Corp NMGC OT640497202
5019Neomedia Tech NEOM T640505400
5020Neonode Inc NEON SO64051M402
5021Neophotonics Cp NPTN ON64051T100
5022Neothetics Inc NEOT S64066G101
5023Neovasc Inc NVCN S64065J106
5024Nephrogenex Inc NRX S640667101
5025Nephros Inc NEPH T640671301
5026Neptune Orient NPTOY OT640773206
5027Neptune Tec&Bio NEPT SO64077P108
5028Nestle S A Reg NSRGY T641069406
5029Net 1 Ueps Tech UEPS SO64107N206
5030Net Element Int NETE S64111R102
5031Net Savings Lnk NSAV T64112L203
5032Netapp Inc NTAP SO564110D104
5033Netdimensns Hld NETDY T64112N100
5034Netease Inc NTES SO64110W102
5035Netflix Inc NFLX SO564110L106
5036Netgear Inc NTGR SO64111Q104
5037Netlist Inc NLST SO64118P109
5038Netobjects Inc NETO T64114L102
5039Netplex Group NTPL T641147103
5040Netqin Mobile NQ ON64118U108
5041Netscout Systms NTCT SO64115T104
5042Netsol Tech Inc NTWK SO64115A402
5043Netsuite Inc N ON64118Q107
5044Network-1 Tech NTIP A64121N109
5045Neub Br Hy Strg NHS A64128C106
5046Neulion Inc NEUL T64128J101
5047Neuralstem Inc CUR OA64127R302
5048Neuro-Hitech In NHPI T641244108
5049Neurobio Tech NTII T64124W304
5050Neurocrine Bios NBIX SO64125C109
5051Neuroderm Ltd NDRM SM74231107
5052Neurogesx Inc NGSX T641252101
5053Neurologix Inc NRGXQ T64125U406
5054Neurometrix Inc NURO SO641255302
5055Neurotrope Inc NTRP T64129T108
5056Neustar Inc -A NSR ON64126X201
5057Nevada Gold&Cas UWN OA64126Q206
5058Nevro Corp NVRO ON64157F103
5059Nevsun Resourcs NSU OA64156L101
5060New Amer Hi Inc HYB N641876800
5061New Concept Egy GBR A643611106
5062New Dover Cap NDVR T643908106
5063New Energy Sys NEWN OT643847106
5064New England Rea NEN A644206104
5065New Gold Inc NGD OA644535106
5066New Guinea Egy NGELY T644556102
5067New Home Co Llc NWHM N645370107
5068New Ireland Fd IRL N645673104
5069New Jersey C Bk NJCB T64577U102
5070New Media Inv NEWM ON64704V106
5071New Mountn Fin NMFC ON647551100
5072New Oriental Ed EDU ON647581107
5073New Orientl Egy NOEC T64758A107
5074New Relic Inc NEWR ON64829B100
5075New Resid Inv NRZ ON64828T201
5076New Resource Bk NWBN T648289106
5077New Senior Inv SNR ON648691103
5078New Source Egy NSLP ON64881E109
5079New Ulm Telecom NULM T649060100
5080New West Energ NWTR T649172103
5081New World Brand NWBD T64926N106
5082New World Dev NDVLY T649274305
5083New York & Co NWY ON649295102
5084New York Cmnty NYCB ON649445103
5085New York Mtg Tr NYMT SO649604501
5086New York Reit NYRT ON64976L109
5087Newax Inc EXCL T300902103
5088Newbridge Banc NBBC S65080T102
5089Newcardio Inc NWCI T65106G100
5090Newcastle Inv NCT ON65105M603
5091Newcrest Mining NCMGY T651191108
5092Newell Rubbermd NWL ON5651229106
5093Newfield Expl NFX ON5651290108
5094Newlead Holdngs NEWL TG64626206
5095Newlink Genetic NLNK SO651511107
5096Newmarket Corp NEU ON651587107
5097Newmont Mining NEM ON5651639106
5098Newpark Resour NR ON651718504
5099Newport Corp NEWP SO651824104
5100News Commun Inc NWCM T652484882
5101News Corp New-A NWSA SO565249B109
5102News Corp-B NWS SO65249B208
5103Newstar Fin Inc NEWS S65251F105
5104Newtek Bus Svcs NEWT S652526203
5105Nexity Finl Cp NXTYQ T65333R200
5106Nexplore Corp NXPC T65338G209
5107Nexpoint Reit NXRT N65341D102
5108Nexprise Inc NXPS OT65333Q202
5109Nexstar Brdcstg NXST SO65336K103
5110Next Group Plc NXGPY T65337A104
5111Next-Id Com NXTD S67091J107
5112Nextera Energy NEP ON65341B106
5113Nextera Energy NEE ON565339F101
5114Nextera Entrp NXRA T65332E101
5115Nextmart Inc NXMR T65338F102
5116Nexvet Biopharm NVET SG6503X109
5117Nf Energy Savng NFEC S629099300
5118Ngl Energy Part NGL ON62913M107
5119Nic Inc EGOV SO62914B100
5120Nice System-Adr NICE SO653656108
5121Nicholas Finl NICK S65373J209
5122Nicox Sa NICXF TF6533F103
5123Nidec Corp-Adr NJ N654090109
5124Nielsen Nv NLSN ON5N63218106
5125Nike Inc-B NKE ON51654106103
5126Nikon Corp Adr NINOY T654111202
5127Nimble Storage NMBL ON65440R101
5128Nintendo Ltd NTDOY T654445303
5129Nippon Steel Cp NSSMY T65461T101
5130Nippon Tele-Adr NTT ON654624105
5131Nippon Yusen Ka NPNYY T654633304
5132Niska Gas Strg NKA ON654678101
5133Nisource Inc NI ON565473P105
5134Nissan Adr NSANY OT654744408
5135Nitches Inc NICH T65476M109
5136Nitto Denko Cp NDEKY T654802206
5137Nivalis Therapt NVLS S65481J109
5138Nj Resources NJR ON646025106
5139Nl Inds Inc NL ON629156407
5140Nmi Holdings-A NMIH SO629209305
5141Nn Inc NNBR SO629337106
5142No Europ Oil Tr NRT ON659310106
5143Noah Hldgs Ltd NOAH ON65487X102
5144Nobel Biocare NBHGF TH5783Q130
5145Nobilis Health HLTH A65500B103
5146Nobility Homes NOBH T654892108
5147Noble Corp Plc NE ON5G65431101
5148Noble Energy NBL ON5655044105
5149Noble Group Ltd NOBGY T65504R104
5150Noble Romans NROM T655107100
5151Nokia Cp-Adr A NOK ON654902204
5152Nomura Hldg-Adr NMR ON65535H208
5153Non Invasive Ms NIMU T655366508
5154Noodles & Co NDLS SO65540B105
5155Noranda Aluminm NOR ON65542W107
5156Nord Anglia Edu NORD ONG6583A102
5157Nord Resources NRDS T655555100
5158Nordea Bank Ab NRBAY T65557A206
5159Nordic Am Offsh NAO NY6366T112
5160Nordic American NAT ONG65773106
5161Nordson Corp NDSN SO655663102
5162Nordstrom Inc JWN ON5655664100
5163Norfolk Southrn NSC ON51655844108
5164Norsat Intl Inc NSAT A656512209
5165Norsk Hydro Adr NHYDY T656531605
5166Nortech Systems NSYS S656553104
5167Nortek Inc NTK S656559309
5168Nortel Inv-Adr NTL N656567401
5169Nortel Networks NRTLQ OT656568508
5170North Am Pallad PAL OT656912102
5171North Amer Egy NOA ON656844107
5172North Atl Drilg NADL ONG6613P202
5173North Dallas Bk NODB T659012108
5174North State Bcp NSBC T662585108
5175Northcore Tech NTLNF OT66401P100
5176Northeast Bancp NBN S663904209
5177Northeast Cmnty NECB S664112109
5178Northeast Digit GSMI T664148103
5179Northeast Ind NIDB T664196201
5180Northern Dynsty NAK OA66510M204
5181Northern St Fin NSFC T665751103
5182Northern Star NSBK T665728101
5183Northern Tech NTIC S665809109
5184Northern Tier NTI ON665826103
5185Northern Trust NTRS SO5665859104
5186Northfield Bncp NFBK SO66611T108
5187Northpoint Comm NPNTQ T666610100
5188Northrim Bcp NRIM S666762109
5189Northrn Oil&Gas NOG OA665531109
5190Northrop Grummn NOC ON5666807102
5191Northstar Asset NSAM ON66705Y104
5192Northstar Elec NEIK T66704D101
5193Northstar Rlty NRF ON66704R704
5194Northwest Bancp NBCT T667337109
5195Northwest Bioth NWBO SO66737P600
5196Northwest Bncsh NWBI SO667340103
5197Northwest Nat G NWN ON667655104
5198Northwest Pipe NWPX SO667746101
5199Northwestern Cp NWE ON668074305
5200Norwegian Cruis NCLH SOG66721104
5201Norwood Finl Cp NWFL S669549107
5202Notify Tech Crp NTFY T669956401
5203Nova Lifestyle NVFY S66979P102
5204Nova Measuring NVMI SOM7516K103
5205Novabay Pharmac NBY A66987P102
5206Novacopper Inc NCQ OA66988K102
5207Novadaq Tec Inc NVDQ SO66987G102
5208Novadel Pharma NVDL T66986X106
5209Novagold Rsrcs NG OA66987E206
5210Novartis Ag-Adr NVS ON66987V109
5211Novatel Wireles MIFI SO66987M604
5212Novation Compny NOVC OT66989V107
5213Novavax Inc NVAX SO670002104
5214Novo-Nordisk As NVO ON670100205
5215Novogen Ltd-Adr NVGN SO67010F202
5216Novozymes A/S NVZMY T670108109
5217Novt Corp NVTP T62936A304
5218Now Inc DNOW ON67011P100
5219Nowauto Group NAUG T67012N104
5220Nrg Energy Inc NRG ON5629377508
5221Nrg Yield Inc-A NYLDA ON62942X306
5222Nrg Yield Inc-C NYLD ON62942X405
5223Nsk Ltd -Un Adr NPSKY T670184100
5224Ntelos Holdings NTLS SO67020Q305
5225Ntn Buzztime NTN A629410309
5226Ntt Docomo -Adr DCM ON62942M201
5227Nu Skin Enterp NUS ON67018T105
5228Nuance Comm Inc NUAN SO67020Y100
5229Nucor Corp NUE ON5670346105
5230Nuko Info Sys NUKO T67052D206
5231Numerex Cp-Cl A NMRX SO67053A102
5232Nuo Therapeutcs NUOT T67059V100
5233Nustar Energy NS ON67058H102
5234Nustar Gp Hldgs NSH ON67059L102
5235Nutra Pharma Cp NPHC T67060U208
5236Nutraceutical NUTR SO67060Y101
5237Nutrastar Intl NUIN T67060M107
5238Nutri/System NTRI SO67069D108
5239Nutrione Corp NNCP T67073A108
5240Nutroganics Inc NUTT T670694108
5241Nuvasive Inc NUVA SO670704105
5242Nuveen Ariz Pre NAZ N67061W104
5243Nuveen Ca Mun V NCA N67062C107
5244Nuveen Conn Prm NTC N67060D107
5245Nuveen Insd Cal NXC N67063R103
5246Nuveen Invt Qua NQM N67062E103
5247Nuveen Mass Pre NMT N67061E104
5248Nuveen Md Prem NMY N67061Q107
5249Nuveen Mich Qua NUM N670979103
5250Nuveen Mo Prem NOM A67060Q108
5251Nuveen Mult-Mkt JMM N67075J107
5252Nuveen Mun Adva NMA N67062H106
5253Nuveen Mun Inc NMI N67062J102
5254Nuveen Mun Mkt NMO N67062W103
5255Nuveen Mun Valu NUV N670928100
5256Nuveen Muni Opp NIO N670984103
5257Nuveen N C Prem NNC N67060P100
5258Nuveen Ny Mun V NNY N67062M105
5259Nuveen Ny Stfip NXN N67063V104
5260Nuveen Ohio Qua NUO N670980101
5261Nuveen Pa Invt NQP N670972108
5262Nuveen Perform NPP N67062P108
5263Nuveen Prem Inc NPI N67062T100
5264Nuveen Prem Mf2 NPM N67063W102
5265Nuveen Prem Mf4 NPT N6706K4105
5266Nuveen Premier NPF N670988104
5267Nuveen Qua Muni NQI N67062N103
5268Nuveen Qual Inc NQU N670977107
5269Nuveen Select M NIM N67061T101
5270Nuveen Sl Q Mun NQS N670973106
5271Nuveen Sl Tfip NXP N67062F100
5272Nuveen Sl Tfip2 NXQ N67063C106
5273Nuveen Slct Tx NXR N67063X100
5274Nuveen Tex Qual NTX N670983105
5275Nuveen Va Prem NPV N67064R102
5276Nuverra Env Sol NES ON67091K203
5277Nuvim Inc NUVM T67071X100
5278Nuvn-Ndq100 Dof QQQX S670699107
5279Nuvo Research NRIFF T67072X505
5280Nv5 Holding Inc NVEE S62945V109
5281Nve Corp NVEC S629445206
5282Nvidia Corp NVDA SO567066G104
5283Nview Corp NVUE T670974104
5284Nvr Inc NVR N62944T105
5285Nwt Uranium Cp NWURF T62948B100
5286Nxp Semiconduct NXPI SON6596X109
5287Nxstage Medical NXTM SO67072V103
5288Nxt Energy Sol NSFDF T62948Q107
5289Nxt Nutritional NXTH T67073X108
5290Ny Health Care BBAL T649487204
5291Ny Times A NYT ON650111107
5292Nymet Holdings NYMH T670762202
5293Nymox Pharmactl NYMX SO67076P102
5294Nyse Composite NYAX U62948C108
5295O Reilly Auto ORLY SO567103H107
5296O2Micro Int Ltd OIIM SO67107W100
5297Oak Rdg Fin Ser BKOR T671768109
5298Oak Valley Bncp OVLY S671807105
5299Oakridge Gl Egy OGES T673833109
5300Oaktree Cap Grp OAK ON674001201
5301Oasis Petroleum OAS ON674215108
5302Obsidian Entrps OBDE T674483201
5303Occidental Pet OXY ON51674599105
5304Ocean Bio-Chem OBCI S674631106
5305Ocean Power Tec OPTT SO674870308
5306Ocean Rig Udw ORIG SOY64354205
5307Ocean Shore Hld OSHC S67501R103
5308Ocean Smart Inc OCSM T67502R102
5309Oceaneering Int OII ON675232102
5310Oceanfirst Finl OCFC S675234108
5311Ocera Therapeut OCRX SO67552A108
5312Och-Ziff Captl OZM ON67551U105
5313Oci Partners Lp OCIP ON67091N108
5314Oci Resources OCIR N67081B106
5315Oclaro Inc OCLR SO67555N206
5316Oconee Fedl Fin OFED S675607105
5317Ocular Theraptx OCUL S67576A100
5318Oculus Innovatv OCLS SO67575P207
5319Ocwen Finl Corp OCN ON675746309
5320Odd Job Stores ODDJ T67575J102
5321Odimo Inc ODMO T67606R107
5322Odyssey Marine OMEX SO676118102
5323Odyssey Pict Cp OPIX T676121106
5324Office Depot ODP SO676220106
5325Ofg Bancorp OFG ON67103X102
5326Ofs Capital Crp OFS S67103B100
5327Oge Energy Corp OGE ON670837103
5328Ogx Petrole Adr OGXPY T68061P107
5329Oha Investment OHAI SO67091U102
5330Ohio Art Co OART T677143109
5331Ohio Legacy Cp OLCB T677399206
5332Ohio Valley Bcp OVBC S677719106
5333Ohr Pharmaceut OHRP SO67778H200
5334Oi Sa OIBR ON670851401
5335Oi Sa-C OIBRC ON670851302
5336Oil Dri Corp Am ODC N677864100
5337Oil States Intl OIS ON678026105
5338Old Dominion Fl ODFL SO679580100
5339Old Line Bancsh OLBK S67984M100
5340Old Mutual Plc ODMTY T680031309
5341Old Natl Bcp ONB SO680033107
5342Old Point Finl OPOF S680194107
5343Old Rep Intl ORI ON680223104
5344Old Second Bcp OSBC S680277100
5345Olin Corp OLN ON680665205
5346Olympic Steel ZEUS SO68162K106
5347Olympus Corp OCPNY T68163W109
5348Om Asset Mgmt OMAM NG67506108
5349Om Group Inc OMG ON670872100
5350Omega Comml Fin OCFN T68207V307
5351Omega Flex Inc OFLX S682095104
5352Omega Hlthcare OHI ON681936100
5353Omega Protein OME ON68210P107
5354Omeros Corp OMER SO682143102
5355Omni Bio Pharma OMBP T68216L100
5356Omni Finl Svcs OFSI T68214U102
5357Omnicare Inc OCR ON681904108
5358Omnicell Inc OMCL SO68213N109
5359Omnicom Grp OMC ON5681919106
5360Omnicomm System OMCM T68212U104
5361Omnitek Enginrg OMTK T68215W107
5362Omnivision Tech OVTI SO682128103
5363Omnova Solution OMN ON682129101
5364Omtool Ltd OMTL T681974309
5365Omv Ag Ads OMVJF TA51460110
5366On Assignment ASGN ON682159108
5367On Deck Capital ONDK ON682163100
5368On Semicon Corp ON SO682189105
5369On Track Innov OTIV SOM8791A109
5370Oncogenex Pharm OGXI SO68230A106
5371Oncologix Tech OCLG T68230M209
5372Oncolytics Bio ONCY SO682310107
5373Oncomed Pharma OMED SO68234X102
5374Onconova Therap ONTX SO68232V108
5375Oncosec Medical ONCS S68234L207
5376Oncothyreon Inc ONTY SO682324108
5377One Bio Corp ONBI T682323209
5378One Gas Inc OGS ON68235P108
5379One Group Hosp STKS S88338K103
5380One Horizon Grp OHGI S68235H205
5381One Lbrty Ppty OLP ON682406103
5382Onebeacon Insur OB ONG67742109
5383Oneida Finl Cp ONFC S682479100
5384Oneok Inc OKE ON5682680103
5385Oneok Partners OKS ON68268N103
5386Online Vacation ONVC T68275E104
5387Ono Pharma Ltd OPHLF TJ61546115
5388Onsite Energy ONSE T68284P108
5389Onstream Media ONSM OT682875208
5390Onvia.Com Inc ONVI S68338T403
5391Onyx Corp ONXC T683378103
5392Open Text Corp OTEX SO683715106
5393Opexa Therapeut OPXA SO68372T202
5394Opgen Inc OPGN S68373L109
5395Ophthotech Corp OPHT SO683745103
5396Opko Health Inc OPK ON68375N103
5397Opower Inc OPWR ON68375Y109
5398Oppenheimer Hld OPY N683797104
5399Optex Systems OPXS T68384X100
5400Opti Inc OPTI OT683960108
5401Optibase Ltd OBAS SM7524R116
5402Optical Cable OCC S683827208
5403Optimizerx Corp OPRX T68401U105
5404Optimumbk Hldgs OPHC S68401P304
5405Optimumcare Cor OPMC T68388V100
5406Optionable Inc OPBL T684006109
5407Options Media OPMG T684008105
5408Opus Bank OPB S684000102
5409Oracle Corp ORCL ON5168389X105
5410Oragenics Inc OGEN A684023203
5411Oramed Pharmact ORMP SO68403P203
5412Orange Cty Bus OCBB T684193105
5413Orange-Adr ORAN ON684060106
5414Orasure Tech OSUR SO68554V108
5415Orbcomm Inc ORBC SO68555P100
5416Orbit Intl Corp ORBT T685559304
5417Orbit/Fr Inc ORFR T685929101
5418Orbital Atk Inc OA ON68557N103
5419Orbital Trackng TRKK T68558X100
5420Orbite Tech Inc EORBF T68558W102
5421Orbitz Worldwid OWW ON68557K109
5422Orbotech Ltd ORBK SOM75253100
5423Orchid Island ORC N68571X103
5424Orchids Paper TIS A68572N104
5425Orckit Comm ORCT OTM7531S206
5426Ore Holdings ORXE OT685775207
5427Orexigen Therap OREX SO686164104
5428Organovo Hldgs ONVO OA68620A104
5429Orient Overseas OROVY T68620F103
5430Orient Paper ONP OA68619F205
5431Origen Finl Inc ORGN T68619E208
5432Origin Agritech SEED SOG67828106
5433Originclear Inc OOIL T686228206
5434Orion Energy Sy OESX SO686275108
5435Orion Enginrd OEC NL72967109
5436Orion Hlthcrp ORNH T68627W109
5437Orion Marine Gp ORN ON68628V308
5438Oritani Finl Cp ORIT SO68633D103
5439Orix Corp-Adr IX N686330101
5440Ormat Tech Inc ORA ON686688102
5441Orocobre Ltd Ml OROCF TQ7142R106
5442Orosur Mining OROXF T687196105
5443Orrstown Finl ORRF S687380105
5444Orsus Xelent Te ORSX T68749U205
5445Orthofix Intl OFIX SON6748L102
5446Orthometrix Inc OMRX T68750M100
5447Oryon Technolgs ORYN T68764G107
5448Oryx Technology ORYX T68763X309
5449Osage Expl&Devl OEDV T68771L107
5450Oshkosh Corp OSK ON688239201
5451Osi Systems Inc OSIS SO671044105
5452Osiris Corp OSRS T68827T104
5453Osiris Theraptc OSIR SO68827R108
5454Osl Holdings OSLH T67105N201
5455Ossen Innov-Adr OSN S688410109
5456Osteologix Hldg OLGXF TG67926108
5457Otc Markets Grp OTCM T67106F108
5458Otelco Inc-A OTEL SO688823301
5459Otonomy Inc OTIC SO68906L105
5460Otter Tail Corp OTTR SO689648103
5461Ourpets Company OPCO T689890101
5462Outerwall Inc OUTR SO690070107
5463Outfront Media OUT ON69007J106
5464Ovascience OVAS SO69014Q101
5465Overseas Shiphl OSGB OA69036R400
5466Overstock.Com OSTK SO690370101
5467Owens & Minor OMI ON690732102
5468Owens Corning OC ON690742101
5469Owens Realty Mg ORM A690828108
5470Owens-Illinois OI ON5690768403
5471Oxbridge Re Hld OXBR SG6856M106
5472Oxford Bank Cp OXBC T69140P100
5473Oxford Immunotc OXFD SG6855A103
5474Oxford Inds Inc OXM ON691497309
5475Oxford Lane Cap OXLC S691543102
5476Oxigene Inc OXGN SO691828404
5477Oxis Intl Inc OXIS T691829402
5478Oxysure Systems OXYS T69208T101
5479P&F Industries PFIN S692830508
5480Pab Bankshares PABK T69313P101
5481Pac Coast Oil ROYT ON694103102
5482Pac Ethanol Inc PEIX SO69423U305
5483Pac Office Ppty PCFO T694714106
5484Pac Premier Bcp PPBI SO69478X105
5485Pac Rubiale Egy PEGFF T69480U206
5486Pac Sunwear Cal PSUN SO694873100
5487Paccar Inc PCAR SO5693718108
5488Pace Medical PMDL T69372M106
5489Pacholder Fund PHF A693742108
5490Pacific Allianc PFBN T693963100
5491Pacific Basin PCFBY T69402P103
5492Pacific Biosci PACB SO69404D108
5493Pacific Booker PBM A69403R108
5494Pacific Cma Inc PACC T69403T104
5495Pacific Commerc PFCI T694124108
5496Pacific Contl PCBK S69412V108
5497Pacific Datavsn PDVW S694171307
5498Pacific Drillng PACD ONL7257P106
5499Pacific Mercant PMBC S694552100
5500Pacific Nw Cap PAWEF T694916206
5501Pacific St Bcp PSBC T694864109
5502Pacific Valy Bk PVBK T69503P101
5503Pacific Venture PACV T695042101
5504Pacific Webwork PWEB T69506E103
5505Pacific West Bk PWBO T69506W103
5506Pacifichealth PHLI T695113100
5507Pacira Pharmact PCRX SO695127100
5508Packaging Corp PKG ON695156109
5509Pacwest Bancorp PACW SO695263103
5510Pain Therapeut PTIE SO69562K100
5511Painted Pony Pt PDPYF T695781104
5512Paladin Energy PALAF TQ7264T104
5513Palatin Tech PTN OA696077403
5514Pall Corp PLL ON5696429307
5515Palmetto Bancsh PLMT S697062206
5516Palo Alto Netwk PANW ON697435105
5517Pam Transport PTSI S693149106
5518Pamet Systems PMTT T697640308
5519Pampa Energia PAM N697660207
5520Pan Amer Goldfd MXOM T697844108
5521Pan Amer Silver PAAS SO697900108
5522Panacea Global PANG T698103108
5523Panache Beverag WDKA T698105103
5524Panacos Pharma PANC OT69811Q106
5525Panalpina Weltt PLWTY T698116100
5526Panasonic Corp PCRFY OT69832A205
5527Pandora Media P ON698354107
5528Panera Bread Co PNRA SO69840W108
5529Pangaea Logistc PANL SG6891L105
5530Panglobal Brand PNGB T69841Q100
5531Panhandle Oil&G PHX ON698477106
5532Papa Johns Intl PZZA SO698813102
5533Papa Murphys Hl FRSH SO698814100
5534Par Petro Cp PARR A69888T207
5535Par Tech PAR N698884103
5536Parabel Inc PABL T69889U104
5537Paradigm Med PDMI T69900Q884
5538Paradigm Oil&Gs PDGO T69901U306
5539Paradigm System PSYS T69901J103
5540Paragon Offshor PGN ONG6S01W108
5541Paragon Reit PRLE T69912Y305
5542Paragon Shippng PRGN SO69913R408
5543Paragon Tech PGNT T69912T108
5544Paramount Gold PZG A69924M109
5545Paramount Group PGRE ON69924R108
5546Paramount Res PRMRF T699320206
5547Paratek Pharma PRTK SO699374302
5548Parexel Intl Cp PRXL SO699462107
5549Park Bancorp PFED T700164106
5550Park City Grp PCYG SO700215304
5551Park Electroche PKE ON700416209
5552Park National PRK OA700658107
5553Park Ohio Hldng PKOH SO700666100
5554Park Place Egy PKPL T700689201
5555Park Sterlng Cp PSTB SO70086Y105
5556Parke Bcp Inc PKBK S700885106
5557Parker Drilling PKD ON701081101
5558Parker Hannifin PH ON5701094104
5559Parkervision PRKR SO701354102
5560Parkson Retl Gp PKSGY T70147B102
5561Parkway Bank PKWY T70153M109
5562Parkway Ppty PKY ON70159Q104
5563Parnell Pharma PARN SQ73622104
5564Parsley Engy-A PE ON701877102
5565Partner Comm PTNR SO70211M109
5566Partnerre Ltd PRE ONG6852T105
5567Party City Hoco PRTY ON702149105
5568Passport Brands PBIX T70285H101
5569Passport Potash PPRTF T70286C200
5570Passur Aerospac PSSR T70285Y104
5571Patapsco Bancrp PATD T702898107
5572Patent Propert PPRO T703070102
5573Pathfinder Bc PBHC S70319R109
5574Pathfinder Cell PFND T70319A106
5575Patient Portal PPRG T70322M204
5576Patrick Inds PATK SO703343103
5577Patriot Energy PGYC T70336G102
5578Patriot Nationl PN N70338T102
5579Patriot Natl Bc PNBK S70336F203
5580Patriot Scientf PTSC T70336N107
5581Patriot Trnsptn PATI S70338W105
5582Pattern Energy PEGI SO70338P100
5583Patterson Cos PDCO SO5703395103
5584Patterson-Uti PTEN SO703481101
5585Paychex Inc PAYX SO5704326107
5586Paycom Software PAYC ON70432V102
5587Paylocity Hldg PCTY SO70438V106
5588Payment Data Sy PYDS T70438S103
5589Pazoo Inc PZOO T70454Q106
5590Pbf Energy Inc PBF ON69318G106
5591Pbf Logistics PBFX ON69318Q104
5592Pc Connection PCCC SO69318J100
5593Pc Group Inc PCGR T70455G107
5594Pc Mall Inc PCMI SO69323K100
5595Pc-Tel Inc PCTI SO69325Q105
5596Pccw Ltd-Adr PCCWY T70454G207
5597Pccw Ltd-Otc PCWLF TY6802P120
5598Pcm Fund Inc PCM N69323T101
5599Pdc Energy Inc PDCE SO69327R101
5600Pdf Solutions PDFS SO693282105
5601Pdg Realty Sa PDGRY T70454K109
5602Pdi Inc PDII SO69329V100
5603Pdl Biopharma PDLI SO69329Y104
5604Peabody Energy BTU ON704549104
5605Peace Arch Ent PAEGF T704586304
5606Peak Pharma PKPH T70469W106
5607Peak Resorts SKIS SO70469L100
5608Peapack Gladstn PGC S704699107
5609Pearson Plc-Adr PSO ON705015105
5610Pebblebrook Htl PEB ON70509V100
5611Pedevco Corp PED A70532Y204
5612Pegasus Compans PEGX OT70557X107
5613Pegasystems Inc PEGA SO705573103
5614Pelangio Expl PGXPF T705646107
5615Pembina Pipeln PBA ON706327103
5616Pen Inc PENC T706582103
5617Pendrell Corp PCO S70686R104
5618Pengrowth Egy PGH ON70706P104
5619Penn Natl Gamng PENN SO707569109
5620Penn Re Inv Tr PEI ON709102107
5621Penn Virginia PVA ON707882106
5622Penn West Egy PWE ON707887105
5623Pennantpark Frc PFLT SO70806A106
5624Pennantpark Inv PNNT SO708062104
5625Penney (Jc) Inc JCP ON708160106
5626Penns Woods Bcp PWOD S708430103
5627Penntex Midstrm PTXP S709311104
5628Pennymac Fin Sv PFSI ON70932B101
5629Pennymac Mortge PMT ON70931T103
5630Penske Auto Grp PAG ON70959W103
5631Pentair Plc PNR ON5G7S00T104
5632Peopl Bancp-Ind PBNI T709788202
5633Peopl Bcp Of Nc PEBK S710577107
5634Peopl Bncp-Ohio PEBO S709789101
5635People Bank Com PBCO T710311101
5636Peoples Educatn PEDH T711026104
5637Peoples Fin Cp PFBX S71103B102
5638Peoples Fin Svc PFIS S711040105
5639Peoples Utah Bc PUB S712706209
5640Peoples Utd Fin PBCT SO5712704105
5641Peoples-Sidney PPSF T712308204
5642Pep Boys M M &J PBY ON713278109
5643Pepco Hldgs POM ON5713291102
5644Pepsico Inc PEP ON51713448108
5645Perceptron Inc PRCP SO71361F100
5646Peregrine Pharm PPHM SO713661304
5647Perfect World PWRD SO71372U104
5648Perficient Inc PRFT SO71375U101
5649Performance Spr PSG N71377G100
5650Performant Finl PFMT SO71377E105
5651Pericom Semicon PSEM SO713831105
5652Perion Network PERI SOM78673106
5653Perkinelmer Inc PKI ON5714046109
5654Perma-Fix Envir PESI S714157203
5655Permian Bas Rt PBT ON714236106
5656Pernix Group PRXG T714263209
5657Pernix Theraptc PTX SO71426V108
5658Pernod Ricard PDRDY T714264207
5659Perrigo Co Plc PRGO ON5G97822103
5660Perry Ellis Int PERY SO288853104
5661Perseon Corp PRSN SO715270203
5662Pershing Gld Cp PGLCD T715302204
5663Pervasip Corp PVSP T715709200
5664Petaquilla Mnrl PTQMF T716013107
5665Petmed Express PETS SO716382106
5666Petrobras Egy PZE ON71646J109
5667Petrobras-Adr C PBR ON71654V408
5668Petrobras-Adr P PBRA ON71654V101
5669Petrochina Adr PTR ON71646E100
5670Petrofac Ltd POFCY T716473103
5671Petrohunter Egy PHUN T71649T104
5672Petroleum Geo PGSVY T716599105
5673Petrominerals PTRO T716732201
5674Petroquest Engy PQ ON716748108
5675Petsec Engy-Adr PSJEY T715796108
5676Pfenex Inc PFNX A717071104
5677Pfizer Inc PFE ON51717081103
5678Pfsweb Inc PFSW SO717098206
5679Pg&E Corp PCG ON569331C108
5680Pgt Inc PGTI SO69336V101
5681Pharma-Bio Serv PBSV T71711N100
5682Pharmacyte Biot PMCB T71715X104
5683Pharmagen Inc PHRX T71715W106
5684Pharmathene Inc PIP OA71714G102
5685Pharmaxis Ltd PXSLY T71715J105
5686Pharmchem Inc PCHM T717133102
5687Pharmerica Corp PMC ON71714F104
5688Pharming Group PHGUF TN69603145
5689Pharmos Corp PARS T717139307
5690Pharol Sgps Sa PTGCY U717143101
5691Phh Corp PHH ON693320202
5692Phi Group Inc PHIL T69338D208
5693Phi Inc-Nvt PHIIK S69336T205
5694Phi Inc-Vtg PHII S69336T106
5695Phibro Animal PAHC SO71742Q106
5696Philip Morris PM ON51718172109
5697Philippine Tel PHI ON718252604
5698Phillips 66 PSX ON5718546104
5699Phillips 66 Ptr PSXP ON718549207
5700Phoenix Cmpnies PNX ON71902E604
5701Phoenix Footwea PXFG T71903M209
5702Phoenix Gold PGLD T719068108
5703Phoenix Int Ven PIVN T71907L108
5704Phoenix New Med FENG ON71910C103
5705Phosphate Hldgs PHOS T71922F102
5706Photoelect Corp PECN T719320103
5707Photomedex Inc PHMD SO719358301
5708Photon Technolo PHTO T719378200
5709Photronics Inc PLAB SO719405102
5710Physicians Rlty DOC ON71943U104
5711Pico Holdings PICO SO693366205
5712Piedmont Commty PCBN T72013P108
5713Piedmont Nat Ga PNY ON720186105
5714Piedmont Office PDM ON720190206
5715Pier 1 Imports PIR ON720279108
5716Pieris Pharmact PIRS T720795103
5717Pilgrim Petrolm PGPM T72147P107
5718Pilgrims Pride PPC SO72147K108
5719Pimco Cp&Inc Op PTY N72201B101
5720Pimco Hif PHK N722014107
5721Pimco St Glb Gv RCS N72200X104
5722Pimco-1-5 Yr Tp STPZ A72201R205
5723Pimco-15+Y Tips LTPZ OA72201R304
5724Ping An Ins Grp PNGAY T72341E304
5725Pingtan Marine PME SG7114V102
5726Pinnacle Bancsh PPBN T72345E102
5727Pinnacle Bcshs PCLB T722903101
5728Pinnacle Bnk Ca PBNK T72346K107
5729Pinnacle Entrtn PNK ON723456109
5730Pinnacle Fin Pt PNFP SO72346Q104
5731Pinnacle Foods PF ON72348P104
5732Pinnacle West PNW ON5723484101
5733Pioneer Bankshs PNBI T723618104
5734Pioneer Egy Svc PES ON723664108
5735Pioneer Nat Res PXD ON5723787107
5736Pioneer Oil&Gas POGS T723826301
5737Pioneer Pwr Sol PPSI S723836300
5738Pioneer Railcor PRRR T723839106
5739Piper Jaffray PJC ON724078100
5740Pitney Bowes In PBI ON5724479100
5741Pivotal Therapt PVTTF T72582E104
5742Pixelworks Inc PXLW SO72581M305
5743Plains All Amer PAA ON726503105
5744Plains Gp Hldgs PAGP ON72651A108
5745Plaintree Sys PTEEF T72663E205
5746Planar Systems PLNR SO726900103
5747Planet Payment PLPM SU72603118
5748Plantronics Inc PLT ON727493108
5749Platform Sp Pr PAH ON72766Q105
5750Platinum Group PLG A72765Q205
5751Platinum Pariml PPMH T72767J209
5752Playlogic Entmt PLGC T728127101
5753Plexus Corp PLXS SO729132100
5754Plug Power Inc PLUG SO72919P202
5755Plum Creek Tmbr PCL ON5729251108
5756Plumas Bancorp PLBC S729273102
5757Pluristem Thera PSTI SO72940R102
5758Ply Gem Holding PGEM ON72941W100
5759Pmc-Sierra Inc PMCS SO69344F106
5760Pmfg Inc PMFG SO69345P103
5761Pnc Finl Svc Cp PNC ON5693475105
5762Pnm Resources PNM ON69349H107
5763Poage Bankshrs PBSK S730206109
5764Pocketop Corp PKTO T73035T102
5765Point Blank Sol PBSOQ OT730529104
5766Point.360 PTSX T730507100
5767Pointer Telocat PNTR SM7946T104
5768Points Intl Ltd PCOM SO730843208
5769Polar Wireless BCDI T731036109
5770Polaris Indus PII ON731068102
5771Polonia Bancorp PBCP S73158Q109
5772Polycom Inc PLCM SO73172K104
5773Polydex Pharmac POLXF T731728200
5774Polymedix Inc PYMXQ T73174C308
5775Polymet Mining PLM A731916102
5776Polyone Corp POL ON73179P106
5777Polypore Intl PPO ON73179V103
5778Polyus Gold Int PLZLY T73180Y203
5779Poniard Pharmac PARD OT732449400
5780Pool Corp POOL SO73278L105
5781Pope & Talbot PTBTQ OT732827100
5782Pope Resources POPE S732857107
5783Popeyes La Ktch PLKI SO732872106
5784Popmail.Com Inc POPM T733167407
5785Popular Inc BPOP SO733174700
5786Porter Bancorp PBIB S736233107
5787Portland Gen El POR ON736508847
5788Portola Pharma PTLA SO737010108
5789Posco-Adr PKX ON693483109
5790Positiveid Corp PSID T73740J308
5791Positron Corp POSC T737397604
5792Post Holdings POST ON737446104
5793Post Pptys Inc PPS ON737464107
5794Postnl Nv-Adr PNLYY T73753A103
5795Postrock Energy PSTR SO737525204
5796Potash Sask POT ON73755L107
5797Potbelly Corp PBPB SO73754Y100
5798Potlatch Corp PCH SO737630103
5799Powell Inds POWL SO739128106
5800Power Asset Hld HGKGY T739197200
5801Power Efficienc PEFF T739268209
5802Power Intgratio POWI SO739276103
5803Power Reit PW A73933H101
5804Power Sol Intl PSIX S73933G202
5805Powersecure Int POWR ON73936N105
5806Powerwave Tech PWAVQ OT739363307
5807Pozen Inc POZN SO73941U102
5808Ppg Inds Inc PPG ON5693506107
5809Ppj Healthcare PPJE T69353D406
5810Ppl Corp PPL ON569351T106
5811Pra Group Inc PRAA SO69354N106
5812Pra Health Sci PRAH SO69354M108
5813Prana Bio -Adr PRAN SO739727105
5814Praxair Inc PX ON574005P104
5815Precision Auto PACI T74018R105
5816Precision Castp PCP ON5740189105
5817Precision Drill PDS ON74022D308
5818Precision Op/Ma PEYE T740294301
5819Preferred Aptmt APTS A74039L103
5820Preferred Bank PFBC S740367404
5821Preformed Line PLPC S740444104
5822Premd Inc PREMF T74047Y105
5823Premier Exhibit PRXI SO74051E201
5824Premier Finl Bc PFBI S74050M105
5825Premier Foods PRRFY T74051J200
5826Premier Inc-A PINC SO74051N102
5827Premier Oil-Adr PMOIY T740536107
5828Premier Power PPRW T740566104
5829Premiere Global PGI ON740585104
5830Presbia Plc LENS SG7234P100
5831Presidl Rlty -B PDNLB T741004204
5832Press Ganey Hld PGND N74113L102
5833Pressure Biosci PBIO T74112E109
5834Prestige Brands PBH ON74112D101
5835Pretium Res Inc PVG ON74139C102
5836Prevu Inc PRVU T741390108
5837Prgx Global Inc PRGX SO69357C503
5838Priceline.Com PCLN SO5741503403
5839Pricesmart Inc PSMT SO741511109
5840Prima Biomed PBMD S74154B203
5841Prime Acquis Cp PACQF TG72436101
5842Primeenergy Cp PNRG S74158E104
5843Primerica Inc PRI ON74164M108
5844Primero Mining PPP ON74164W106
5845Primo Water Cp PRMW SO74165N105
5846Primoris Servcs PRIM SO74164F103
5847Primus Guaranty PRSG TG72457107
5848Princeton Natl PNBC T742282106
5849Principal Finl PFG ON574251V102
5850Principal Solar PSWWD T74255T202
5851Private Media PRVT T74266R302
5852Privatebancorp PVTB SO742962103
5853Pro Travel Ntwk PTVL T74271A104
5854Pro-Dex Inc -Co PDEX S74265M205
5855Proamerica Bank PMRA T74272W105
5856Proassurance Cp PRA ON74267C106
5857Procter & Gambl PG ON51742718109
5858Productivt Tech PRAC T743088106
5859Professnl Div IPDN S74312Y103
5860Profire Energy PFIE SO74316X101
5861Progen Pharmact PGLA TQ7759R100
5862Progenics Pharm PGNX SO743187106
5863Progreen Proprt PGEI T74325P107
5864Progress Softwa PRGS SO743312100
5865Progressive Cor PGR ON5743315103
5866Progressive Gam PGICQ OT74332S201
5867Progressv Waste BIN ON74339G101
5868Proliance Intl PLNTQ T74340R104
5869Prologic Mgmt PRLO T743406100
5870Prologis Inc PLD ON574340W103
5871Promedco Mgmt PMCOQ T74342L105
5872Prometic Life PFSCF T74342Q104
5873Promotora De In PRISY T74343G402
5874Proofpoint Inc PFPT SO743424103
5875Prophase Labs PRPH SO74345W108
5876Prophotonix Ltd STKR T743465106
5877Proqr Therap PRQR SN71542109
5878Pros Holdings PRO ON74346Y103
5879Prospect Cap Cp PSEC SO74348T102
5880Prospect Global PGRX T74348X202
5881Prosperity Bcsh PB ON743606105
5882Protalex Inc PRTX T743642209
5883Protalix Biothr PLX OA74365A101
5884Protea Biosci PRGB T74365B109
5885Protein Polymer PPTIQ T743697104
5886Protek Capital PRPM T74370A104
5887Proteon Therapt PRTO S74371L109
5888Proterion Corp PROI T74370Y102
5889Prothena Cp Plc PRTA SOG72800108
5890Protide Pharma PPMD T74371A103
5891Proto Labs Inc PRLB ON743713109
5892Protocall Tech PCLI T74372C108
5893Protosource Cor PSCO T743958407
5894Prourocare Med PUMD T74373C206
5895Provectus Bioph PVCT A74373P108
5896Providence Svc PRSC SO743815102
5897Providence&W Rr PWX S743737108
5898Provident Finl PROV S743868101
5899Providnt Fin Sv PFS ON74386T105
5900Proxim Corp PROXQ OT744283201
5901Proxim Wireless PRXM T744285206
5902Prudential Bcp PBIP S74431A101
5903Prudential Finl PRU ON5744320102
5904Prudential Plc PUK ON74435K204
5905Ps Business Pks PSB ON69360J107
5906Psivida Corp PSDV SO74440J101
5907Psm Holdings PSMH T69364D106
5908Psychemedics Cp PMD S744375205
5909Pt Bank Mandiri PPERY T69367U105
5910Ptc Inc PTC SO69370C100
5911Ptc Therapeutic PTCT SO69366J200
5912Public Co Mgmt PCMC T744392101
5913Public Storage PSA ON574460D109
5914Public Sv Entrp PEG ON5744573106
5915Publicis Gp-Adr PUBGY T74463M106
5916Publix Supermkt PUSH T744663105
5917Puda Coal New PUDA OT744674300
5918Pulaski Finl Cp PULB S745548107
5919Pulmatrix Inc PULM S74584P103
5920Pulse Network TPNI T74586X203
5921Pulte Group Onc PHM ON5745867101
5922Puma Biotechnlg PBYI ON74587V107
5923Puradyn Filter PFTI T746091107
5924Puramed Biosci PMBS T746094200
5925Pure Bioscience PURE OT74621T209
5926Pure Cycle Corp PCYO SO746228303
5927Puresafe Water PSWS T74624H103
5928Purfumania Hldg PERF S71376C100
5929Putnam High Inc PCF N746779107
5930Putnam Managed PMM N746823103
5931Putnam Mast Int PIM N746909100
5932Putnam Mun Oppo PMO N746922103
5933Putnam Premier PPT N746853100
5934Pvh Corp PVH ON5693656100
5935Pwrsh-Db Agric DBA OA73936B408
5936Pwrsh-Db B Metl DBB OA73936B705
5937Pwrsh-Db Comdty DBC OA73935S105
5938Pwrsh-Db G10 Cu DBV OA73935Y102
5939Pwrsh-Em Svn Dp PCY OA73936T573
5940Pwrsh-Glbl List PSP OA73935X195
5941Pwrsh-India Por PIN OA73935L100
5942Pwrsh-Intl Dvd PID OA73935X716
5943Pwrsh-Pfd Port PGX OA73936T565
5944Pzena Investmnt PZN ON74731Q103
5945Q-Med Inc QMED T747914109
5946Q2 Holdings Inc QTWO ON74736L109
5947Qad Inc QADB SO74727D207
5948Qad Inc-A QADA SO74727D306
5949Qc Holdings Inc QCCO S74729T101
5950Qcr Hldgs Inc QCRH S74727A104
5951Qep Company Inc QEPC T74727K102
5952Qep Midstrm Ptr QEPM ON74735R115
5953Qep Resources QEP ON574733V100
5954Qiagen Nv QGEN SON72482107
5955Qihoo 360 Tech QIHU ON74734M109
5956Qiwi Plc-Adr QIWI SO74735M108
5957Qkl Stores Inc QKLS S74732Y303
5958Qlik Technologs QLIK SO74733T105
5959Qlogic Corp QLGC SO747277101
5960Qlt Inc QLTI SO746927102
5961Qnb Cp QNBC T74726N107
5962Qorvo Inc QRVO SO574736K101
5963Qts Realty Trst QTS ON74736A103
5964Quad Graphics QUAD ON747301109
5965Quad Systems Cp QSYSQ T74730Q104
5966Quadrant 4 Sys QFOR T74735A104
5967Quaint Oak Bncp QNTO T74732T106
5968Quaker Chemical KWR ON747316107
5969Qualcomm Inc QCOM SO51747525103
5970Quality Distrib QLTY SO74756M102
5971Quality Sys QSII SO747582104
5972Qualmark Corp QMRK T747587103
5973Qualstar Corp QBAK S74758R109
5974Qualys Inc QLYS SO74758T303
5975Quanex Bldg Prd NX ON747619104
5976Quanta Services PWR ON574762E102
5977Quantrx Biomed QTXB T74765N109
5978Quantum Cp-Dssg QTM ON747906204
5979Quantum Fuel Sy QTWW SO74765E307
5980Quantum Solar QSPW T74766C102
5981Quaterra Resrcs QTRRF T747952109
5982Quest Diagnostc DGX ON574834L100
5983Quest Rare Mnrl QRMLF OT74836T101
5984Quest Res Hldg QRHC S74836W104
5985Questar STR ON748356102
5986Questar Assess QUSA T74837A101
5987Quick Med Tech QMDT T74837Q106
5988Quicklogic Corp QUIK SO74837P108
5989Quicksilver Res KWKAQ OT74837R104
5990Quidel Corp QDEL SO74838J101
5991Quiksilver Inc ZQK ON74838C106
5992Quinstreet Inc QNST SO74874Q100
5993Quintiles Trans Q ON74876Y101
5994Qumu Corp QUMU SO749063103
5995Qunar Caymn Ltd QUNR SO74906P104
5996Quotemedia Inc QMCI T749114104
5997Quotient Ltd QTNT SG73268107
5998Rackspace Hostg RAX ON750086100
5999Rada Electronic RADA SM81863116
6000Radcom Ltd RDCM SM81865111
6001Radian Grp Inc RDN ON750236101
6002Radiant Logist RLGT A75025X100
6003Radio One -Cl D ROIAK SO75040P405
6004Radio One Inc ROIA SO75040P108
6005Radioio Inc RAIO T75041A100
6006Radioshack Corp RSHCQ OT750438103
6007Radisys Corp RSYS SO750459109
6008Radius Health RDUS SO750469207
6009Radnet Inc RDNT SO750491102
6010Radva Corp RDVA T750610107
6011Radview Softwre RDVWF TM81867109
6012Radware Ltd RDWR SOM81873107
6013Raiffeisen Bank RAIFY T750732109
6014Rainier Pac Fin RPFG T75087U101
6015Rainmaker Sys VCTL T750875304
6016Rait Finl Trust RAS ON749227609
6017Rally Software RALY ON751198102
6018Ralph Lauren Cp RL ON5751212101
6019Rambus Inc RMBS SO750917106
6020Ramco-Gershensn RPT ON751452202
6021Rand Cap Corp RAND S752185108
6022Rand Logistics RLOG S752182105
6023Rand Worldwide RWWI T752246108
6024Randgold Rsrcs GOLD SO752344309
6025Randstad Holdng RANJY T75279Q108
6026Range Resources RRC ON575281A109
6027Rapid Fire Mktg RFMK T75339L206
6028Raptor Pharmact RPTP SO75382F106
6029Rare Element Rs REE OA75381M102
6030Rave Restaurant RAVE S754198109
6031Raven Gold Corp RVNG T75421M203
6032Raven Inds Inc RAVN SO754212108
6033Raymond Jas Fin RJF ON754730109
6034Rayonier Adv Mt RYAM ON75508B104
6035Rayonier Inc RYN ON754907103
6036Raytheon Co RTN ON51755111507
6037Rbc Bearings ROLL SO75524B104
6038Rbc Life Scienc RBCL T74926T201
6039Rbs-Ndq100 Trnd TNDQ A78009P143
6040Rci Hospitality RICK SO74934Q108
6041Rcm Tech Inc RCMT SO749360400
6042Rcs Capital Cp RCAP ON74937W102
6043Re/Max Holdings RMAX ON75524W108
6044Reachlocal Inc RLOC SO75525F104
6045Reading Intl RDI SO755408101
6046Real Goods Solr RGSE SO75601N203
6047Real Industry RELY SO75601W104
6048Reald Inc RLD ON75604L105
6049Realnetworks RNWK SO75605L708
6050Realogy Holding RLGY ON75605Y106
6051Realpage Inc RP SO75606N109
6052Realty Income O ON5756109104
6053Receivbl Acquis CSEI T75619P109
6054Receptos Inc RCPT SO756207106
6055Reckitt Bencksr RBGLY T756255204
6056Recon Technolog RCON SG7415M108
6057Recondition Sys RESY T756240305
6058Recro Pharma REPH S75629F109
6059Red Hat Inc RHT ON5756577102
6060Red Lion Hotels RLH ON756764106
6061Red Robin Gourm RRGB SO75689M101
6062Redhawk Resrcs RHWKF T75746K106
6063Redhill Bio-Adr RDHL S757468103
6064Rediff.Com -Adr REDF SO757479100
6065Redify Group RDFY T75747A107
6066Redline Prf Prd REDL T75763Q101
6067Redpoint Bio Cp RPBC T757736103
6068Redwood Trust RWT ON758075402
6069Ree Intl Inc REEI T758109102
6070Reed Elsevr-Adr RUK N758205207
6071Reed Elsevr-Nv ENL N758204200
6072Reeds Inc REED OA758338107
6073Regal Beloit RBC ON758750103
6074Regal Entmnt Gp RGC ON758766109
6075Regen Biologies RGBOQ T75884M302
6076Regency Affilts RAFI T758847404
6077Regency Ctrs Cp REG ON758849103
6078Regeneron Pharm REGN SO575886F107
6079Regenerx Biophm RGRX T75886X108
6080Regenicin Inc RGIN T75887Q102
6081Regent Tech Inc REGT T758905301
6082Regi Us Inc RGUS T758943104
6083Regional Manage RM ON75902K106
6084Regions Finl Cp RF ON57591EP100
6085Regis Corp/Mn RGS ON758932107
6086Regulus Therap RGLS SO75915K101
6087Reinsurance Grp RGA ON759351604
6088Reis Inc REIS S75936P105
6089Reliability Inc RLBY T759903107
6090Reliance Inds RLNIY T759470107
6091Reliance Steel RS ON759509102
6092Reliv Intl Inc RELV S75952R100
6093Relm Wireless RWC OA759525108
6094Relypsa Inc RLYP SO759531106
6095Remark Media MARK S75954W107
6096Remendent Inc REMI T75954T104
6097Remote Dynm Inc RMTD T75962A303
6098Remy Intl Inc REMY SO75971M108
6099Renaissancere RNR ONG7496G103
6100Renasant Corp RNST SO75970E107
6101Renesola Lt-Adr SOL ON75971T103
6102Renewable Egy EBODF OTG7495T106
6103Renewable Energ REGI SO75972A301
6104Renewal Fuels RNWF T75971P101
6105Renhe Comml Hld RNHEF TG75004104
6106Renovacare Inc RCAR T75988J106
6107Renren Inc-Adr RENN ON759892102
6108Rent-A-Center RCII SO76009N100
6109Rentech Inc RTK SO760112102
6110Rentech Nitrogn RNF ON760113100
6111Rentokil In Plc RTOKY T760125104
6112Rentrak Corp RENT SO760174102
6113Reostar Energy REOS T760259101
6114Repligen RGEN SO759916109
6115Repro Medsystem REPR T759910102
6116Repros Therapeu RPRX SO76028H209
6117Repsol Sa-Adr REPYY OT76026T205
6118Republic Airway RJET SO760276105
6119Republic Bcp Ky RBCAA SO760281204
6120Republic Fst Bc FRBK S760416107
6121Republic Svcs RSG ON5760759100
6122Research Frntrs REFR SO760911107
6123Research Solutn RSSS T761025105
6124Resmed Inc RMD ON761152107
6125Resolute Energy REN ON76116A108
6126Resolute Forest RFP ON76117W109
6127Resonant Inc RESN S76118L102
6128Resource Amer-A REXI SO761195205
6129Resource Capitl RSO ON76120W302
6130Resourcephoenix RPCX T76122L106
6131Resources Cnctn RECN SO76122Q105
6132Response Genetc RGDX S76123U105
6133Response Onclgy ROIX T761232305
6134Response Usa RSPNQ T761235506
6135Restaurant Brnd QSR ON76131D103
6136Restoration Hdw RH ON761283100
6137Restorgenex Cp RESX T76132G105
6138Retail Oppurtun ROIC SO76131N101
6139Retail Properts RPAI ON76131V202
6140Retailmenot Inc SALE SO76132B106
6141Retractable Tec RVP A76129W105
6142Retrophin Inc RTRX SO761299106
6143Reunion Indus RUNI T761312107
6144Revance Therap RVNC SO761330109
6145Revlon Inc-A REV ON761525609
6146Revolution Lt RVLT SO76155G107
6147Revolutions Med RMCP T76154Q106
6148Rewalk Robotics RWLK SM8216Q101
6149Rex American Rs REX N761624105
6150Rex Energy Corp REXX SO761565100
6151Rexahn Pharmact RNN A761640101
6152Rexam Plc-Adr REXMY T761655604
6153Rexford Ind Rty REXR ON76169C100
6154Rexhall Inds REXLQ T761684109
6155Rexnord Corp RXN ON76169B102
6156Reynolds Amer RAI ON5761713106
6157Rf Industries RFIL S749552105
6158Rgc Res Inc RGCO S74955L103
6159Rhino Resources RNO ON76218Y103
6160Rice Energy Inc RICE ON762760106
6161Rice Midstream RMP ON762819100
6162Ricebran Tech RIBT S762831204
6163Richardson Elec RELL SO763165107
6164Richmont Mines RIC OA76547T106
6165Ricoh Ltd Adr RICOY T765658307
6166Rigel Pharmctcl RIGL SO766559603
6167Rightscorp Inc RIHT T76658A102
6168Rightside Group NAME SO76658B100
6169Rignet Inc RNET SO766582100
6170Ring Energy Inc REI OA76680V108
6171Ringcentral Inc RNG ON76680R206
6172Rino Intl Corp RINO OT766883102
6173Rio Tinto-Adr RIO ON767204100
6174Risk(George) In RSKIA T767720204
6175Rit Tech Ltd RITT SM8215Q110
6176Ritchie Bros RBA ON767744105
6177Rite Aid Corp RAD ON767754104
6178Ritter Pharmact RTTR S767836109
6179River Valley Bc RIVR S768475105
6180Riverdale Oil&G RVDO T768692105
6181Riverview Bancp RVSB S769397100
6182Riviera Tool Co RIVT T769648106
6183Rli Corp RLI ON749607107
6184Rlj Entertain RLJE S74965F104
6185Rlj Lodging Tr RLJ ON74965L101
6186Rmg Networks RMGN S74966K102
6187Roadhouse Grill GRLL T769725102
6188Roadrunner Tran RRTS ON76973Q105
6189Robo Grp Tk Ltd ROBOF TM20330102
6190Robt Half Intl RHI ON5770323103
6191Roche Hldg Ltd RHHBY T771195104
6192Rock Creek Phar RCPI SO772081204
6193Rock Energy Res RCKE T77208P102
6194Rock Ridge Res RRRI T77267T102
6195Rock-Tenn Co RKT ON772739207
6196Rocket Fuel Inc FUEL SO773111109
6197Rocketinfo Inc RKTI T77313T106
6198Rockford Corp ROFO T77316P101
6199Rockport Health RPHL T773816103
6200Rockwell Automt ROK ON5773903109
6201Rockwell Collin COL ON5774341101
6202Rockwell Med RMTI SO774374102
6203Rockwood Natl RNTL T774429104
6204Rocky Brands RCKY S774515100
6205Rocky Mt Choc RMCF S77467X101
6206Rofin-Sinar RSTI SO775043102
6207Rogers Comm Clb RCI ON775109200
6208Rogers Corp ROG ON775133101
6209Rohm Co Ltd U-A ROHCY T775376106
6210Roka Biosc Inc ROKA S775431109
6211Rollins Inc ROL ON775711104
6212Rolls Royce Plc RYCEY T775781206
6213Roomlinx Inc RMLX T776382509
6214Root9B Tech Inc RTNB T776650103
6215Roper Inds Inc ROP ON5776696106
6216Rose Rock Midst RRMS ON777149105
6217Rosedale Decor ROSD T777335100
6218Rosetta Genomic ROSG SOM82183126
6219Rosetta Resrcs ROSE SO777779307
6220Rosetta Stone RST ON777780107
6221Ross Stores ROST SO5778296103
6222Rossi Residencl RSRZY T778434407
6223Rostelecom Adr ROSYY OT778529107
6224Roundys Inc RNDY ON779268101
6225Rouse Properts RSE ON779287101
6226Rovi Corp ROVI SO779376102
6227Rowan Cos Plc RDC ONG7665A101
6228Rowe Cos ROWC T779528108
6229Royal Bancsh Pa RBPAA S780081105
6230Royal Bank Cda RY ON780087102
6231Royal Bk Sc-Adr RBS ON780097689
6232Royal Bk Sctlnd RBSPF TG7S86Z172
6233Royal Caribbean RCL ON5V7780T103
6234Royal Dtch Sh-A RDSA ON780259206
6235Royal Dtch Sh-B RDSB ON780259107
6236Royal Gold Inc RGLD SO780287108
6237Royal Hawaiian NNUTU T78028T100
6238Royal Olympic ROCLF TV7780Z109
6239Royal Ptt-Adr KKPNY T780641205
6240Royal Standard RYSMF T780919106
6241Royale Energy ROYL SO78074G200
6242Royce Otc Micro RMT N780915104
6243Royce Value Tr RVT N780910105
6244Rpc Inc RES ON749660106
6245Rpm Intl Inc RPM ON749685103
6246Rpx Corp RPXC SO74972G103
6247Rr Media Ltd RRM SM8183P102
6248Rsl Comm Ltd RSLCF OTG7702U102
6249Rsp Permian Inc RSPP ON74978Q105
6250Rti Intl Metals RTI ON74973W107
6251Rti Surgical RTIX SO74975N105
6252Rubicon Mnrls RBY OA780911103
6253Rubicon Project RUBI ON78112V102
6254Rubicon Technol RBCN SO78112T107
6255Ruby Tuesday RT ON781182100
6256Ruckus Wireless RKUS ON781220108
6257Rudolph Tech RTEC ON781270103
6258Rush Enterprise RUSHB S781846308
6259Rush Entrprs-A RUSHA SO781846209
6260Russell 2000 RUTX O124835109
6261Ruths Hospitlty RUTH SO783332109
6262Rvb Holdngs Ltd RVBHF TM8220U106
6263Rwe Ag -Sp Adr RWEOY T74975E303
6264Rxi Pharmaceut RXII SO74979C303
6265Ryanair Hldgs RYAAY SO783513104
6266Ryder Sys R ON5783549108
6267Ryerson Holding RYI N783754104
6268Ryland Grp Inc RYL ON783764103
6269Ryman Hospitlty RHP ON78377T107
6270S&P 100 OEXX O783790108
6271S&P 500 SPAL O000001172
6272S&P 500 As Rep SPXX O648815108
6273S&P 600 SMLX O12483W100
6274S&P Ind As Rep SPNX U648815900
6275S&P Indl SPIN U000001487
6276S&P Midcap MIDX O03113H100
6277S&T Bancorp Inc STBA SO783859101
6278S&W Seed Co SANW SO785135104
6279Sabesp -Adr SBS ON20441A102
6280Sabine Oil&Gas SOGC OT78532P107
6281Sabine Rylty Tr SBR N785688102
6282Sabmiller Plc SBMRY T78572M105
6283Sabra Healthcr SBRA SO78573L106
6284Sabre Corp SABR SO78573M104
6285Sadlier(Wiliam) SADL T786327106
6286Saexploratn Hld SAEX S78636X105
6287Safe Bulkers SB ONY7388L103
6288Safeguard Sctfc SFE ON786449207
6289Safety Ins Grp SAFT SO78648T100
6290Safran Sa SAFRY T786584102
6291Saga Comms-Cl A SGA A786598300
6292Sage Group Plc SGPYY T78663S201
6293Sage Therapeutc SAGE SO78667J108
6294Sagemark Co Ltd SKCO T78668E108
6295Sagent Pharma SGNT SO786692103
6296Saia Inc SAIA SO78709Y105
6297Saigon Natl Bk SAGN T78709H102
6298Sainsbury(J)Adr JSAIY T466249208
6299Sajan Inc SAJA SO79379T202
6300Saker Aviation SKAS T79380Q106
6301Salem Comm SALM SO794093104
6302Salesforce.Com CRM ON579466L302
6303Salisbury Bancp SAL S795226109
6304Sally Beauty Co SBH ON79546E104
6305Salon Media Grp SLNM T79550B202
6306Sampo Oyj U-Adr SAXPY T79588J102
6307Samson Oil&Gas SSN OA796043206
6308Samsung Ele Ltd SSNLF TY74718100
6309San Joaquin Bcp SJQU T79805E100
6310San Juan Bas Rt SJT ON798241105
6311San Miguel Corp SMGBY T799085501
6312Sanchez Energy SN ON79970Y105
6313Sanchez Product SPP OA79971C102
6314Sancon Resourcs SRRY T79970T106
6315Sanderson Farms SAFM SO800013104
6316Sandisk Corp SNDK SO580004C101
6317Sandrdg Ms T Ii SDR ON80007V106
6318Sandridge Enrgy SD ON80007P307
6319Sandridge Miss SDT ON80007T101
6320Sandridge Permn PER ON80007A102
6321Sands China Ltd SCHYY T80007R105
6322Sandston Corp SDON T800111106
6323Sandstorm Gold SAND OA80013R206
6324Sandvik Ab SDVKY T800212201
6325Sandy Spring SASR SO800363103
6326Sanfilippo Jb&S JBSS S800422107
6327Sangamo Biosci SGMO SO800677106
6328Sanmina Corp SANM SO801056102
6329Sanofi-Aventis SNY ON80105N105
6330Santa Crz Cy Bk SCZC T801827106
6331Santa Fe Financ SFEF T802014100
6332Santa Fe Gold SFEG T80201E108
6333Santander Cnsmr SC ON80283M101
6334Santos Ltd SSLTY T803021708
6335Sanuwave Health SNWV T80303D107
6336Sap Ag Adr SAP ON803054204
6337Sapiens Intl Nv SPNS SON7716A151
6338Sappi Ltd -Adr SPPJY OT803069202
6339Saratoga Invest SAR N80349A208
6340Saratoga Resrcs SARAQ T803521103
6341Sarepta Therap SRPT SO803607100
6342Sasol Ltd -Adr SSL ON803866300
6343Satcon Tech Crp SATCQ OT803893403
6344Sauer Energy SENY T804136109
6345Saul Centers BFS N804395101
6346Save World Air ZERO T805147105
6347Sb Financial Gp SBFG S78408D105
6348Sba Comm Corp SBAC SO78388J106
6349Sbi Holdings SBHGF TJ6991H100
6350Sbt Bancorp Ct SBTB T78391C106
6351Sc Holdings Cp SCNG T78409C106
6352Scailex Cp Ltd SCIXF OTM82382207
6353Scana Corp SCG ON580589M102
6354Scanner Tech Cp SCNI T80603Q105
6355Scansource Inc SCSC SO806037107
6356Scanvec-Amiable SVAFF TM8239E101
6357Scheid Vineyard SVIN T806403200
6358Schlumberger Lt SLB ON51806857108
6359Schmitt Ind Inc SMIT S806870200
6360Schneider Elect SBGSY T80687P106
6361Schnitzer Steel SCHN SO806882106
6362Scholastic Corp SCHL SO807066105
6363Schuff Steel Co SHFK T808156103
6364Schulman(A) Inc SHLM SO808194104
6365Schwab(Chas) SCHW ON5808513105
6366Schweitzer-Maud SWM ON808541106
6367Sci Engineered SCIA T78402S108
6368Sciclone Pharma SCLN SO80862K104
6369Science App Int SAIC ON808625107
6370Scient Inc SCNTQ T808649305
6371Scientific Game SGMS SO80874P109
6372Scientific Indu SCND T808757108
6373Scientific Lrng SCIL T808760102
6374Sciquest Inc SQI SO80908T101
6375Scivanta Med Cp SCVM T809120207
6376Scmp Group Ltd SCPXY T78402H102
6377Scope Industrie SCPJ T809163108
6378Scor Adr SCRYY T80917Q106
6379Scorpio Bulkers SALT ONY7546A106
6380Scorpio Tankers STNG ONY7542C106
6381Scotts Mircl-Gr SMG ON810186106
6382Scripps Netwrks SNI ON5811065101
6383Scripsamerica SCRC T811066109
6384Scynexis Inc SCYX S811292101
6385Seaboard Corp SEB A811543107
6386Seabridge Gold SA ON811916105
6387Seachange Intl SEAC SO811699107
6388Seacoast Bkng A SBCF SO811707801
6389Seacoast Commrc SCBH T81171B108
6390Seacor Hldgs CKH ON811904101
6391Seadrill Ltd SDRL ONG7945E105
6392Seadrill Ptnrs SDLP ONY7545W109
6393Seagate Tech STX SO5G7945M107
6394Seahawk Deep SHWK T812015204
6395Sealed Air Corp SEE ON581211K100
6396Sealife Corp SLIF T81213Y108
6397Seanergy Maritm SHIP SY73760129
6398Sears Canada SRSC S81234D109
6399Sears Hldg Cp SHLD SO812350106
6400Sears Hometown SHOS SO812362101
6401Seaspan Corp SSW ONY75638109
6402Seattle Genetic SGEN SO812578102
6403Seaworld Entert SEAS ON81282V100
6404Seawright Hldgs SWRI T81282T105
6405Sec Natl Finl A SNFCA S814785309
6406Secom Ltd SOMLY T813113206
6407Second Sight Md EYES SO81362J100
6408Second St Cap CTON T813630100
6409Secured Svcs SSVC T813718103
6410Security Bncp SCYT T81377P109
6411Security Bnk Cp SBKCQ T814047106
6412Security Ca Bcp SCAF T81412M103
6413Security Fed Cp SFDL T813903101
6414Sed Intl Hldgs SEDN OT784109209
6415Sedona Corp SDNA T815677109
6416Sei Investments SEIC SO784117103
6417Seibels Bruce SBBG T816006308
6418Seiko Epson Cp SEKEY T81603X108
6419Sekisui Hse Ltd SKHSY T816078307
6420Select Bancorp SLCT S81617L108
6421Select Comfort SCSS SO81616X103
6422Select Income SIR ON81618T100
6423Select Ins Grp SIGI SO816300107
6424Select Medical SEM ON81619Q105
6425Selectica Inc SLTC SO816288203
6426Semgroup Corp-A SEMG ON81663A105
6427Semicon Mfg-Adr SMI ON81663N206
6428Semileds Corp LEDS SO816645105
6429Semler Scientfc SMLR S81684M104
6430Sempra Energy SRE ON5816851109
6431Semtech Corp SMTC SO816850101
6432Seneca Foods-A SENEA S817070501
6433Senior Housing SNH ON81721M109
6434Senomyx Inc SNMX SO81724Q107
6435Sensata Technol ST ONN7902X106
6436Sensient Tech SXT ON81725T100
6437Sentry Tech Crp SKVY T81731K101
6438Sequans Comm SQNS ON817323108
6439Sequenom Inc SQNM SO817337405
6440Sequential Brnd SQBG S817340201
6441Seratosa Inc STOA T81747V109
6442Seres Therapeut MCRB U81750R102
6443Service Corp In SCI ON817565104
6444Servicemastr Gh SERV ON81761R109
6445Servicenow Inc NOW ON81762P102
6446Servicesource SREV SO81763U100
6447Servisfirst Bcs SFBS S81768T108
6448Servotronics SVT A817732100
6449Ses Solar Inc SESI T78412U101
6450Sevcon Inc SEV S81783K108
6451Seven Arts Entm SAPX T81783N508
6452Seven&I Hld-Adr SVNDY T81783H105
6453Seventy Svn Egy SSE ON818097107
6454Severn Bcp Md SVBI S81811M100
6455Sevion Theraptc SVON T81834Q104
6456Sfb Bancorp Inc SFBK T78412C101
6457Sfx Entmt Inc SFXE SO784178303
6458Sgoco Tech Ltd SGOC SG80751103
6459Sgs Sa Adr Swiz SGSOY T818800104
6460Shake Shack Inc SHAK N819047101
6461Shanda Game-Adr GAME SO81941U105
6462Shandong Luoxin SLUXY T81941V103
6463Shandong Weigao SHWGF TY76810103
6464Shanghai Electr SIELY T81943J108
6465Shanghai Indust SGHIY T81943M101
6466Shanghai Petroc SHI ON82935M109
6467Shangri La Asia SHALY T81942Q103
6468Sharp Corp-Adr SHCAY T819882200
6469Sharps Complian SMED SO820017101
6470Shaw Comms-Cl B SJR ON82028K200
6471Shell Midstream SHLX ON822634101
6472Shenandoah Tele SHEN SO82312B106
6473Shengkai Innov VALV T82321P203
6474Shengtai Pharma SGTI T823214200
6475Sherwin William SHW ON5824348106
6476Sherwood Brands SHDBQ T82437L104
6477Shiloh Inds Inc SHLO SO824543102
6478Shin-Etsu Chem SHECY T824551105
6479Shiner Intl Inc BEST T824568109
6480Shinhan Fin-Adr SHG N824596100
6481Ship Fin Intl SFL ONG81075106
6482Shire Plc-Adr SHPG SO82481R106
6483Shiseido Co-Adr SSDOY T824841407
6484Shizuoka Bk Ltd SHZUY T824882203
6485Shoal Games Ltd SGLDF TG8111D103
6486Shoe Carnival SCVL SO824889109
6487Sholodge Inc LODG T825034101
6488Shopify Inc SHOP ON82509L107
6489Shopsmith Inc SSMH T825098205
6490Shore Bancshrs SHBI S825107105
6491Shore Community SHRC T825112105
6492Shoretel Inc SHOR SO825211105
6493Shun Tak Hldgs SHTGY T825646102
6494Shutterfly Inc SFLY SO82568P304
6495Shutterstock SSTK ON825690100
6496Si Financial Gp SIFI S78425V104
6497Sibanye Gld-Adr SBGL ON825724206
6498Siebert Finl SIEB S826176109
6499Siemens Ag-Adr SIEGY OT826197501
6500Sientra Inc SIEN S82621J105
6501Sierra Bancorp BSRR SO82620P102
6502Sierra Monitor SRMC T826400103
6503Sierra Vista Bk SVBA T82651B105
6504Sierra Wireless SWIR SO826516106
6505Sifco Inds SIF A826546103
6506Sify Tech Ltd SIFY SO82655M107
6507Siga Tech Inc SIGAQ OT826917106
6508Sigma Aldrich SIAL SO5826552101
6509Sigma Designs SIGM SO826565103
6510Sigmatron Intl SGMA S82661L101
6511Signal Genetics SGNL S826640104
6512Signature Bank SBNY SO82669G104
6513Signature Eye SEYE T826918104
6514Signet Jewelers SIG ONG81276100
6515Silgan Holdings SLGN SO827048109
6516Silicom Limited SILC SM84116108
6517Silicon Graphic SGI SO82706L108
6518Silicon Lab Inc SLAB SO826919102
6519Silicon Motion SIMO SO82706C108
6520Siliconware-Adr SPIL SO827084864
6521Silver Bay Rlty SBY ON82735Q102
6522Silver Bull Res SVBL A827458100
6523Silver Spring SSNI ON82817Q103
6524Silver Star Egy SVSE T828234203
6525Silver State Bc SSBXQ T828251108
6526Silver Std Res SSRI SO82823L106
6527Silver Wheaton SLW ON828336107
6528Silvercorp Metl SVM ON82835P103
6529Silvercrest Am SAMG S828359109
6530Silvercrest Min SVLC A828365106
6531Silverstar Hldg SSTRF TG81365101
6532Simclar Inc SIMC T828599100
6533Simmons First A SFNC S828730200
6534Simon Property SPG ON51828806109
6535Simon Worldwide SWWI OT828815100
6536Simplayer.Com SMPLF TM8411K107
6537Simpson Mfg Inc SSD ON829073105
6538Sims Group- Adr SMSMY OT829160100
6539Simtrol Inc SMRL T829205202
6540Simulated Envir SMEV T82920N104
6541Simulation Plus SLP S829214105
6542Sina Corp SINA SOG81477104
6543Sinclair Broadc SBGI SO829226109
6544Singapore Tele SGAPY T82929R304
6545Singing Machine SMDM T829322304
6546Single Source SGSP T82932R101
6547Singlepoint Inc SING T82932V102
6548Sino Agro Food SIAF T829355205
6549Sino Clean Egy SCEI OT82936G200
6550Sino Land -Adr SNLAY T829344308
6551Sino-Global Shp SINO S82935V109
6552Sinocoking Coal SCOK SO829357102
6553Sinotel Tech Lt SNOXY T829361104
6554Sinovac Biotech SVA SOP8696W104
6555Sirius Xm Hldgs SIRI SO82968B103
6556Sirona Dental SIRO SO82966C103
6557Sito Mobile Ltd SITO T82988R104
6558Six Flags Entmt SIX ON83001A102
6559Sixx Holdings SIXX T830135208
6560Sizmek Inc SZMK SO83013P105
6561Sjm Hldgs Ltd SJMHF TY8076V106
6562Sjw Corp SJW N784305104
6563Sk Telecom Co SKM ON78440P108
6564Skechers Usa-A SKX ON830566105
6565Skf Ab SKFRY T784375404
6566Skinvisible Inc SKVI T830703104
6567Skullcandy Inc SKUL SO83083J104
6568Sky Petroleum SKPI T83083F102
6569Sky Plc-Adr SKYAY OT83084V106
6570Sky Solar Hldgs SKYS S83084J103
6571Sky-Mobi Ltd MOBI SO83084G109
6572Skyepharma Adr SKYEY T830808200
6573Skyline Corp SKY OA830830105
6574Skyline Medical SKLN T83084T309
6575Skypeople Fruit SPU SO83086T208
6576Skypostal Ntwrk SKPN T83086M104
6577Skystar Bio-Pha SKBI S830884300
6578Skywest Inc SKYW SO830879102
6579Skyworks Solutn SWKS SO583088M102
6580Sl Green Realty SLG ON578440X101
6581Sl Inds SLI A784413106
6582Slm Corp SLM SO78442P106
6583Sls Intl Inc SLSZQ T784429102
6584Sm Energy Co SM ON78454L100
6585Smack Sportswr SMAK T831609201
6586Smart Card Mktg SMKG T831685102
6587Smart Move Inc SMVE T831920103
6588Smart Technol-A SMT SO83172R108
6589Smart&Final Str SFS N83190B101
6590Smartheat Inc HEAT OT83172F203
6591Smartone Telecm STTFY T83170W109
6592Smartpros Ltd SPRO S83171G103
6593Smc Entertainmt SMCE T78446R108
6594Smith & Nephew SNN ON83175M205
6595Smith & Wesson SWHC SO831756101
6596Smith (Ao) Corp AOS ON831865209
6597Smith Micro Sof SMSI SO832154108
6598Smith-Midland SMID T832156103
6599Smtc Corp SMTX SO832682207
6600Smtp Inc SMTP S784589202
6601Smucker Jm SJM ON5832696405
6602Snap Interactiv STVI T83303W109
6603Snap-On Inc SNA ON5833034101
6604Sntl Litigtn Tr SNLLZ T78461S106
6605Snyders-Lance LNCE SO833551104
6606Soc Quimica Min SQM ON833635105
6607Societe Genl Fr SCGLY T83364L109
6608Socket Mobile SCKT T83368E200
6609Sodastream Intl SODA SOM9068E105
6610Sodexho-Sa SDXAY T833792104
6611Sofame Technolg SFMGF T833977101
6612Softbank Cp SFTBY T83404D109
6613Softech Inc SOFT T834021206
6614Soho China Ltd SOHOF TG82600100
6615Sohu.Com Inc SOHU SO83408W103
6616Soitec SLOIF UF84138118
6617Solar 3D Inc SLTD S83417A209
6618Solar Capital SLRC SO83413U100
6619Solar Egy Initv SNRY T83416P207
6620Solar Enertech SOEN T834156101
6621Solar Power Inc SOPW T83490A100
6622Solar Senior Cp SUNS S83416M105
6623Solar Thin Film SLTZ T83414A608
6624Solarbrook W&P SLRW T83415P208
6625Solarcity Corp SCTY SO83416T100
6626Solaredge Tech SEDG SO83417M104
6627Solarwinds Inc SWI ON83416B109
6628Solazyme Inc SZYM SO83415T101
6629Solera Holdings SLH ON83421A104
6630Solera Natl Bcp SLRK T83420T104
6631Soligen Tech SGTN T83423G109
6632Soligenix Inc SNGX T834223208
6633Solitario Explr XPL A8342EP107
6634Solo Intl Inc SLIO T83427E209
6635Somerset Trans TLVA T835028101
6636Sona Mobile Hld SNMBQ T83540T109
6637Sonde Resources SOQ T835426206
6638Sonic Automotve SAH ON83545G102
6639Sonic Corp SONC SO835451105
6640Sonic Foundry SOFO SO83545R207
6641Sono Tek Corp SOTK T835483108
6642Sonoco Products SON ON835495102
6643Sonora Res Cp SURE T835658105
6644Sonus Networks SONS SO835916503
6645Sony Corp Adr SNE ON835699307
6646Sony Financial SNYFY T835707100
6647Sophiris Bio In SPHS S83578Q209
6648Sorl Auto Parts SORL SO78461U101
6649Sorrento Therap SRNE SO83587F202
6650Sothebys BID ON835898107
6651Sotherly Hotels SOHO S83600C103
6652Soufun Hldg-Adr SFUN ON836034108
6653Sound Financial SFBC S83607A100
6654Sound Hlth Sol SHSO T83607W102
6655Source Capital SOR N836144105
6656Sourcinglink SNET T836171306
6657South Jersey In SJI ON838518108
6658South State Cp SSB SO840441109
6659South32-Adr SOUHY T84473L105
6660Southcoast Finl SOCB S84129R100
6661Southcrest Finl SCSG T84129X107
6662Southcross Egy SXE ON84130C100
6663Southeastn Bank SBFC T841584105
6664Southern Banc SRNN T842233108
6665Southern Co SO ON51842587107
6666Southern Copper SCCO ON84265V105
6667Southern Mi Bcp SOMC T84336P103
6668Southfirst Bs SZBI T844271106
6669Southgobi Resrc SGQRF T844375105
6670Southn First Bc SFST S842873101
6671Southn Missouri SMBC S843380106
6672Southn Natl Bcp SONA S843395104
6673Southpeak Intrc SOPK T844649103
6674Southside Bancs SBSI SO84470P109
6675Southwest Air LUV ON5844741108
6676Southwest Bc-Ok OKSB SO844767103
6677Southwest Ga Fn SGB A84502A104
6678Southwest Gas SWX ON844895102
6679Southwestrn Ene SWN ON5845467109
6680Sovran Slf Stor SSS ON84610H108
6681Soyo Group Inc SOYO T84611B100
6682Sp Plus Corp SP SO78469C103
6683Span-America Md SPAN S846396109
6684Spanish Brdcstg SBSA SO846425833
6685Spar Group Inc SGRP S784933103
6686Spare Backup In SPBU T84650T103
6687Spark Energy SPKE S846511103
6688Spark Networks LOV OA84651P100
6689Spark New Zeald NZTCY OT84652A102
6690Spark Therapeut ONCE SO84652J103
6691Spartan Motors SPAR SO846819100
6692Spartan Nash Co SPTN SO847215100
6693Sparton Corp SPA ON847235108
6694Spdr-Bc Hy Bd JNK OA78464A417
6695Spdr-Bc Intl Tr BWX OA78464A516
6696Spdr-Cons Discr XLY OA81369Y407
6697Spdr-Dj Ind Avg DIA OA78467X109
6698Spdr-Dj W In Re RWX OA78463X863
6699Spdr-Finl Sels XLF OA81369Y605
6700Spdr-Gold Trust GLD OA78463V107
6701Spdr-Matls Sels XLB OA81369Y100
6702Spdr-Nb Muni Bd TFI OA78464A458
6703Spdr-Nb St Mb SHM OA78464A425
6704Spdr-Sp 500 Tr SPY OA78462F103
6705Spdr-Sp Biotech XBI OA78464A870
6706Spdr-Sp Div Etf SDY OA78464A763
6707Spdr-Sp Em Asia GMF OA78463X301
6708Spdr-Sp Em Euro GUR OA78463X608
6709Spdr-Sp Em Latn GML A78463X707
6710Spdr-Sp Met&Min XME OA78464A755
6711Spdr-Util Sels XLU OA81369Y886
6712Special Div Opp SDOI T84740Q101
6713Special Opp Fd SPE N84741T104
6714Spectra Egy Ptr SEP ON84756N109
6715Spectra Energy SE ON5847560109
6716Spectral Medicl EDTXF T847577103
6717Spectranetics SPNC SO84760C107
6718Spectrascience SCIE T84760E301
6719Spectre Gaming SGMG T84761G107
6720Spectrum Brands SPB ON84763R101
6721Spectrum Group SPGZ OT84763M201
6722Spectrum Pharma SPPI SO84763A108
6723Speed Commerce SPDC SO84764T106
6724Speedemissions SPMI T84770S209
6725Speedus Corp SPDE T847723202
6726Speedway Motors TRK ON847788106
6727Spendsmart Ntwk SSPC T84832P102
6728Sphere 3D Corp ANY SO84841L100
6729Spherix Inc SPEX S84842R304
6730Spindle Inc SPDL T848543104
6731Spire Corp SPIR T848565107
6732Spirent Plc-Adr SPMYY T84856M209
6733Spirit Aerosys SPR ON848574109
6734Spirit Airlines SAVE SO848577102
6735Spirit Realty SRC ON84860W102
6736Splunk Inc SPLK SO848637104
6737Spok Holdings SPOK SO84863T106
6738Spongetech Dlvy SPNGQ T849109103
6739Sport-Haley Hld SPORQ T84917J104
6740Sportsmans Wrhs SPWH SO84920Y106
6741Spot Mobile Int RPID T84921Y204
6742Spotlight Innov STLT T849207105
6743Sprague Resrcs SRLP N849343108
6744Springleaf Hldg LEAF ON85172J101
6745Sprint Corp S ON85207U105
6746Sprott Focus Tr FUND S85208J109
6747Sprouts Fmr Mkt SFM SO85208M102
6748Sps Commerce SPSC SO78463M107
6749Spx Corp SPW ON784635104
6750Spy Inc XSPY T85219W107
6751Square 1 Fin-A SQBK S85223W101
6752Ss&C Technologs SSNC SO78467J100
6753Sse Plc SSEZY T78467K107
6754Ssgi Inc SSGI T78467G106
6755St Joe Co JOE ON790148100
6756St Jude Medical STJ ON5790849103
6757Staar Surgical STAA SO852312305
6758Stadium Entnmnt SEHI T852345107
6759Staffing 360 Sl STAF T852387109
6760Stag Industrial STAG ON85254J102
6761Stage Stores SSI ON85254C305
6762Stamford Indust SIDGQ OT852685205
6763Stamps.Com Inc STMP SO852857200
6764Stancorp Fnl Cp SFG ON852891100
6765Standard Chartr SCBFF TG84228157
6766Standard Metals SMPR T853616100
6767Standard Motor SMP ON853666105
6768Standard Pac SPF ON85375C101
6769Standard Regist SRCTQ T853887206
6770Standex Intl Co SXI ON854231107
6771Stanley B&D Inc SWK ON5854502101
6772Stanley Furn Co STLY S854305208
6773Stans Energy Cp HREEF T854722105
6774Stantec Inc STN N85472N109
6775Staples Inc SPLS SO5855030102
6776Star Buffet STRZ T855086104
6777Star Bulk Carrs SBLK SOY8162K121
6778Star Gas Ptnrs SGU ON85512C105
6779Star Struck Ltd SRSK T855188108
6780Starbucks Corp SBUX SO51855244109
6781Starinvest Grp STIV T85528X101
6782Starpharma Hldg SPHRY T855563102
6783Starrett (Ls) A SCX N855668109
6784Startek Inc SRT ON85569C107
6785Startronix Intl STNX T85568C207
6786Starwood Hotels HOT ON585590A401
6787Starwood Proprt STWD ON85571B105
6788Starwood Waypnt SWAY ON85571W109
6789Starz-Lib Cap-A STRZA SO85571Q102
6790Starz-Lib Cap-B STRZB S85571Q201
6791State Auto Finl STFC SO855707105
6792State Bank Corp SBAZ T856121108
6793State Bank Finl STBZ SO856190103
6794State Investors SIBC S857030100
6795State Natl Cos SNC S85711T305
6796State St Corp STT ON5857477103
6797Stationdigital SDIG T85769Y107
6798Statoil Asa-Adr STO ON85771P102
6799Statsure Diagns SSUR T85771V208
6800Steadymed Ltd STDY SM84920103
6801Stealthgas Inc GASS SOY81669106
6802Steel Dynamics STLD SO858119100
6803Steel Excel Inc SXCL OT858122203
6804Steel Ptnrs Hld SPLP N85814R107
6805Steelcase Inc SCS ON858155203
6806Stein Mart Inc SMRT SO858375108
6807Steiner Leisure STNR SOP8744Y102
6808Stellar Biotech SBOTF T85855A104
6809Stellus Cap Inv SCM ON858568108
6810Stemcells Inc STEM SO85857R204
6811Stemline Therap STML SO85858C107
6812Stepan Co SCL ON858586100
6813Stephan Co(The) SPCO T858603103
6814Stereotaxis Inc STXS SO85916J409
6815Stericycle Inc SRCL SO5858912108
6816Steris Corp STE ON859152100
6817Sterling Bancp STL ON85917A100
6818Sterling Constr STRL SO859241101
6819Steven Madden SHOO SO556269108
6820Stevens Intl-A SVEIA T86024C203
6821Stevia First Cp STVF T86031Q104
6822Stewardship Fin SSFN S860326107
6823Stewart Info Sv STC ON860372101
6824Stifel Finl SF ON860630102
6825Stillwater Mng SWC ON86074Q102
6826Stmicroelectron STM ON861012102
6827Stock Building STCK SO86101X104
6828Stock Yards Bcp SYBT S861025104
6829Stone Energy Cp SGY ON861642106
6830Stonecastle Fnl BANX S861780104
6831Stonegate Bank SGBK S861811107
6832Stonegate Mortg SGM N86181Q300
6833Stonemor Ptnrs STON ON86183Q100
6834Stonepath Group SGRZ T861837102
6835Stoneridge Inc SRI ON86183P102
6836Stora Enso -Adr SEOAY OT86210M106
6837Storage Comp Cp SOSO T86211A101
6838Store Capital STOR ON862121100
6839Storm Cat Egy SCUEF T862168101
6840Str Holdings STRI ON78478V209
6841Straight Path STRP OA862578101
6842Strasbaugh Inc STRB T86260A101
6843Strat Petro Ltd SPRL T86267N205
6844Stratasys Ltd SSYS SOM85548101
6845Strategic Globl STBVD T862720208
6846Strategic Hotel BEE ON86272T106
6847Stratex Oil&Gas STTX T86280B105
6848Strattec Sec Cp STRT S863111100
6849Stratus Pptys STRS S863167201
6850Straumann SAUHF TH8300N119
6851Strayer Educ STRA SO863236105
6852Streamline Hlth STRM SO86323X106
6853Stryker Corp SYK ON5863667101
6854Student Transpt STB SO86388A108
6855Sturgis Bcp Inc STBI T864087101
6856Sturm Ruger&Co RGR ON864159108
6857Styleclick Inc STYLA T86422L102
6858Subaye Inc SBAY T86428D104
6859Subsea 7 Sa SUBCY OT864323100
6860Suburb Propane SPH ON864482104
6861Sucampo Pharmac SCMP SO864909106
6862Suez Envir U-Ad SZEVY T864691100
6863Suffolk Bcp SUBK S864739107
6864Sugarmade Inc SGMD T865040109
6865Suggestion Box SGTB T865043103
6866Sumitomo Corp SSUMY T865613103
6867Sumitomo-Mitsui SMFG ON86562M209
6868Summer Infant SUMR S865646103
6869Summit Environm SEVT T86606A104
6870Summit Finl Gp SMMF S86606G101
6871Summit Hotel Pr INN ON866082100
6872Summit Materls SUM ON86614U100
6873Summit Midstrm SMLP ON866142102
6874Summit State Bk SSBI S866264203
6875Summit Theraptc SMMT S86627R102
6876Sun Bancorp/Nj SNBC SO86663B201
6877Sun Cmntys Inc SUI ON866674104
6878Sun Hung Kai Pr SUHJY T86676H302
6879Sun Hung Kai&Co SHGKY T866908205
6880Sun Hydraulics SNHY SO866942105
6881Sun Life Finl SLF ON866796105
6882Suncast Solar SUNC T86721X104
6883Suncoke Energy SXC ON86722A103
6884Suncoke Energy SXCP ON86722Y101
6885Suncor Energy SU ON867224107
6886Sundance Energy SDCJF TQ8796J101
6887Sunedison Inc SUNE ON86732Y109
6888Sunedison Semi SEMI SY8213L102
6889Sunesis Pharma SNSS SO867328601
6890Sungy Mobile GOMO SO86737M100
6891Sunlink Hlth Sy SSY A86737U102
6892Sunoco Logistic SXL ON86764L108
6893Sunoco Lp SUN ON86765K109
6894Sunopta Inc STKL SO8676EP108
6895Sunpower Corp-A SPWR SO867652406
6896Sunrise Telecom SRTI T86769Y105
6897Sunshine Bancrp SBCP S86777J108
6898Sunshine Heart SSH SO86782U106
6899Sunstone Hotel SHO ON867892101
6900Suntech Pwr Hld STPFQ OT86800C104
6901Suntrust Bks STI ON5867914103
6902Sunvesta Inc SVSA T86801L103
6903Sunway Global SUWG T86800G204
6904Sunwest Bank SWBC T86789K309
6905Sunwin Stevia SUWN T86803D109
6906Super Micro Com SMCI SO86800U104
6907Super Nova Rsrc SNRR T86802H101
6908Supercom Ltd SPCB SM87095119
6909Supercond Tech SCON SO867931404
6910Superior Dr Pro SDPI A868153107
6911Superior Energy SPN ON868157108
6912Superior Inds SUP ON868168105
6913Superior Unifrm SGC S868358102
6914Supernus Pharma SUPN SO868459108
6915Supertel Hospit SPPR S86852R108
6916Supervalu Inc SVU ON868536103
6917Support.Com Inc SPRT SO86858W101
6918Supreme Inds -A STS A868607102
6919Surge Component SPRS T868908104
6920Surge Glbl Egy SRGG T86880T209
6921Surgical Care SCAI SO86881L106
6922Surgutneftegaz SGTZY T868861204
6923Surmodics SRDX SO868873100
6924Surrey Bancorp SRYB T86888W105
6925Suruga Bk Ltd SUGBY T869007203
6926Susquehanna Bsh SUSQ SO869099101
6927Sussex Bancorp SBBX S869245100
6928Sutor Tech Grp TOR U869362202
6929Sutron Corp STRN S869380105
6930Suvanza SUVZ T869551101
6931Svb Finl Gp SIVB SO78486Q101
6932Svenska Celluls SVCBY T869587402
6933Swatch Group Ag SWGAY T870123106
6934Swedbank Ab-Adr SWDBY T870195104
6935Swift Energy Co SFY ON870738101
6936Swift Transport SWFT ON87074U101
6937Swire Pac Adr A SWRAY T870794302
6938Swisher Hygiene SWSH SO870808300
6939Swiss Helvetia SWZ N870875101
6940Swiss Re Ltd SSREY T870886108
6941Swisscom Ag Adr SCMWY T871013108
6942Swk Holdings SWKH OT78501P104
6943Swmx Inc SWMX T785025107
6944Swordfish Finl SWRF T871105201
6945Sycamore Entmnt SEGI T871156105
6946Sycamore Ntwks SCMR OT871206405
6947Sykes Entrp Inc SYKE SO871237103
6948Symantec Corp SYMC SO5871503108
6949Symbility Solut ATBEF T87150W104
6950Symetra Finl Cp SYA ON87151Q106
6951Symmetry Surgcl SSRG SO87159G100
6952Synacor Inc SYNC SO871561106
6953Synalloy Corp SYNL S871565107
6954Synaptics Inc SYNA SO87157D109
6955Synchronoss Tec SNCR SO87157B103
6956Synchrony Fin SYF ON87165B103
6957Syncora Holdngs SYCRF OTG8649T109
6958Synergetics Usa SURG SO87160G107
6959Synergy Brands SYBRQ T87159E402
6960Synergy Pharmac SGYP SO871639308
6961Synergy Res Cp SYRG OA87164P103
6962Syneron Med Ltd ELOS SOM87245102
6963Syngenta Ag-Adr SYT ON87160A100
6964Synnex Corp SNX ON87162W100
6965Synopsys Inc SNPS SO871607107
6966Synovics Pharma SYVC T87163M101
6967Synovus Finl Cp SNV ON87161C501
6968Synta Pharmact SNTA SO87162T206
6969Syntel Inc SYNT SO87162H103
6970Synthesis Enrgy SYMX SO871628103
6971Synthetic Biolg SYN A87164U102
6972Synutra Intl SYUT S87164C102
6973Synvista Therap SYNI T87164M100
6974Sypris Solution SYPR SO871655106
6975Syringa Bancorp SGBP T87182V108
6976Sysco Corp SYY ON5871829107
6977Sysorex Global SYRX S87184N203
6978Systemax Inc SYX ON871851101
6979T Bancshares TBNC T872229109
6980T Rowe Price TROW SO574144T108
6981T-Mobile Us Inc TMUS ON872590104
6982T-Rex Oil Inc TRXO T87281B102
6983T2 Biosystems TTOO S89853L104
6984T3 Motion Inc TTTM T89853X306
6985Tableau Softwar DATA ON87336U105
6986Tahoe Resources TAHO ON873868103
6987Tai Cheung Hldg TAICY T874013105
6988Taipan Resource TAIPF T87402T107
6989Taitron Comp-A TAIT S874028103
6990Taiwan Fund TWN N874036106
6991Taiwan Semi-Adr TSM ON874039100
6992Take-Two Inter TTWO SO874054109
6993Takeda Pharmact TKPYY T874060205
6994Tal Educatn-Adr XRS ON874080104
6995Tal Intl Grp TAL ON874083108
6996Talen Energy Cp TLN ON87422J105
6997Talk Talk U-Adr TKTCY T87427T108
6998Tallgrass Enrgy TEP ON874697105
6999Tallgrass Enrgy TEGP ON874696107
7000Talmer Bancorp TLMR SO87482X101
7001Talon Intl Inc TALN T87484F108
7002Tamino Minerals TINO T87509W102
7003Tandem Diabetes TNDM SO875372104
7004Tandy Brnds Acc TBACQ T875378101
7005Tandy Leather TLF S87538X105
7006Tanger Fact Out SKT ON875465106
7007Tangoe Inc TNGO SO87582Y108
7008Tantech Hldgs TANH SG8675X107
7009Tanzanian Royal TRX OA87600U104
7010Taomee Holdings TAOM ON87600Y106
7011Tapimmune Inc TPIV T876033309
7012Tapinator Inc TAPM T876037102
7013Tarena Intl-Adr TEDU S876108101
7014Targa Resources NGLS ON87611X105
7015Targa Resources TRGP ON87612G101
7016Targacept Inc TRGT SO87611R306
7017Target Corp TGT ON5187612E106
7018Targeted Medicl TRGM T876140104
7019Taro Pharma Ind TARO ONM8737E108
7020Taseko Mines Lt TGB OA876511106
7021Taser Intl Inc TASR SO87651B104
7022Tasman Metals TAS A87652B103
7023Tat Tech Ltd TATT SM8740S227
7024Tata Motors-Adr TTM ON876568502
7025Tate & Lyle Adr TATYY T876570607
7026Taubman Centers TCO ON876664103
7027Tauriga Science TAUG T87669X106
7028Taxus Cardium CRXM T876767104
7029Taylor Devices TAYD S877163105
7030Taylor Morrison TMHC ON87724P106
7031Tc Pipelines TCP ON87233Q108
7032Tcf Finl Corp TCB ON872275102
7033Tcp Capital Cp TCPC SO87238Q103
7034Tcp Intl Hldgs TCPI NH84689100
7035Tcw Strat In Fd TSI N872340104
7036Td Ameritrade AMTD ON87236Y108
7037Tdk Corp-Ads TTDKY T872351408
7038Te Connect-Ltd TEL ON5H84989104
7039Team Health Hld TMH ON87817A107
7040Team Inc TISI ON878155100
7041Tearlab Corp TEAR SO878193101
7042Tech Data Corp TECD SO878237106
7043Tech Genl Corp TCGN T878695105
7044Tech Solutions TSCC OT87872T207
7045Technical Comm TCCO S878409101
7046Technicolor TCLRY OT878520204
7047Technip New TKPPY T878546209
7048Techprecision TPCS T878739101
7049Techtarget TTGT S87874R100
7050Techtronic Inds TTNDY T87873R101
7051Teck Resources TCK ON878742204
7052Tecnoglass Inc TGLS SG87264100
7053Teco Energy TE ON5872375100
7054Tecogen Inc TGEN S87876P201
7055Tecumseh Prds TECU SO878895309
7056Teekay Corp TK ONY8564W103
7057Teekay Lng Ptnr TGP ONY8564M105
7058Teekay Offshore TOO ONY8565J101
7059Teekay Tankers TNK ONY8565N102
7060Tefron Ltd TFRFF TM87482119
7061Teijin TINLY T879063204
7062Tejon Ranch TRC ON879080109
7063Tekla Healthcr HQH N87911J103
7064Tekla Life Sci HQL N87911K100
7065Tekmira Pharmac TKMR SO87911B209
7066Teknowledge Cp TEKCQ T878919208
7067Tel Offshore Tr TELOZ T872382106
7068Tel-Instrument TIK A879165207
7069Telecity Gp-Adr TLEIY T87928Y200
7070Telecom Argenti TEO ON879273209
7071Telecom Ita-Adr TI ON87927Y102
7072Telecom Ital-A TIA N87927Y201
7073Telecommun Sys TSYS SO87929J103
7074Teleconnect Inc TLCO T879292209
7075Teledyne Tech TDY ON879360105
7076Telef Brasil Sa VIV ON87936R106
7077Teleflex Inc TFX ON879369106
7078Telefonica S.A. TEF ON879382208
7079Telekom Austria TKAGY T87943Q109
7080Telekomunik-Adr TLK ON715684106
7081Telenav Inc TNAV SO879455103
7082Telenor Asa-Ads TELNY T87944W105
7083Telephone &Data TDS ON879433829
7084Teleplus World TLPEQ T87946Q106
7085Telespectr Wrld TLSW T87951U208
7086Telestone Tech TSTC OT87953J102
7087Teletech Hldgs TTEC SO879939106
7088Teletouch Comms TLLEQ T87951V206
7089Television Brdc TVBCY T879531309
7090Teliasonera-Adr TLSNY T87960M205
7091Telkom S Af-Adr TLKGY T879603108
7092Telkonet Inc TKOI T879604106
7093Telstra Crp-Adr TLSYY T87969N204
7094Telus Corp TU ON87971M103
7095Temecula Vly Bc TMCV OT87972L104
7096Templeton Dr Fd TDF N88018T101
7097Templeton E M EMF ON880191101
7098Templeton Glbl GIM N880198106
7099Templeton Rssa TRF N88022F105
7100Tempur Sealy TPX ON88023U101
7101Tenaga Nasional TNABY T880277108
7102Tenaris Sa-Adr TS ON88031M109
7103Tenax Therapeut TENX SO88032L100
7104Tencent Holding TCEHY T88032Q109
7105Tenet Health THC ON588033G407
7106Tengasco Inc TGC A88033R205
7107Tengion Inc TNGNQ T88034G208
7108Tennant Co TNC ON880345103
7109Tenneco Inc TEN ON880349105
7110Teradata Corp TDC ON588076W103
7111Teradyne Inc TER ON880770102
7112Teraforce Tech TERA T88077T109
7113Terex Corp TEX ON880779103
7114Ternium Sa-Adr TX ON880890108
7115Terra Egy&Res TEGR T88100A101
7116Terra Inventns TERX T88103B106
7117Terra Nitrogen TNH ON881005201
7118Terra Tech Corp TRTC T88102J100
7119Terraform Power TERP SO88104R100
7120Terreno Realty TRNO ON88146M101
7121Territorial Bcp TBNK S88145X108
7122Terumo Corp U-A TRUMY T88156J105
7123Tesaro Inc TSRO SO881569107
7124Tesco Corp TESO SO88157K101
7125Tesco Plc -Adr TSCDY T881575302
7126Tesla Motors TSLA SO88160R101
7127Tesoro Corp TSO ON5881609101
7128Tesoro Logistic TLLP ON88160T107
7129Tessco Tech Inc TESS S872386107
7130Tessera Tec Inc TSRA SO88164L100
7131Tetra Tech Del TTI ON88162F105
7132Tetra Tech New TTEK SO88162G103
7133Tetralogic Phar TLOG SO88165U109
7134Tetraphase Phar TTPH SO88165N105
7135Teucrium Agricl TAGS A88166A706
7136Teva Pharm Adr TEVA ON881624209
7137Texas Cap Bcshs TCBI SO88224Q107
7138Texas Instrs TXN SO51882508104
7139Texas Pac Ltd TPL N882610108
7140Texas Roadhouse TXRH SO882681109
7141Texstar Oil Cp TEXS T88312P102
7142Textainer Group TGH ONG8766E109
7143Textmunication TXHD T883178105
7144Textron Inc TXT ON5883203101
7145Textura Corp TXTR ON883211104
7146Tfs Financial TFSL SO87240R107
7147Tg Therapeutics TGTX SO88322Q108
7148Thai Air Intl-F TAWNF TY8615C114
7149Thai Fund TTF N882904105
7150The Amacore Grp ACGI T022624100
7151The Center For CFWH T15146F109
7152The European Eq EEA N298768102
7153The Japan Steel JPSWY T471100206
7154The Washtenw Gp TWHR T941022105
7155The9 Ltd-Adr NCTY SO88337K104
7156Theglobe.Com TGLO OT88335R101
7157Therapeutics Md TXMD OA88338N107
7158Theratechnolgs THERF T88338H100
7159Theravance Bio TBPH SOG8807B106
7160Theravance Inc THRX SO88338T104
7161Therma-Med Inc THRA T88342Q203
7162Thermo Fisher TMO ON5883556102
7163Thermo View Ind THVW T883671505
7164Thermon Group THR ON88362T103
7165Thermwood Corp TOOD T883672305
7166Thestreet.Com TST SO88368Q103
7167Thinspace Tech THNS T88410V100
7168Third Centry Bc TDCB T884120106
7169Third Pt Reinsr TPRE ONG8827U100
7170Thl Credit Inc TCRD SO872438106
7171Thomas Group TGISQ T884402207
7172Thomasville Bcs THVB T884608100
7173Thompson Creek TC ON884768102
7174Thomson Reut-Ts TTRI U884903A05
7175Thomson Reuters TRI ON884903105
7176Thor Inds Inc THO ON885160101
7177Thoratec Corp THOR SO885175307
7178Threshold Pharm THLD SO885807206
7179Tht Heat Transf THTI S886031103
7180Thunder Mtn Gld THMG T886043108
7181Thunderbird Rst THRSF TG88576106
7182Thyssen A G TYEKF TD8398Q119
7183Tianjin Cap Env TCEPY T886303106
7184Tianyin Pharmac TPI OA88630M104
7185Tibet Pharmact TBET TG88615102
7186Ticc Capital Cp TICC SO87244T109
7187Tideland Oil&Gs TIDE T886405109
7188Tidelands Bancs TDBK T886374107
7189Tidewater Inc TDW ON886423102
7190Tiffany & Co TIF ON5886547108
7191Tiger X Medical CDOM T88677A104
7192Tigerlogic Corp TIGR S8867EQ101
7193Tigrent Inc TIGE T88674J108
7194Tile Shop Hldgs TTS SO88677Q109
7195Till Capitl Ltd TIL SG8875E107
7196Tillys Inc TLYS ON886885102
7197Tim Particp-Adr TSU ON88706P205
7198Timberland Banc TSBK S887098101
7199Timberline Rsrc TLR A887133205
7200Time Inc TIME ON887228104
7201Time Warner Cab TWC ON588732J207
7202Time Warner Inc TWX ON51887317303
7203Timios Natl Cp HOMS T88738N103
7204Timken Co TKR ON887389104
7205Timkensteel Cp TMST ON887399103
7206Timmins Gold TGD A88741P103
7207Tingyi Cayman TCYMF TG8878S103
7208Tiptree Finl TIPT S88822Q103
7209Titan Intl Inc TWI ON88830M102
7210Titan Machinery TITN SO88830R101
7211Titan Pharma TTNP OT888314101
7212Tivo Inc TIVO SO888706108
7213Tivus Inc TIVU T888728102
7214Tix Corp TIXC T888733102
7215Tjt Inc AXLE T872538103
7216Tjx Cos Inc New TJX ON5872540109
7217Tlc Vision Corp TLCVF OT872549100
7218Tn-K Energy Grp TNKY T88874W107
7219Tnr Technical TNRK T872595202
7220Tnt Express-Adr TNTEY T87262N109
7221Tobira Theraptc TBRA SO88883P101
7222Tofutti Brands TOF A88906B105
7223Tokai Pharmact TKAI S88907J107
7224Tokio Marine Hl TKOMY T889094108
7225Tokyo Electron TOELY T889110102
7226Toll Brothers TOL ON889478103
7227Tompkins Fin Cp TMP A890110109
7228Tongxin Int Ltd TXIC TG8918T103
7229Tonix Pharmact TNXP SO890260201
7230Tootsie Roll TR ON890516107
7231Top Image Sys TISA SM87896102
7232Top Ships Inc TOPS SOY8897Y149
7233Topaz Resources TOPZ T89054W107
7234Tor Minrls Intl TORM S890878309
7235Toray TRYIY T890880206
7236Torchlight Egy TRCH S89102U103
7237Torchmark Corp TMK ON5891027104
7238Tornier Nv TRNX SON87237108
7239Toro Co TTC ON891092108
7240Toronto Dom Bnk TD ON891160509
7241Tortoise Egy Ic TYG N89147L100
7242Torvec Inc TOVC T891479107
7243Toshiba Corp TOSYY T891493306
7244Total Contain TCIX T89149T101
7245Total Fina Sa TOT ON89151E109
7246Total Sys Svc TSS ON5891906109
7247Toto Energy Ltd TOEYF TQ91181109
7248Tower Intl Inc TOWR ON891826109
7249Tower Semicond TSEM SOM87915274
7250Towers Watson TW SO891894107
7251Towerstream Cp TWER SO892000100
7252Town Sports Int CLUB SO89214A102
7253Town&Country Fn TWCF T892039108
7254Towne Bancorp TWNE T89213F102
7255Towne Bank TOWN S89214P109
7256Townsqar Media TSQ N892231101
7257Toyota Motor Cp TM ON892331307
7258Tpg Specialty TSLX N87265K102
7259Tpn Hldgs Plc TPNHY T872958103
7260Track Data Corp TRAC T891918120
7261Track Group Inc TRCK T89237L101
7262Tracon Pharmact TCON S89237H100
7263Tractebel -Adr TBLEY T892360108
7264Tractor Supply TSCO SO5892356106
7265Trade St Resid TSRE S89255N203
7266Trailblazer Res TBLZ T89278P102
7267Trans Energy TENG T89323B306
7268Trans Global Gp TGGI T89324A109
7269Trans World Crp TWOC T89336R207
7270Trans World Ent TWMC SO89336Q100
7271Trans-Inds Inc TRNIQ T893239103
7272Trans-Lux TNLX T893247304
7273Trans-Pac Aeros TPAC T89342J108
7274Transact Tech TACT SO892918103
7275Transalta Corp TAC N89346D107
7276Transam Inc Shr TAI N893506105
7277Transatl Petrol TAT OAG89982113
7278Transatlntc Cap TACI T89355W103
7279Transbotics Cp TNSB T893524108
7280Transcat Inc TRNS S893529107
7281Transcda Corp TRP ON89353D107
7282Transcoastal Cp TCEC T89355M105
7283Transcontl Rlty TCI N893617209
7284Transdigm Group TDG ON893641100
7285Transenterx Inc TRXC OA89366M201
7286Transgenomic TBIO S89365K305
7287Transglobe Engy TGA SO893662106
7288Transitn Therap TTHI S893716209
7289Transmontn Ptnr TLP ON89376V100
7290Transocean Ltd RIG ON5H8817H100
7291Transocean Ptn RIGP ONY8977Y100
7292Transportadora TGS N893870204
7293Transtech Indus TRTI T893888107
7294Transunion TRU N89400J107
7295Transwitch Corp TXCCQ OT894065309
7296Travelcenters TA ON894174101
7297Travelers Cos TRV ON589417E109
7298Travelport Wwd TVPT ONG9019D104
7299Travelsky Tech TSYHY T89420Y209
7300Travelzoo Inc TZOO SO89421Q205
7301Travis Perkins TVPKF TG90202105
7302Trc Cos TRR ON872625108
7303Treasure St Bk TRSU T894637107
7304Trecora Resrcs TREC ON894648104
7305Tredegar Corp TG ON894650100
7306Treecon Rsrcs TCOR T89468R108
7307Treehouse Foods THS ON89469A104
7308Tremor Video TRMR N89484Q100
7309Trend Micro Inc TMICY T89486M206
7310Trevena Inc TRVN S89532E109
7311Trex Company TREX ON89531P105
7312Tri Contl TY ON895436103
7313Tri Pointe Home TPH ON87265H109
7314Tri-S Security TRIS T895578102
7315Tri-State 1St TSOH T895665305
7316Tri-Tech Holdng TRITF TG9103F106
7317Tri-Valley Bank TRVB T895729101
7318Triad Guaranty TGICQ OT895925105
7319Triangle Cap Cp TCAP ON895848109
7320Triangle Petrol TPLM OA89600B201
7321Tribune Media TRCO ON896047503
7322Tribune Publshg TPUB ON896082104
7323Tribute Pharma TBUFF T89609J106
7324Trico Bancshrs TCBK S896095106
7325Trillium Therap TRIL S89620X506
7326Trilogy Energ TETZF T89620H105
7327Trimas Corp TRS SO896215209
7328Trimble Navigat TRMB SO896239100
7329Trimedyne TMED T896259108
7330Trimel Pharmact TRLPF T896260106
7331Trina Solar Ltd TSL ON89628E104
7332Trinet Group TNET ON896288107
7333Trinity Bank Na TYBT T89641T104
7334Trinity Biotech TRIB SO896438306
7335Trinity Inds In TRN ON896522109
7336Trinseo Sa TSE NL9340P101
7337Trio-Tech Intl TRT A896712205
7338Tripadvisor Inc TRIP SO5896945201
7339Triple P Nv TPPPF TN88795104
7340Triple-S Mgmt-B GTS ON896749108
7341Triplepoint Ven TPVG N89677Y100
7342Tristar Wellnes TWSI T89678H106
7343Tristate Cp Hld TSC S89678F100
7344Triumph Apparel TRUA T896787108
7345Triumph Bancorp TBK S89679E300
7346Triumph Grp Inc TGI ON896818101
7347Trivascular Tec TRIV S89685A102
7348Tronox Ltd TROX ONQ9235V101
7349Tropicana Entmt TPCA T89708X105
7350Trovagene Inc TROV SO897238309
7351True Drinks Hld TRUU T897837100
7352Trueblue Inc TBI ON89785X101
7353Truecar Inc TRUE SO89785L107
7354Truett-Hurst THST S897871109
7355Truli Media Grp TRLI T897887204
7356Trupanion Inc TRUP N898202106
7357Trustco Bk -Ny TRST SO898349105
7358Trustmark Cp TRMK SO898402102
7359Truxton Corp TRUX T89845Y107
7360Trxade Group TRXD T89846A108
7361Tsakos Egy Navg TNP ONG9108L108
7362Tsingtao Brewry TSGTY T898529102
7363Tsr Inc TSRI S872885207
7364Tss Inc TSSI T87288V101
7365Ttm Technologie TTMI SO87305R109
7366Tubemogul Inc TUBE SO898570106
7367Tucows Inc TCX SO898697206
7368Tuesday Morning TUES SO899035505
7369Tullow Oil Plc TUWOY T899415202
7370Tumi Hldgs Inc TUMI ON89969Q104
7371Tuniu Corp-Adr TOUR SO89977P106
7372Tupperware Brnd TUP ON899896104
7373Turkcell Il-Adr TKC ON900111204
7374Turkish Invt Fd TKF N900145103
7375Turquoise Hill TRQ ON900435108
7376Turtle Beach Cp HEAR S900450107
7377Tutor Perini Cp TPC ON901109108
7378Tvc Telecom Inc TVCE T873061105
7379Twenty-First Cf FOX SO90130A200
7380Twenty-Fst Cf-A FOXA SO5190130A101
7381Twin Disc TWIN SO901476101
7382Twitter Inc TWTR ON90184L102
7383Two Harbors Inv TWO ON90187B101
7384Two River Bcp TRCB S90207C105
7385Two Rivers Watr TURV T90207B107
7386Tyco Intl Plc TYC ON5G91442106
7387Tyler Tech Inc TYL ON902252105
7388Tyme Technologs TYMI T90238J103
7389Tyson Foods A TSN ON5902494103
7390Ubic Inc-Adr UBIC S90346V105
7391Ubiquiti Netwrk UBNT SO90347A100
7392Ubisoft Entertn UBSFY T90348R102
7393Ubs Ag OUBSF OTH89231338
7394Ubs Group Ag UBS ONH42097107
7395Ucb Sa UCBJF TB93562120
7396Ucp Inc UCP N90265Y106
7397Udr Inc UDR ON902653104
7398Ufp Tech Inc UFPT S902673102
7399Ugi Corp UGI ON902681105
7400Uil Holdings Cp UIL ON902748102
7401Ulta Salon Cosm ULTA SO90384S303
7402Ultimate Life UMLS T903858108
7403Ultimate Softwr ULTI SO90385D107
7404Ultra Clean Hld UCTT SO90385V107
7405Ultra Petro Cp UPL ON903914109
7406Ultragenyx Phar RARE SO90400D108
7407Ultralife Corp ULBI SO903899102
7408Ultrapar Pa-Adr UGP ON90400P101
7409Ultrapetrol Ltd ULTR SOP94398107
7410Ultratech Step UTEK SO904034105
7411Uluru Inc ULUR T90403T209
7412Umami Sus Seafd UMAM T904074101
7413Umb Finl Corp UMBF SO902788108
7414Umbra Appld Tec UATG T90419P100
7415Umc Inc UMCN T902846104
7416Umeworld Lid UMEWF TG9160X107
7417Umh Properties UMH ON903002103
7418Umpqua Hldgs Cp UMPQ SO904214103
7419Under Armour-A UA ON5904311107
7420Uni-Pixel Inc UNXL SO904572203
7421Unicapital Corp UCPC T90459D108
7422Unico Amer Corp UNAM S904607108
7423Unifi Inc UFI ON904677200
7424Unified Online UOIP T90470W101
7425Unifirst Corp UNF ON904708104
7426Unigene Laborat UGNEQ T904753100
7427Unilever N V UN ON904784709
7428Unilever Plc UL ON904767704
7429Unilife Corp UNIS SO90478E103
7430Unimark Group UNMG T904789104
7431Union Bankshars UBSH SO90539J109
7432Union Bksh Vt UNB S905400107
7433Union Dentl Hld UDHI T90653R101
7434Union Pac Corp UNP ON51907818108
7435Uniqure Bv QURE SON90064101
7436Unisys UIS ON909214306
7437Unit Corp UNT ON909218109
7438United Amer Bnk UABK T90933S101
7439United Capital UCAP T909912107
7440United Comnt Bc UCBA S90984R101
7441United Cont Hld UAL ON910047109
7442United Fin Bcp UBNK SO910304104
7443United Fire Grp UFCS SO910340108
7444United Guardian UG S910571108
7445United Res Hldg URHG T91137R105
7446United Sec Bcsh UBFO S911460103
7447Unitedhealth Gp UNH ON5191324P102
7448Unitil Corp UTL N913259107
7449Unitronix Corp UTRX T913287108
7450Unity Bancorp UNTY S913290102
7451Univar Inc UNVR N91336L107
7452Universal Entmt UETMF TJ94303104
7453University Bcp UNIB T914090105
7454Univest Corp Pa UVSP S915271100
7455Univl American UAM ON91338E101
7456Univl Corp -Va UVV ON913456109
7457Univl Detectn UNDT T913459301
7458Univl Display OLED SO91347P105
7459Univl Electrs UEIC SO913483103
7460Univl Energy Cp UVSE T91349R208
7461Univl Fst Prods UFPI SO913543104
7462Univl Hlth Rlty UHT ON91359E105
7463Univl Hlth Svcs UHS ON5913903100
7464Univl Insur Hld UVE ON91359V107
7465Univl Mfg Co UFMG T913708103
7466Univl Power Grp UPGI T913788105
7467Univl Sec Instr UUU A913821302
7468Univl Tech Inst UTI ON913915104
7469Univl Truckload UACL S91388P105
7470Univty Gen Hlth UGHSQ T914270103
7471Unr Holdings UNRH T903115103
7472Unum Group UNM ON591529Y106
7473Unvl Stainless USAP S913837100
7474Unwired Planet UPIP SO91531F103
7475Upland Software UPLD S91544A109
7476Upm-Kymmene Adr UPMKY T915436109
7477Uqm Tech Inc UQM OA903213106
7478Ur-Energy Inc URG A91688R108
7479Uranium Energy UEC OA916896103
7480Uranium Res Inc URRE SO916901606
7481Urban Edge Prop UE ON91704F104
7482Urban Outfitter URBN SO5917047102
7483Urologix Inc ULGX OT917273104
7484Urstadt Biddl-A UBA ON917286205
7485Urstadt Biddle UBP N917286106
7486Us Aerospace USAE T90345G109
7487Us Antimony Cp UAMY OA911549103
7488Us Auto Parts PRTS S90343C100
7489Us Automotive USAM T90332B204
7490Us Bancorp USB ON51902973304
7491Us Cellular USM ON911684108
7492Us Concrete Inc USCR SO90333L201
7493Us Dataworks UDWK T91729G509
7494Us Ecology Inc ECOL SO91732J102
7495Us Energy Cp-Wy USEG SO911805109
7496Us Geothermal HTM A90338S102
7497Us Glbl Nanospc USGA T91729J107
7498Us Global Invs GROW SO902952100
7499Us Lime&Mineral USLM S911922102
7500Us Liquids Inc USLQ T902974104
7501Us Physical Thr USPH ON90337L108
7502Us Silica Holdi SLCA ON90346E103
7503Us-Oil Fund Lp USO OA91232N108
7504Usa Bank USBK T903299105
7505Usa Compression USAC ON90290N109
7506Usa Synthetic USFCQ T90290C103
7507Usa Tech Inc USAT SO90328S500
7508Usa Truck Inc USAK S902925106
7509Usana Hlth Sci USNA ON90328M107
7510Usd Partners USDP N903318103
7511Usdata Corp USDC T917294308
7512Usell.Com Inc USEL T917296204
7513Usg Corp USG ON903293405
7514Usiminas Sa-Adr USNZY T917302200
7515Usmd Holdings USMD S903313104
7516Usspi Media Inc USPI T903375103
7517Utah Med Prod UTMD SO917488108
7518Utd Amer Health UAHC T90934C105
7519Utd Bancorp -Oh UBCP S909911109
7520Utd Bankshares UBSI SO909907107
7521Utd Bcsh Inc-Oh UBOH S909458101
7522Utd Cannabis Cp CNAB T909747107
7523Utd Cmnty Bk/Ga UCBI SO90984P303
7524Utd Comm Fin Cp UCFC S909839102
7525Utd Development UDF S910187103
7526Utd Insurance UIHC SO910710102
7527Utd Microelectr UMC ON910873405
7528Utd Natural Fds UNFI SO911163103
7529Utd Online Inc UNTD SO911268209
7530Utd Overseas Bk UOVEY T911271302
7531Utd Parcel Srvc UPS ON51911312106
7532Utd Rentals Inc URI ON5911363109
7533Utd Secrty Bcsh USBI S911459105
7534Utd States Stl X ON912909108
7535Utd Techs Corp UTX ON51913017109
7536Utd Tenn Bnkshs UNTN T91307P202
7537Utd Therapeutic UTHR SO91307C102
7538Utd Treatmt Ctr UTRM T913106100
7539Utd Utils-Adr UUGRY T91311E102
7540Utg Inc UTGN T90342M109
7541Uti Worldwide UTIW SOG87210103
7542Utstarcom Hldgs UTSI SOG9310A114
7543V F Corp VFC ON5918204108
7544Vaalco Energy EGY ON91851C201
7545Vail Resorts MTN ON91879Q109
7546Vale Sa VALE ON91912E105
7547Valeant Pharma VRX ON91911K102
7548Valeo Sa-Adr VLEEY T919134304
7549Valero Egy Ptnr VLP ON91914J102
7550Valero Energy VLO ON591913Y100
7551Valhi Inc VHI ON918905100
7552Validian Corp VLDI T91915P107
7553Validus Holding VR ONG9319H102
7554Valley Commerce VCBP T919518100
7555Valley Finl Cp VYFC S919629105
7556Valley Natl Bcp VLY ON919794107
7557Vallourec Sa VLOWY T92023R308
7558Valmont Inds VMI ON920253101
7559Valspar Corp VAL ON920355104
7560Value Line VALU S920437100
7561Valuerich Inc VRCH T92046V104
7562Vanda Pharmact VNDA SO921659108
7563Vangd-Ftse Em VWO OA922042858
7564Vanguard Naturl VNR SO92205F106
7565Vantage Drillng VTG AG93205113
7566Vantiv Inc-A VNTV ON92210H105
7567Vapor Corp VPCO SO922099205
7568Vaporbrands Int VAPR T922105101
7569Varian Medical VAR ON592220P105
7570Varitronix Intl VARXY T92224Q109
7571Varonis Systems VRNS S922280102
7572Vasamed Inc VSMD T92834L102
7573Vasco Data Sec VDSI SO92230Y104
7574Vascular Biognc VBLT SM96883109
7575Vascular Solutn VASC SO92231M109
7576Vasomedical Inc VASO T922321104
7577Vbi Vaccines VBIV S91790E102
7578Vca Inc WOOF SO918194101
7579Vcampus Corp VCMP T92240C308
7580Vector Grp Ltd VGR ON92240M108
7581Vectren Corp VVC ON92240G101
7582Vectrus Inc VEC N92242T101
7583Vedanta Ltd VEDL ON92242Y100
7584Veeco Instrs-De VECO SO922417100
7585Veeva Systems-A VEEV ON922475108
7586Velocity Portfl VPGI T92257E304
7587Velti Plc VELTF OTG93285107
7588Venaxis Inc APPY SO92262A107
7589Ventas Inc VTR ON592276F100
7590Veolia Environ VEOEY OT92334N103
7591Vera Bradley VRA SO92335C106
7592Veracyte Inc VCYT S92337F107
7593Verastem Inc VSTM SO92337C104
7594Verdant Brand VERD T923366207
7595Vericel Corp VCEL SO92346J108
7596Verifone Systms PAY ON92342Y109
7597Verify Smart Cp VSMR T92346H102
7598Verint Systems VRNT SO92343X100
7599Verisante Tech VRSEF T92346G104
7600Verisign Inc VRSN SO592343E102
7601Verisk Analytic VRSK SO92345Y106
7602Veritec Inc VRTC T923437305
7603Veriteq Corp VTEQ OT923449201
7604Veritex Hldgs VBTX S923451108
7605Veritiv Corp VRTV ON923454102
7606Verizon Comm VZ ON5192343V104
7607Vermilion Egy VET ON923725105
7608Vermillion Inc VRML SO92407M206
7609Vernalis Plc VNLPY T92431M206
7610Versar Inc VSR OA925297103
7611Versartis Inc VSAR S92529L102
7612Verso Corp VRS ON92531L108
7613Versus Technolo VSTI T925313108
7614Vertex Energy VTNR SO92534K107
7615Vertex Pharm VRTX SO592532F100
7616Vertical Commun VRCC OT924914104
7617Vestas Wind Sys VWDRY T925458101
7618Vestin Realty VRTA S925490203
7619Vestin Realtyii VRTB S92549X300
7620Vg Life Sci Inc VGLS T91822T101
7621Via Pharmaceut VIAP T92554T103
7622Viacom Inc-A VIA SO92553P102
7623Viacom Inc-B VIAB SO592553P201
7624Viad Corp VVI ON92552R406
7625Viasat Inc VSAT SO92552V100
7626Viaspace Inc VSPC T92554W106
7627Vical Inc VICL SO925602104
7628Vicon Inds VII A925811101
7629Vicor Corp VICR SO925815102
7630Vicor Technolog VCRTQ T92581N103
7631Victory Egy Cp VYEY T92643X305
7632Vidaroo Corp VIDA T926533100
7633Video Display VIDE T926555103
7634Video River Net NIHK T92656A101
7635Videocon D2H VDTH S92657J101
7636Vie Finl Grp VIFI T92660P300
7637Vienna Intl Ap VIAAY T926628108
7638Viewcast.Com VCST T926713108
7639Viewtran Group VIEWF OTG9363W104
7640Viggle Inc VGGL S92672V204
7641Viking Theraptc VKTX S92686J106
7642Village Bk&Tr VBFC S92705T200
7643Village Sprmkt VLGEA S927107409
7644Vimicro Int-Ads VIMC SO92718N109
7645Vimpelcom Ltd VIP SO92719A106
7646Vina Concha-Adr VCO N927191106
7647Vince Holdng Cp VNCE ON92719W108
7648Vinci Sa-Adr VCISY T927320101
7649Vincompass Corp VNCO T927331108
7650Violin Memory VMEM ON92763A101
7651Vioquest Pharma VOQP T927625202
7652Viper Energy VNOM SO92763M105
7653Viper Networks VPER T92762R105
7654Vipers-Financl VFH OA92204A405
7655Vipers-Reit VNQ OA922908553
7656Vipers-Tot Stk VTI OA922908769
7657Vipshop Holdngs VIPS ON92763W103
7658Viralytics Ltd VRACY T92764P107
7659Virco Mfg VIRC S927651109
7660Virgin America VA SO92765X208
7661Virnetx Holding VHC OA92823T108
7662Virtra Systems VTSI T92827K103
7663Virtu Finl Inc VIRT SO928254101
7664Virtual Piggy VPIG T92828V108
7665Virtualscopics VSCP S928269208
7666Virtus Investmt VRTS SO92828Q109
7667Virtusa Corp VRTU SO92827P102
7668Visa Inc-A V ON5192826C839
7669Vishay Intertec VSH ON928298108
7670Vishay Precisn VPG ON92835K103
7671Vision Industrs VIICQ T92835C101
7672Visionchina Mda VISN SO92833U202
7673Vista Gold Corp VGZ OA927926303
7674Vista Outdoor VSTO ON928377100
7675Visteon Corp VC ON92839U206
7676Visual Mgmt Sys VMSYQ T92845K101
7677Visualant Inc VSULD T928449206
7678Vitae Pharm Inc VTAE S92847N103
7679Vital Therapies VTL SO92847R104
7680Vitamin Shoppe VSI ON92849E101
7681Vitro Diagnosti VODG T928501303
7682Vivendi-Adr VIVHY T92852T201
7683Viveve Medical VIVMF OT92852W105
7684Vivint Solar VSLR ON92854Q106
7685Vivus Inc VVUS SO928551100
7686Vmware Inc-A VMW ON928563402
7687Voc Energy Trst VOC ON91829B103
7688Vocera Comm Inc VCRA ON92857F107
7689Vodafone Gp Plc VOD SO92857W308
7690Volcan Holdings VOHO T92863M104
7691Volitionrx Ltd VNRX A928661107
7692Volkswagen-Adr VLKAY T928662303
7693Volt Info Sci VISI OA928703107
7694Voltari Corp VLTC SO92870X309
7695Volvo Ab Adr B VOLVY OT928856400
7696Vonage Holdings VG ON92886T201
7697Vornado Rlty Tr VNO ON5929042109
7698Voxeljet Ag-Adr VJET ON92912L107
7699Voxx Intl Cp VOXX SO91829F104
7700Voya Financial VOYA ON929089100
7701Vringo Inc VRNG SO92911N104
7702Vsb Bancorp Inc VSBN T917927105
7703Vse Corp VSEC S918284100
7704Vtech Hldgs Ltd VTKHY U928929108
7705Vtti Egy Ptnrs VTTI ONY9384M101
7706Vu1 Corp VUOC T929212207
7707Vulcan Intl Cor VULC T929136109
7708Vulcan Matls Co VMC ON5929160109
7709Vuzix Corp VUZI SO92921W300
7710Vwr Corp VWR SO91843L103
7711Vydrotech Inc VYDR T92921Y108
7712Vzillion Inc VZIL T92927Q109
7713W Technologies WTCG T92934S502
7714W&T Offshore WTI ON92922P106
7715Wabash National WNC ON929566107
7716Wabco Holdings WBC ON92927K102
7717Wabtech WAB ON929740108
7718Wacker Chem Ag WKCMY T929805109
7719Wacoal Corp -A WACLY T930004205
7720Waddell&Reed -A WDR ON930059100
7721Wafergen Biosys WGBS S93041P308
7722Wageworks Inc WAGE ON930427109
7723Wal-Mart Mx-Adr WMMVY T93114W107
7724Wal-Mart Stores WMT ON51931142103
7725Walgreens Bai WBA SO51931427108
7726Walker & Dunlop WD ON93148P102
7727Walker Finl Cp WLKF T93163V109
7728Walking Co Hldg WALK T932036106
7729Walter Energy WLT ON93317Q105
7730Walter Inv Mgmt WAC ON93317W102
7731Wanderport Corp WDRP T93369T106
7732Want Want China WWNTY T93370R107
7733Warp 9 Inc WNYN T934639204
7734Warren Rsrcs WRES SO93564A100
7735Wash Fedl Inc WAFD SO938824109
7736Wash Tr Bancorp WASH S940610108
7737Washington Reit WRE ON939653101
7738Washingtonfirst WFBI S940730104
7739Waste Connction WCN ON941053100
7740Waste Mgmt-New WM ON594106L109
7741Watchit Media WMDA OT94110U103
7742Waters Corp WAT ON5941848103
7743Waterside Cap WSCC T941872103
7744Waterstone Finl WSBF SO94188P101
7745Watsco Inc WSO ON942622200
7746Watsco Inc-Cl B WSOB N942622101
7747Watts Water Tec WTS ON942749102
7748Wausau Paper Cp WPP ON943315101
7749Wave Systems -A WAVX SO943526400
7750Wave2Wave Comm WAV A94354D106
7751Waxman Inds WXMN T944124502
7752Wayfair Inc W ON94419L101
7753Wayne Svgs Bcsh WAYN S94624Q101
7754Wayside Tech Gp WSTG S946760105
7755Wci Communities WCIC N92923C807
7756Wd 40 Co WDFC SO929236107
7757Weatherford Int WFT ONG48833100
7758Web.Com Group WWWW SO94733A104
7759Webb Interact WEBB T94748P104
7760Webco Inds Inc WEBC T947621207
7761Webmd Health Cp WBMD SO94770V102
7762Webster City Fd WCFB T947692109
7763Webster Finl Cp WBS ON947890109
7764Webzen Inc-Adr WZENY OT94846M102
7765Wegener Corp WGNR T948585104
7766Weibo Corp Ads WB SO948596101
7767Weichai Power WEICY T948597109
7768Weida Comm Inc WDACQ T948599105
7769Weight Watchers WTW ON948626106
7770Weingarten Rlty WRI ON948741103
7771Weis Mkts Inc WMK N948849104
7772Wellcare Health WCG ON94946T106
7773Wellquest Medic WEQL T94973Q108
7774Wells Fargo-New WFC ON51949746101
7775Wells Finl Corp WEFP T949759203
7776Wendys Co/The WEN SO95058W100
7777Werner Entrprs WERN SO950755108
7778Wesbanco Inc WSBC SO950810101
7779Wesco Aircraft WAIR ON950814103
7780Wesco Intl Inc WCC ON95082P105
7781West Bancorp WTBA S95123P106
7782West Canyon Egy WCYN T951736206
7783West Corp WSTC SO952355204
7784West Cst Entmt WCEC T952182103
7785West Marine Inc WMAR SO954235107
7786West Pharm Svc WST ON955306105
7787West Shore Bank WSSH T955809108
7788Westaim Corp WEDXF T956909303
7789Westamer Bancp WABC SO957090103
7790Westamerica Cp WACC T95709H304
7791Westar Energy WR ON95709T100
7792Westbury Bancrp WBB S95727P106
7793Westechcapital WTEC T957533102
7794Westell Tech-A WSTL SO957541105
7795Western Allianc WAL ON957638109
7796Western Asset PAI N95766T100
7797Western Ast Mtg WMC ON95790D105
7798Western Copper WRN A95805V108
7799Western Digital WDC SO5958102105
7800Western Egy Svc WEEEF T958159303
7801Western Gas Ep WGP ON95825R103
7802Western Gas Ptr WES ON958254104
7803Western Metals WTLC OT958619108
7804Western Ref Log WNRL ON95931Q205
7805Western Refing WNR ON959319104
7806Western Union WU ON5959802109
7807Westfield Finl WFD SO96008P104
7808Westfield Group WFGPY T960224103
7809Westlake Chem WLK ON960413102
7810Westlake Chemcl WLKP ON960417103
7811Westmoreland Co WLB SO960878106
7812Westmoreland Rp WMLP ON96108P103
7813Westn Ast Em Mk EMD N95766E103
7814Westn Ast Gl Pr GDF N95766G108
7815Westn Ast Mgd H MHY N95766L107
7816Westn Ast Mgd M MMU N95766M105
7817Westn Ast Mn Fd MNP N95766P108
7818Westn Ast Muni MHF N95766N103
7819Westn Ast Wldwd SBW N957668106
7820Weston George WNGRF T961148509
7821Westpac Bk Adr WBK N961214301
7822Westport Innov WPRT SO960908309
7823Westwood Hldgs WHG N961765104
7824Wet Seal Inc -A WTSLQ OT961840105
7825Wex Inc WEX ON96208T104
7826Weyco Group WEYS S962149100
7827Weyerhaeuser Co WY ON5962166104
7828Wgl Hldgs Inc WGL ON92924F106
7829Wheeler Reit WHLR S963025101
7830Where Food Cfi WFCF T96327X101
7831Wherevertv Brdc TVTV T96328X100
7832Whirlpool Corp WHR ON5963320106
7833Whistler Blckmb WSBHF T96336D104
7834White Energy Co WECFY T963802103
7835White Mtn Ins WTM NG9618E107
7836Whitehorse Finl WHF S96524V106
7837Whitestone Reit WSR ON966084204
7838Whitewave Foods WWAV ON966244105
7839Whiting Petrolm WLL ON966387102
7840Whiting Usa Tr WHZ ON966388100
7841Whiting Usa Trs WHXT OT966389108
7842Whole Foods Mkt WFM SO5966837106
7843Wholehealth Prd GWPC T96684G105
7844Wi-Lan Inc WILN SO928972108
7845Wi-Tron Inc WTRO T96684U104
7846Widepoint Corp WYY A967590100
7847Wiley (John) A JWA ON968223206
7848Wiley (John)-B JWB N968223305
7849Wilhelmina Intl WHLM SO968235200
7850Willamette Vall WVVI S969136100
7851Willbros Group WG ON969203108
7852Willdan Group WLDN S96924N100
7853William Demant WILYY T96926A106
7854William Lyon Hm WLH ON552074700
7855Williams Cos WMB ON5969457100
7856Williams Inds WMSI T969493204
7857Williams Ptr Lp WPZ ON96949L105
7858Williams(C)Engy CWEI N969490101
7859Williams-Sonoma WSM ON969904101
7860Willis Gp Hldgs WSH ONG96666105
7861Willis Lease WLFC S970646105
7862Williston Hldg WHCA T97068P109
7863Wilmar Intl Ltd WLMIY T971433107
7864Wilshire 5000 WLSH U000001149
7865Wilshire Bcp WIBC SO97186T108
7866Wilshire Entrp WLSE T971889209
7867Windstream Hldg WIN SO97382A200
7868Wingstop Inc WING SO974155103
7869Winland Elec WELX T974241101
7870Winmark Corp WINA S974250102
7871Winmill & Co WNMLA T974259103
7872Winnebago WGO ON974637100
7873Winter Sports WSPS T976072306
7874Winthrop Realty FUR ON976391300
7875Wintrust Finl WTFC SO97650W108
7876Wipro Ltd-Adr WIT ON97651M109
7877Wireless Tel Gp WTT OA976524108
7878Wireless Xcess WIRX T97652L100
7879Wisc Energy Cp WEC ON5976657106
7880Wisdmtr-Cc Eq CCXE A97717W752
7881Wisdmtr-Deifa F DWM A97717W703
7882Wisdmtr-Em Eq I DEM OA97717W315
7883Wisdmtr-G Nat R GNAT A97717W711
7884Wisdmtr-G-Us Ut DBU A97717W653
7885Wisdom Homes WOFA T97717U103
7886Wisdomtree Inv WETF SO97717P104
7887Wix.Com Ltd WIX SOM98068105
7888Wns Hldgs-Adr WNS ON92932M101
7889Wolford Ag Adr WLFDY T977819101
7890Wolseley -Adr WOSYY T977868306
7891Wolters Kluwer WTKWY T977874205
7892Wolverine World WWW ON978097103
7893Womens Golf Unl WGLF T97815W100
7894Woodside Pete WOPEY T980228308
7895Woodstock Hldgs WSFL T980333108
7896Woodward Inc WWD SO980745103
7897Woori Bank WF N98105T104
7898Workday Inc-A WDAY ON98138H101
7899Workhorse Group WKHS T98138J107
7900Workiva Inc WK ON98139A105
7901World Acceptanc WRLD SO981419104
7902World Access WAXS OT98141A101
7903World Fuel Svcs INT ON981475106
7904World Gamng-Adr WGMGY T98147M109
7905World Hlth Altr WHAIQ T98147T104
7906World Point Ter WPT N98159G107
7907World Wrestling WWE ON98156Q108
7908Worley Parsons WYGPY T98161Q101
7909Worthington Ind WOR ON981811102
7910Wowjoint Hldgs BWOWF TG9796W101
7911Wowo Ltd WOWO S98212L101
7912Wp Carey Inc WPC ON92936U109
7913Wp Glimcher Inc WPG ON92939N102
7914Wpcs Intl Inc WPCS S92931L401
7915Wpp Plc WPPGY SO92937A102
7916Wpx Energy Inc WPX ON98212B103
7917Wqn Inc WQNI T92932C103
7918Wright Investor WISH T982345100
7919Wright Medical WMGI SO98235T107
7920Wrld Survl Grp WSGI OT98157K100
7921Wsb Finl Gp Inc WSFGQ T92933E108
7922Wsfs Finl Corp WSFS S929328102
7923Wsi Industries WSCI S92932Q102
7924Wsp Holding-Adr WSHLY T92934F203
7925Wuhan Generl Gp WUHN T982569105
7926Wuxi Pharmatech WX ON929352102
7927Wvs Financial C WVFC S929358109
7928Ww Energy Inc WWNG T929367100
7929Wwa Group Inc WWAG T929360105
7930Wyndham Worldwd WYN ON598310W108
7931Wynn Macau Ltd WYNMF TG98149100
7932Wynn Resrts Ltd WYNN SO5983134107
7933Xactly Corp XTLY U98386L101
7934Xbiotech Inc XBIT S98400H102
7935Xcel Brands Inc XELB T98400M101
7936Xcel Energy Inc XEL ON598389B100
7937Xcerra Corp XCRA SO98400J108
7938Xcorporeal Inc XCRP T98400P104
7939Xencor Inc XNCR SO98401F105
7940Xenetic Biosci XBIO T984015107
7941Xenia Htls&Rsrt XHR ON984017103
7942Xenith Bankshrs XBKS S98410X105
7943Xenon Pharmact XENE S98420N105
7944Xenonics Hldgs XNNH T984117101
7945Xenoport Inc XNPT SO98411C100
7946Xerium Tech Inc XRM ON98416J118
7947Xerox Corp XRX ON5984121103
7948Xetel Corp XTEL T983942103
7949Xg Tech Inc XGTI S98372A309
7950Xilinx Inc XLNX SO5983919101
7951Xinyuan Real Es XIN ON98417P105
7952Xl Group Plc XL ON5G98290102
7953Xo Group Inc XOXO ON983772104
7954Xoma Corp XOMA SO98419J107
7955Xoom Corp XOOM SO98419Q101
7956Xpedior Inc XPDR OT98413B100
7957Xplore Tech Cp XPLR S983950700
7958Xpo Logistics XPO ON983793100
7959Xsunx Inc XSNX T98385L102
7960Xtep Intl Hldgs XTEPY T984156109
7961Xtl Biopharmact XTLB S98386D208
7962Xueda Educ-Adr XUE ON98418W109
7963Xunlei Ltd-Adr XNET SO98419E108
7964Xylem Inc XYL ON598419M100
7965Xzeres Corp XPWR T984189100
7966Yadkin Finl Cp YDKN ON984305102
7967Yahoo! Inc YHOO SO5984332106
7968Yamaguchi Finl YFGSF TJ9579M103
7969Yamana Gold Inc AUY ON98462Y100
7970Yandex Nv-A YNDX SON97284108
7971Yanglin Soybean YSYB T98474Q103
7972Yanzhou Coal YZC ON984846105
7973Yara Intl-Adr YARIY T984851204
7974Yasheng Group HERB T98508U104
7975Yaskawa Ele-Adr YASKY T985087105
7976Yell Group Plc YELGF TG4439S104
7977Yelp Inc YELP ON985817105
7978Yingli Green En YGE ON98584B103
7979Yodlee Inc YDLE SO98600P201
7980York Research YORK OT987048105
7981York Water Co YORW S987184108
7982Yosen Group Inc YOSN T98740Q101
7983You On Demand YOD S98741R207
7984Youku.Com- Adr YOKU ON98742U100
7985Youngevity Intl YGYI T987537107
7986Ypf Sa D Cv Adr YPF ON984245100
7987Yrc Worldwd Inc YRCW SO984249607
7988Yue Yuen Indust YUEIY T988415105
7989Yuhe Intl Inc YUII OT988432100
7990Yulong Eco-Matr YECO UG98847117
7991Yum! Brands Inc YUM ON5988498101
7992Yuma Energy Inc YUMA A98872E108
7993Yume Inc YUME N98872B104
7994Yy Inc-Adr YY SO98426T106
7995Z-Trim Holdings ZTHO T988924205
7996Zafgen Inc ZFGN SO98885E103
7997Zagg Inc ZAGG SO98884U108
7998Zais Financial ZFC N98886K108
7999Zais Group Hldg ZAIS S98887G106
8000Zap ZAAP T98912M201
8001Zayo Group Hldg ZAYO ON98919V105
8002Zaza Energy Cp ZAZA SO98919T407
8003Zbb Energy Corp ZBB A98876R303
8004Zebra Tech Cl A ZBRA SO989207105
8005Zeltiq Aesthetc ZLTQ SO98933Q108
8006Zendesk Inc ZEN ON98936J101
8007Zenyatta Ventrs ZENYF T98943A101
8008Zeroplus.Com ZPLSQ T98949Y103
8009Zhaopin Adr ZPIN ON98954L103
8010Zhejiang Expres ZHEXY T98951A100
8011Zhone Tech Inc ZHNE SO98950P884
8012Zicix Corp ZICX T98953T107
8013Ziegler Co ZGCO T989506308
8014Zillow Group Z SO98954M101
8015Zim Corporation ZIMCF T989555107
8016Zimmer Holdings ZMH ON598956P102
8017Zion Oil&Gas ZN SO989696109
8018Zions Bancorp ZION SO5989701107
8019Ziopharm Onclgy ZIOP SO98973P101
8020Ziplink Inc ZIPL T989741103
8021Zix Corp ZIXI SO98974P100
8022Zoes Kitchen ZOES ON98979J109
8023Zoetis Inc ZTS ON598978V103
8024Zogenix Inc ZGNX SO98978L105
8025Zon Optimus Sa ZONMY T669745101
8026Zoom Tech Inc ZOOM OT98976E400
8027Zoom Telephonic ZMTP T98978K107
8028Zosano Pharma ZSAN S98979H103
8029Zs Pharma Inc ZSPH SO98979G105
8030Zst Digital Net ZSTN T98878T208
8031Zte Corp U-Adr ZTCOY T98878Q105
8032Zulily-A ZU SO989774104
8033Zumiez Inc ZUMZ SO989817101
8034Zuoan Fashion ZA N98982X202
8035Zurich Insur Gp ZURVY T989825104
8036Zvelo Inc ZVLO T989826102
8037Zweig Fund ZF N989834205
8038Zweig Total Ret ZTR N989837208
8039Zynex Inc ZYXI T98986M103
8040Zynga Inc ZNGA SO98986T108
8041Zyto Corp ZYTO T989872106
Member Of:; A=AMEX, N=NYSE, 1=S&P100, 5=S&P500, O=Optionable Stock, S=NASDAQ